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and today I want to speak about a person. You know by Allah numbers never scared him. Europe threw everything that they had at him. Salah who didn't fulfill the rights of jihad Zilla who didn't fulfill the rights of this ummah. sallahu Dean was ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of Allah. It was almost as though Allah kept slough holding back from the people of further so he could deal with his enemies at a different place in a different time. And the testimony to the greatness of this man is every single person claimed him. Even his arch enemies claimed him. When the news of his bravery and compassion reached Europe, they couldn't believe that a non white non Christian man

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could be so brave and so compassionate. And Salahuddin Rahmatullah Halima Jumaane II, he was a good because they felt that it was their duty that they had to liberate the lands because they felt that they were unmasked. And sallahu de was born in the form of decree.

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And his mother mentioned that when I was pregnant with slough de Rahmatullah la I saw a dream that in my stomach, I have a sword from the soles of last panel $1 Great men create other great men. And this was the environment in which sallahu Rahmatullah Lee was brought up. It was a military environment, there was never a day when the expulsion of the Crusaders was not mentioned. But it was not only a military environment, it was a very religious spiritual environment, and somehow the from a very early age, he became a half of the Quran. He was a Shafi in Fick and his greatest aspiration in life

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was to become a scholar, he loved the scholar, then he had the honor of being tutored by a man regarding who

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Allah Allah says, the Muslims never had a man who was as upright and caring and compassionate as new. Rodin's inky Rahmatullah LA and Salahuddin would say that new redeem is my master. He modeled himself on new D. And also Lulu Dean realized the potential insula Hadid and this is why when in Damascus crime became rife. He made Glau dean at a very tender age, in charge of the entire police of Damascus.

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And after a while, then the crusade has attacked Egypt. And what are the the Khalifa in Egypt did is that he cut the hair off his wife, and he sent it to new Rudy. And this meant that we can no longer look after our women assist us. And they didn't want to assist them. Because see, Allah did and the Egyptians were far termite Bashir coup, the uncle of Salahuddin convinced him and so now the Rahmatullah Allah says they will my uncle came to me to take me to Egypt. I didn't want to go one because his aspiration was to become a scholar. But second inventions, you know, I thought I was gonna die. You know, it is a possibility that you will dislike something but there is good enough

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for you and by Allah salAllahu been going there was good for the Ummah, there was good for history. He changed the landscape of history and circle written Egypt of the Crusaders, and shortly after this Adid remained the Khalif, but Sudoku became second in charge. After a while it should have been passed away and the aroma and the fuqaha they chose Salahuddin Rahmatullah la as in the place of shear. Therefore, sinabi Rahmatullah lay became the second most powerful man in Egypt. He was only 32 At the time, and slough then showed what a real leader should be. The people loved sallahu de he won the heart. He was a true leader. He showed love and compassion to people.

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Dean was in Egypt, and no Rudy Rahmatullah. Les was in Syria. Now afternoon routine passed away, Syria, this fragmented and they began to side with the Crusaders, and many of them were giving annual tributes. They were actually giving annual tributes to the Crusaders. And the people of Syria were disgusted. Because they were used to a man like Nora Dean, a powerful charismatic man and the people of Syria. They turned to sallahu Rahmatullah LA. And this was the time that Salahuddin started on his expedition sallahu de Rahmatullah. Allah spent longer he spent longer fighting Muslims than he did non Muslim. He fought been Muslim for over 10 years, because he understood that

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if you are divided, you are weak. Many of them sided with the Crusaders, and they released a man who was the greatest arch enemy of Islam.

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A man called Reginald shuttle on for 15 years this man had been in prison. nurudeen had left him in the dungeons. What this man do. Soon as he mustered up an army, he marched on Makkah, and now the biller, he was saying, when I reach Makkah, I will bring the Kaaba to the ground. And then now we will be like I said, I will go to Medina, and I will Billa I will take the camel herder from his grave rug, speaking about the prophets, Allah Salam, and I will bring him back to my palace in Kerak. And I will charge the Muslims to view his body and the narrations mentioned when Salahuddin heard this, he took out his sword, he lifted it to the skies, and he says By Allah, I will kill

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Reginald with my own hands, because he had a deep love for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the dispatcher army under Hassan booty Lulu, and Osama bin took a navy, he annihilated the army of original. And then he captured his men, he took him to Medina, and he executed them in Medina. And four years after this again, when the Muslims and the Christians had a truth reginal attacked a Muslim caravan traveling from Egypt to Syria. And when Salahuddin heard this, he again took an oath, that he will kill this man with his own hands. And he was upon this occasion that's allowed him brought forth an army. And this is the famous battle the Battle of Hindi, and the crusade has

