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This episode makes mention of the instructions of Prophet SAW to deal with the difficulties of this time  in the light of hadith, some of which include:- contributing in a positive way to the society, looking for aspects that would bringing back humanity regardless of race and religion, holding firm on your religion, working hard for your children and at the same time commanded to abstain from bloodshed, mass killings and evaluating people.

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Welcome to

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our in depth here also knew

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a lot more Sunday us anymore very

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hungry everyone

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welcome to the

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year Ba

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ba ba boo

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to Muslim

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us the month of Ramadan as a gift that teaches us how to restrain ourselves and how to remain away from violence and aggression and how to be patient in face of tribulations and problems and disasters. Mainly how to be resistant for those who annoying and who attacked us. And this morning, we must confer the use of some explosions and killing in different parts of the world. We live in a world that is full of trouble that is full of killing that is full of violence

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as narrated by Imam mathematic is Muslim.

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See how easy it

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or Abu Musab in Russia kena piccoli I mean kosaka

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in Toluca to Java weapon anime What are karate

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Allah, our Phoenix europeu Yama a

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call I mean so many Robo wire, Moon Hawaiian, Abu Salah,

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generated from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a

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Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said before the day of judgment there will be a lot of harm. So he said, You know what, what is? What is that he said emasculate and save now Musashi thought that the process will allow yourself to be spoken about their own battles with the disbelievers. So he said, yeah, we can do this and that number of disbelievers every year. And for those who don't know how many people have been killed in the battles of the Prophet sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam 29 battles, long years of fighting, raised 1060 people that is the total mortality of all the battles of the prophets of Allah. So if you distribute that, actually, to the 10 years

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from sagarmala, yourself,

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talking about 100 people, and if you distribute that, that's about eight people being killed every month. Now, we live at a time where mass killing and mass murder is becoming the phenomenon. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said there will be masculine before the day of judgment of almost a rush, it said, we do kill this number and that number of the disbelievers every year, so is that what you're referring to as masculine? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, This is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about a time when every person with a person will be killing his neighbor will be killing his cousin and will be killing his relatives. So satana musella Shabbir

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Ali, aka Wham for that this is quite difficult to conceive. This is quite difficult to conceptualize, to absorb and to mentally and intellectually accept CPR. sudama when we have our minds in place on that day, we will be in the right state of mind. He could not imagine how can

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versus in his cousin killed his neighbor killed his relatives while he's still in his good state of mind. So as if you are sunova will we be in a good state of mind that day, he says

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that the minds of the people of that time will be taken away from them, that the minds of the people of that time will be taken away from them. So they will not be in the right state of mind when they do that. They'll be either indoctrinated or intoxicated or brainwashed, or will be led to believe something which is completely untrue, as they will be led to believe that this is their way to paradise, killing themselves and current killing their relatives. And this is something that was one of the one of the characteristics of javeria the people of Jamia they used to kill their own daughter, they used to kill their own blood relatives. So, the progress on the law says the people

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of that time will have will not be in the right state of mind, their minds will depart from them, they will not have their minds in place at all will be remaining.

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Only the the masses the uneducated, the people who don't have enough knowledge to know what is right and what is wrong will be there.

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In another happy marriage and also by

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signal email, a ban ban is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said his advice I should have more than one hour

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a job what could we do?

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If you see stinginess obey, people listen to their own stickiness they are not willing to get they're not willing to help. They're not willing to to contribute, either I shall move on was one tab and people form their own desires. They listen to their own whims and inclinations and desires, lowly desires in our

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people prefer dystonia, their main focus, their main interest is into dunya. And what is in this dunya they don't plan for their advice. They don't care about others, they don't care about the society, they don't care about human life and the sacredness of human life. What are what,

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everyone is happy with his own opinion, people not listening to scholars and qualified people, people not respecting scholars, everyone making himself ashamed of himself, everyone making himself to himself, everyone putting himself in a position of evaluating and evaluating, putting this up, I'm putting this down, thinking that this person is a scholar, and this person is not a scholar. And the person who spoke in himself has no qualifications whatsoever to design them. While

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everyone is happy with his own opinion, what he thinks to be true, he believes that it is the absolute truth. And it is he gets this wrong. So what should we do in that situation now?

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He said, What do you

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say? Stick to yourself, stick to your family. Stick to your close relatives. Focus on the hard work that you have to do on your children and on your close and proximate relatives. don't contribute to that. Don't add don't fanned the flames of the fire. Don't add to the trouble family.

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What does he call an akula. Stay away from all of these groups. Stay away from all of these people. Stay away from those who contribute to the bloodshed. Stay away from those who contribute to the killer. Stay away from those who contribute to violence. Stay away from all of this

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in another Why am I even a hitman as well? He says as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam genius woman wa is Erica.

