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Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses how pornography has impacted women, leading to violent accusations and the potential for women to become violent towards spators. The speaker suggests that pornography has turned women into a "boxy slap choke" and "will mate" with men, causing physical and mental harm. They recommend a book on violence against women in pornography and suggest that the "will mate" with men could destroy relationships between husbands wives and partners.
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Hi, everyone, welcome back to * facts This is why the Brahim from the aware Academy I'm so thrilled and happy to receive a lot of questions, a lot of interaction on the page, a lot of private messages as well as emails. And I was also very glad to see that the first episode where we discussed brain changes and the harmful impact of * on one's brain, the physical brain, that first video had reached to over 9000 within a one week, so I was so glad to see your interaction and your care without your role in sharing the first episode or would have not reached that number. So thank you so much for your care. And I hope that you keep the shading going, so that

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we can reach far and wide.

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Today, we wanted to discuss the issue of how * could lead a person to become violent against women. And this is of course, something supported and promoted throughout the * industry. I wanted to introduce you today to Professor Anna bridges, the one of the unique and leading professors who had carried out a prominent research and study on * and violence against woman. She did something really very weird. She She and her team.

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They went out of the way by purchasing buying all videos, all * films, and there's something like I would never imagine people go through that hassle but she purchased most popular videos, * movies in the mid 2000s. And they went through each and every scene not each and every video, not each and every movie, they went through every scene. And the the they went through like a systematic quoting to see the verbal abuse, the physical harm, the all sorts of aggression against women throughout all these firms. And they found out that 88% listened to the statistics that the finding of Dr. Anna bridges 88% of the scenes, not the movies. 88% of the scenes

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found in those films contain either physical abuse, physical aggression, or verbal abuse, and out towards women. And I want you to imagine now an 11 year old or 10 year old boy or girl going on these websites watching men abusing women threw out * * scenes, what are the messages that they are getting from watching this, the finding also indicates that out of all these 8080 88% of aggression against women,

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they were either showing signs of pleasure that they're happy with this, or they were just silent. There is no reaction towards this aggression, which of course gives

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the wrong messages on how intimacy should be carried out between two who love and admire each other. And according to some of the statistics that I've read in Australia, one in 10 * users is under the age of 10, one in 10 persons. And of course, according to 2018 statistics of one of the most popular website that I do not wish to mention its name here. But they said that 33 point 5 billion visits have occurred on their website, one single website in the year 2018. So you can imagine how many children now are accessing easily these websites. So what do we get from watching a man abusing a woman while having sexual * with her?

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This this is the education that they're getting. They're getting that man could easily beat slap choke, pull the hairs, and do all the other disgusting things with women. And she that's what she likes. She's showing signs of pleasure. Not only that she's silent. She's not objecting, and the type of things you watch the type of media that you store in your brain. This is what you also act out or act upon.

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Not only that, but they are also

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Teaching girls to remain silence those girls who may access these websites that this is the way you should behave, to show to show pleasure, that you are happy with what's happening and to be silent. And this is what is being delivered. Not only that, I myself, I had

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a very disturbing case that I came across, and that's someone that I was very close to who actually happened to

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be in jail for a year plus, as a result of attempting to * someone,

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you know, on a school campus. And when the case was investigated, and we start talking about it, it turns out that * was the leading cause to what happened. So I'm not suggesting in this video that every * was a * addict. I'm not suggesting that * is the main source of turning people into rapists in and so on. But I'm, I'm firmly

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asserting that * has the potential to turn a person into a *, it has the potential, it can twist our understanding of the real intimacy between couples. So this something really serious. There are a lot of case studies where we could demonstrate to show you the impact of * on men and their behaviors towards women. According to another professor, Dr.

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Mary Ann Laden,

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she notes in her studies that if men are frequently consuming *, they are more likely to be both physically and sexually aggressive against woman. Again, we are talking from life experience from seeing people coming, coming towards us and telling us

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what * had led them to another another story happened, where a client, a lady client, very young, she called me and she was complaining about her husband being very aggressive during intimacy. And when I when I asked her whether he has been watching *, she admitted so swiftly that yes, that's the case to an extent that I would rather watch him from afar, you know, watching * and pleasuring himself than having the actual intimacy because she can bear the beating in the slapping. So this is what * could lead to, I wanted to re emphasize on the point that I made earlier, which is not every single person who's watching * would turn into a

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monster *, and aggressive person against woman. However, we have to understand that * has the power to bring you down that path, which we of course, do not want you or anyone

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to show disrespect of any kind to, to women.

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I also wanted to recommend this beautiful book, it is called violence against women in *. This will give you a broader picture on what's happening in this industry and how the, the made be normalized violence against women, through their films and movies, they normalize disgusting moves and positions and, and a lot of actions that many people when they watch the think that this is the actual intimacy and as a result,

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divorce could happen as a result of this. And we will dedicate a whole episode on how * could destroy relationships between husbands wives partners. We'll talk about this later. But * has that power has the potential. So until then, until the next the next episode, I wanted the comments to keep going I wanted the sharing. To keep going please. And I want your questions. I have collected enough questions from first episode that are enough for a whole episode on its own, which we we are going to to announce soon. But for now, we will go through three, four or five episodes first to give you a broader understanding of how * could damage a lot of

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the things that we admire and we adore in our lives. So until then, stay safe, stay aware and stare away from inappropriate imagery. See you then.

The porn industry has made it a point, that showing disrespect, humiliation, aggression and abuse toward women, whether verbally or physically is Ok and normal. Pornography, though not the primary reason for the high rate of rape in our world, however it has the absolute potential to turn men into violent rapists and disrespectful to women.

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