Is Islam left wing or right wing?

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. It's incorrect to say that Islam has either left wing or right wing or even centrist or anything on the western political spectrum. That's because Islam has its own expression. Islam economically believes in a free market economy with a redistribution system done through solid cat and the cat, and other means as well. But these are the two main ones, in terms of its social policies. Then there's a robust focus on the nuclear family. There's robust focus on mothers and fathers, parents, basically, rights of parents in terms of Science and Technology. In theory, at least, there should be a forward thinking attitude towards those two

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things as expressed probably best in the golden age of Islam. And in terms of immigration, we wouldn't have a very harsh attitude towards immigration, as right when there's due because Islam is a multicultural religion. Of course, Islam prioritizes the worship of one God and everything is geared towards that.