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What is beyond that is patience. Be patient. Yeah.

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You will be holding you're holding to your principles and to your deen and to this position of staying away from everyone and not contributing data that will be as difficult as holding to a brand new file.

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It will be as they will called as holding the brand the five people will not leave me alone. People will not let you say that they will accuse you all sorts of things or be passive or be negative of being not engaged or having to have an opinion. He will have to have an opinion.

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This is what we call men hydrocele Amma the way of safety which the prophets of Allah

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Are your salary companions and he instructed us to stick to at this time. That is as

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explained in further This is a wrapper to me. He said he has done that the tongue is saved from this phrase, don't miss phrase people don't talk bad about them in a way that justifies for somebody else to kill them, or to shed their blood whatsoever to really mean as dumb as saving the hand from blood, saving the tongue from the strays and saving the hand from blood. This is the way of the profits of a Walmart.

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And if you ever have to engage, you have to engage in a positive way, which we will mention in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which will generate in this government quota in a minute in sha Allah. So this is the way the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as instructors to deal with the difficulties of this time, with the problems and the challenges of this time is

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that holding to your faith and holding to your principle and holding to that will be similar to hold the random fire because everyone will be grilling you with their tongue. Everyone will be chewing you with their feet. Everyone will be telling you and calling you names, as part of the Manhattan this way of safety and saving people and saving the society. You don't have to contribute to the mass killing, you don't have to contribute to the hierarchy.

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And there are two languages either saying harsh word mouth or two a month, like saying that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that this time, before the day of judgment will be characterized with heart and mouth.

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He said what is harsh and what is marginal messenger of Allah, He said

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that harsh is killing one mouse you will get it and mark is lying. There will be a lot of lying and a lot of killing and a lot of lies to justify the killing. We definitely live at this time with the prophets of Allah has described with all these terms and various other terms which have, unfortunately been neglected by people and by our Guru Lama, who don't actually talk about this area over the books of Sudan of the province of abattoir your Salah the deal with the end of time and that is very necessary for the Muslim to navigate his way through the difficult moments. Well, lots of handwara save us from tribulation

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and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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wanna study on a subzero?

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To see now this is Dr. Marina De La Villa.

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De La

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la la sharika. Wash

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solo, Mohammed Omar Abdullah Allahumma salli ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Selita Sleeman kathira Mabry para la quwata illa

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de la, Papa Papa, papa

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the prophets of Allah

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has commanded us in those days in these days that we're living in to stay away from helping remain the mess and contributing to the mess and he Sakaba SLM has given some keys to deal with a tribulation. We are actually shows the time to talk expansively about that, but he is on

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sale in a very beautiful house. He's talking about the seven initiatives, the seven initiatives of dealing with the difficult times, but he will will

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initiate seven good initiatives at times of tribulation help.

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Because you're not waiting except for poverty that will make people forget their faith. eliminate poverty, we can say eliminate poverty because poverty, eliminate poverty mix people are free to practice their own faith and their own religions and what they believe in has done over 11

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or richness that makes people arrogant and abuse others and persecute them.

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Moreover, our modern,

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mobile, human or disease that makes it

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Person sick, that makes the person all grow the the spread of diseases and the spread of lakes and the spread of massive diseases which the profits of them has prophesied five diseases helping eliminating diseases,

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media or old age that will make people reserved their parents and forsake them, because they have become a social load upon them. And they will put them in old age houses. And we will get rid of them, have them probably own a law firm, chakra mozia, Maria amaravati,

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Nia, all that that will eliminate people this massive killing I was the gel.

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Oh, there's a chance that is the worst individual to be awaiting for. This is the worst individual to await for, because he will pave his way to arrival in this

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by placing all of these diseases and problems with poverty and this extreme richness, these diseases and the skilling. And these old age problems, this old age problems, aging problems. We live in a world where the aging community in many countries are quite actually there are countries and the province of Milan is lm related one to one. So the province of SLM related disease to poverty and related old age to reach this, and there is a lot of luxurious countries, countries that have luxury and economy wealthy countries that complain of old age problems that the aging community and the aging the aging sectors in the community are are much

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to address. Are you waiting for the day of judgment It is very severe, it is worse than at the jam worse than anything else. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Kumar told us to engage in a positive way

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and look for what brings benefit to humanity regardless of race, religion, and anything else. And at the same time, he commanded us to stay away from fanning the flames of fitna from contributing to the bloodshed and contributing to valuating or devaluating people focusing on oneself.

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Series these difficult times now was handled

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from the Trump the troubles and tribulations made to handle more data save us from being contributors to the masculine and the bloodshed. Allow me notice that Vandana

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Shiva to say hello to hula along with Elena because the reading it was

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a long walk

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was similar to snap

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equilibria one should

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me what

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to study

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to manufacture

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wiring welcome