Dealing with doubts caused by society

Hamza Tzortzis


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The speaker discusses the importance of understanding social psychology and how it affects one's behavior. They explain that normative social inductions is about belonging and how people want to belong to a dominant group. The speaker suggests that changing one's culture and appreciating the complexity of Islam will help change one's state of being a person.

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So social doubts it's very important to understand that we are a society. And if you study social psychology, there are two main things that develop the social norm. Number one, informational social influence. And number two, normative social influence was informational social influence. All human beings want to feel certain. Now, if I don't feel certain about something, for example, God's existence proven Quran, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I'm going to go to my subgroup to find that certainty. If they're not giving me certainty, if I go to a molana and ask him a question, he says, just say Bismillah go away desert a THON, then I'm not going to go to my subgroup anymore. I'm

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going to go now to the dominant group. And if a secular atheist culture becomes the dominant group, then there you go, that's what's going to happen. That's how human beings work. From a social psychological perspective. normative social influence is about belonging. I want to belong, right? There's no there's no such thing as a personality on a desert island. What does chilling out on a desert island really mean? Well, you're on your own right? What is being compassionate really mean? on a desert island, you have to relate to something, as the famous white Sage Bruce Lee said to be is to be related. We know ourselves through our relationships, right? So we want to we have a sense

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of belonging. Now, if I go to my, my subgroup, the Muslim community, and I have some quirky ideas, I'm a bit of a free thinker. Maybe I don't look just like you my beads a bit too short, and maybe are wearing funky trousers, but I still want to connect with you. But if our community is intolerant, and that community shunning me away, and that community is saying that you're a deviant, that you don't know what you're talking about, that you're stupid, and we have this ethno religious cultures mindset about certain things. Then we're going to go they're going to go to the dominant group. Read what you sold brothers and sisters, don't get me wrong. We have opposition's we believe

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in classical Islam, we believe in orthodoxy. But we have to know how to apply that in the 21st century with all of these differences. So we bring people closer to Allah not to push them away. So the way to do this, to facilitate this is to fundamentally change our discourse, fundamentally change the way we're structured in our societies, and stop treating Islam like an ethno religious code, and make people realize that Islam is not just an abstract belief. Islam transcends the belief in philosophy, a belief is very mundane. This is the microphone. Islam is not equivalent to saying that this is a microphone. Islam transcends belief from the point of view, that Islam is a form of

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knowing that changes your heart changes what you say and how you relate with yourself, how you relate with others, and how you ultimately relate with the last panel to Allah. Islam changes your state of being your state of becoming, because we're not human doings. We're human beings.