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brought forth an army. And when sallahu de consulted his men, he said, What shall we do? Shall we carry on attacking their forts and castles? Or shall we have a head on confrontation, and they said, carry on attacking the forts and slow deeds and note is that we will take them head on, because none of us knows how long he is going to live. And then he said, Oh, my men, fight to please your Lord do not fight to please be

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and then marched on to the army of the Crusaders. The Crusader army was considerably larger than the Muslim army. The Crusader army was deeply entrenched, and they had barricaded themselves. This Allahu Rahmatullah Lai didn't rush, he showed what a military genius he was what he did, he went to a nearby fort. And this fort had the women and the children of the soldiers there, and he lay siege to it. And then he put his back against the sea. The Christian charges were very strong, the Muslims had problem dealing with Christian charging, but tactically the Muslims were far superior. So what the Christians thought was the one charge and so now he will end up in the sea. And this is exactly

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what Saudi wanted them to think. So the next morning, they marched.

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It was midsummer. With them, they had the True Cross. The True Cross was the most sacred relic in Christians. It was believed that a part of this cross upon it is La salatu. Salam was crucified.

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And they believed that as long as they have this, they could never lose a battle. They actually believed that they had won the previous 20 battles because of the burqa of this cross. And what's now the Rahman Allah. He had put strategically had put arches on the way and what he did, he poisoned all the wells. The when they began to march, these artists began to shower arrows, so many arrows that their movements became snail pace. 1000s of them had perished, and I thought mine would bring them relief. But the historical dimension as long as the Rahmatullah lays men had encircled them in a manner that not even could go through the Muslim camp. They were the cries of took me

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from the Christian camp, they were the cries of the dying and the wounded. And next morning, so that was the Rahmatullah. Notice that the brushwood was dry, and the wind was blowing in the direction of the Crusaders. So it's midsummer, no water, and they lit the brush.

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And then now they began to choke on the smoke as well. And it was here that the Muslims attack, and they were reciting the verse. And indeed, it is right upon us that we assist the believers. And then so now they wanted to afflict the final psychological blow. And that was to capture the true cross. So now the Rahmatullah they sent the entire regiment to capture it.

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And when the regimen captured it, they totally demoralized the Christian and they fell by the wayside and only 150 of them remain standing

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around the king 150 nights, and the Muslims are tanked. And so now the Rahman the Malay was watching this and his brother was standing next to him, and he said, Alhamdulillah we have defeated them as long as dean said, not yet.

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And then he attacked again and the Christian

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Back under those brothers said Alhamdulillah we are defeated them Sol Dean said wait not yet. When that tent falls the tent of the king, then we have defeated. I want Salah howdy Rahmatullah. Les was saying this, the tent fell. What is Salahuddin do? What did he do? Did he jump up and down? He descended from his mouth. And he went into such because he understood that victory and defeat is from Allah subhanaw taala. And so he wasn't just the warrior if Nisha DAAD mentioned Salah who the four years, never miss Salah with Jamal.

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He didn't live in a palace. He lived on the 10th in the battlefield, he wasn't just a warrior. He was a man of Allah subhanho wa taala. This was such a complete victory, that when you looked at those who were dead, it was impossible to believe that anybody could have lived. And when you looked at those Christian crusaders who were alive, there were so many of them could not believe that any one of them was dead.

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And Imam Rahmatullah Allah say something profound here. He says this was the greatest victory for the Muslims, since in Sham since Khalid bin Walid defeated the Romans at the Battle of Europe. That is a profound thing. Let's allow the Rahmatullah didn't ease up here.

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Two days later, he was an acre north. Then they took Taran heifer or Souf, Beirut, novelists, and a number of other places. And then Slava de la, la la The reason he took all the ports, but so the Crusaders could not get any more reinforcements. And then Salahuddin Rahmatullah Lai marched on his greatest aim in life, and that was liberation of the holy places. And somebody asked him, you know, you're the king of Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, you very rarely smiled. He had everything.

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Allahu Allah, Allah said, How can I smile? How can food and water taste good to me when this is in the hands of the Crusaders?

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Wonder what somebody would say if he was hit? And astrologist had told Surah Hadi listen us now the we have seen in the stars, that if you try to take Jerusalem you will lose the eye. And Salahuddin said you talking about me losing it, I swear by Allah, I will take the holy lands, even if it means I walk into Jerusalem blind. And for five days allow the went around Jerusalem until on the 20th of Raja they found an ideal place to lay seach.

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And for six days they pounded the city and on the 26th Valley and came out to ask what Loudoun said I offered you terms initially you didn't take now the city is mine. And then by the end said, If you do not offer us terms, then we will kill the 5000 Muslims in the city and we will destroy them masjid and really this is a testimony to the greatness of Salah honey Rahmatullah Allah, He could have easily said, do it. And when we take it, you will see what we do to your men, women and children. He knew that these Muslims had been at the front line for 88 years, and he didn't want them to go through any more suffering.

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He realized this, and sallahu de gave valiant terms and so lousy Muhammad Allah Allah entered when he entered Jerusalem on the very night that the prophets, Allah Allah was salam and to Jerusalem sallahu de Rahmatullah LA and to Jerusalem on the 27th of Raja. Can you imagine how the Muslim must have felt when they entered?

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Can you imagine at eight years old persecution? Can you imagine when they saw the fortified walls of Jerusalem, they must remember the stories of how living Muslims were catapulted over the walls of Jerusalem at HDS. When they saw the Christian women, they must remember how every single Muslim woman was violated at HDS ago.

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When they entered and they saw the Christian children's, they must remember the stories of how babies were snatched from their mother's breast, and their heads were smashed against the walls. When they insert them to the masjid. They remember to remember the stories of how 70,000 Muslims were killed in the masjid in one day, until the Blood was running up to the knees of those who were doing the butchering. All these memories must have come back to the Muslims. But Salah howdy Rahmatullah. Allah had a great

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memory in the back of his mind, which overwritten all these memories, and that was when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam re entered Makkah, they must have seen the place where beloved was dragged until his skin will peel from his body. They must have seen a place where two young girls lubaina Indonesia were killed for what? Because they believed in La Ilaha in the lungs, they must have seen the place where Amar Yasser Samia, the entire family would be persecuted. And in the heat of the moment as a hobby shouted out, a yo will Muhammad. Today is the day of bloodshed. Today is the day of retribution. Today is payback time. And the prophets Allah Allah Allah wa salam heard

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this and he said, Oh, sod come here, change that cry into a yo yo ml Marhaba. Today is the day of mercy. Today is the day of forgiveness. And similarly, Stanley Lane Poole mentioned in his classic that the Muslim King showed the Christians the meaning of compassion.

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In this early part of only killed one man and 200 Templars, and that man was after the Battle of Nithi, who was in regional the Chateau Elan.

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After the battle, they erected a tent for surrouding the king was bought to Salahuddin and Salahuddin gave him some water to drink was lucky.

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And then he drank the water and he gave it to Reginald

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and Salahuddin became angry. He said, You gave it to him. I didn't give it to him. Because if you gave somebody water, this was an indication you've given him protection. And then slough the Rahmatullah walked up to Reginald and he reminded them of his transgressions. And you reminded him of what he said about the prophets of Allah. Allah was an original said, This is what kings have always been doing. So allow the offered him Islam, and he refused. And then Salahuddin said Do you know who I am, and I have the representative of the prophets.

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And then he fulfilled his promise. And then he put 200 other knights to the sword.

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And then Salahuddin Rama de la la, he entered the Masjid. After 88 years, they are coming back into the third holiest place.

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And when Europe had heard that their holy lands had been taken from them, Europe went to blame Pope Urban the Second died out to Greece. And then the subsequent Pope wrote a letter to all the kings that they should send every April person to fight. Just from Germany, Frederick, the king, bought a million fighters Alhamdulillah he drowned on the way and the army dispersed. Richard Philip, they bought 600,000 Men, Laude was amazed at the zeal of Christians. He wrote letters to all the Muslim leaders, nobody applied. He would mention in the letters that they are more Christians at Acre than they are waves in the sea. He said every time we kill one day send another 1600 1000 crusaders

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camped at Acre. And what they did is that they trenches around them, and then they barricaded themselves in Sarabi Rahmatullah they couldn't attack them from behind. And for two years sallahu Dean's remain in the field, he would cry and the apathy of the Muslim leaders

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we cry at the end of the Muslim leaders today. All those problems which existed in the time of Salah who all exists today. The only thing difference is that there is no Salah who need to bring the

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admission. I mentioned that at Acre. Salam o v, was like a mother who had lost his child. But see, this is why we remember sallahu de and this is why all the other leaders are forgotten in the time of Salahuddin how many kings were there? There was three leaves in the time of Salah who does anybody know the name of any one of those caliphs? Because they didn't care. So history forgot them. But history remember sallahu? De because he came when they lived in their palaces. Where does he live? He lived in a tent when they slept on comfortable beds. When others had big meals in their palaces, two or three days, Salahuddin ate

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when others lived with their families in their palaces. Salahuddin was on the battlefield, he was dodging arrows. In nature. Don mentioned that one day the news came to us about the brother had passed away. Then his nephew had passed away and he began to cry. We didn't know why he was crying but we began to cry with him. He says then somehow the amygdala went on the

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Battlefield and it was as though nothing had happened. He was the same sulla who did and this is why history remember sallahu de

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finally, the Crusaders after two years, the Muslims in Aika asked for terms. Richard gave them two terms.

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And then after that he butchered every man, woman and child in eek email.

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And he mentioned that they are sitting next to Salah hottie Rahmatullah Lee, and he prayed the two records and then he began to cry, and he was making dua, he said, Oh Allah, or my own resources I have exhausted in assisting you.

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And the only thing I have left is that I tend to use

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and I hold on to your rope, and I asked you for your fatherland, your grace and ambition. I mentioned. I saw Salahuddin, right.

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And then the mat in front of him became wet that the next morning the news came that the Crusaders had lifted the siege. And Richard had said his famous statement, as long as a man likes Allahu deen is protecting Jerusalem, you will never take it. And then it was Richard who asked what is true. So he never asked for a truce. So he didn't want a truce. He would say that I fear that when I die, the Muslim armies would disperse and the Europeans will become strong. So the best that we can do is fight them. He had this greater goal. submission, I mentioned that I was at Escalon. And this was the first time I had seen the sea.

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And the sea was pounding the waves. And I remembered the opinion of some scholars, that anybody who goes to see his testimony shouldn't be taken because he can't be mentally safe.

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And he said, When I saw the nature of the sea, I understood the validity of this opinion. Whilst I was thinking this, Allahu Deen came to me. And he said, Oh, we punish a dog. When we have cleansed the Holy Land of the Crusaders, what I wish is that I go over this land, and I spread the word of Islam until not one golfer is left on the face of this earth.

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And if they should have said, so now Houdini, you are the pillar of this deed, You are the protector of the deed, what will happen if you die?

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He turned to him and he said, Oh, if this shutdown, what is the greatest of deaths? Listen, martyrdom and sallahu deeds and that is what

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the truce took place. And valiant said in all of salaam deen is no Salahuddin. You have achieved something in Islam that nobody before you has achieved. He said 600,000 crusaders came and only one in 10 return. It was almost as though Allah had kept sallahu been alive just for that period.

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After the true Salahuddin went back to Damascus, and the duration mentioned that one went day he went to visit the hajis. When he came back, it was called his rent. He became ill and every day he stayed got worse. And Ali Maude mentioned I was with Salahuddin when he was ill. He said the weaker his body got, the stronger his trust in Allah. On the ninth day, slough then became unconscious and she had Jaffa mentioned that I was reciting the Quran by his bed and when I reached the verses, he it is Allah and oh lord besides Him, the Knower of the unseen the Santa Hadid had been unconscious for a while, and I heard a faint voice thinks he

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has spoken the truth. And he mentioned for three days I recited the Quran by the bed of Salah Hadid. And he said on the final day when he passed away, I reached the verse there is no God but Allah, and upon him, I trust. And I saw Saddam Hussein's face become radiant, and he recited the Shahada. And he left this dunya and if they shut down mentioned that this was the greatest calamity to befall the Muslims, since the demise of the whole of fire, Rashid, Dune, and Abdullatif, the famous physician says that he was more like a prophet, because everybody loved him. He passed away at the time of Fajr. And after though they bought his body out, and then aerations mentioned then people screamed

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and cried as though the whole dunya had just become one place. And many people when they saw his dead body, they couldn't believe it. They became unconscious, the liberator of the holy lands. And what did this king leave behind him? King of Egypt, king of Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, what did he leave behind them? He left one dinar and 47 Durham's

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Some armor and a horse. This is only left behind. But I'll tell you what he left behind him. He left a legacy behind. He left a legacy behind him. And on his tomb they wrote, oh Allah as his final victory. Open for him the gates of

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opened for him the gates