Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Abd Al Wahab and Takfir

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I think there's two main figures that when we talk about the sad creed or the Salafi creed or even the hanbali right, I've had

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that come to mind immediately which one of them is even taymiyah died? 728 Ah, you know, ultimate the legend movement. Yeah, I was gonna say also now the second one is I'm gonna have mammalodon will have died 1792

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millennia time which is Google in Canada. So the in terms of their their approaches for my study, this is what I've come to understand with even taymiyah even to me didn't have these these views. I want to be clear about that. And I'll give you some evidences for that. Even taymiyah had had an someone could Buckley and his time, okay. And Buckley used to believe in Mr. hoffa, you know, calling to say young men and stuff like that, which even taymiyah and other places may have considered as, as an awesome Muslim, as you might consider that shift key or something like that, right. But he wrote a book.

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And in this book, he never made that fear of battery. And in fact, not only did he never make fear of battery, but he never he went back he was in trouble. He He hid him in his house.

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Even though Beckley metric feet of Tamia, by the way, yes. So in Tamia was, though he is sometimes invoked in these discussions, it's important to clarify to the viewers because a lot of them will be thinking Yes, yes, no, no, no, I actually made that key his opinion and many of the songs are distinctly and starkly different. To move up the ladder we have now is a little bit different. Because from from what my son is, the question is, did he make did he have a budget or not? This is a question about him, particularly I need to believe in our budget or not. And there's two opinions on that. Some scholars will say because he said in one in one part of his lesson here, because you

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know, these little books are talking about sort of earthquake, and cash for shorthand and not Islam. Yeah. Which is what these which, which is what people read, and then the thing that has expired, they have exhausted knowledge. Of course, the series is that people read these books. I think they have exhausted knowledge. Yeah. But anyway, when you read Dora saniya, which is like the main fatawa of No need now, we will have those who came after? Yes. There's there's there are some things with him where he says, you know, Incandela new capital men. Yeah, I was a son. Um, you know, if we're not going to disobey mechtech fear, or excommunication of those who do

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the habit of Asana literally worship

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a statue? Yes. Then how about those individuals? So there are some things which we can take from his words, which maybe he doesn't either, but yeah, but other parts where he seems like he's not saying that? Yes. So I'm not gonna say I know the answers that I say, Okay, he's this, he's that but there are these two opinions of him.

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Those who came after him had a different mindset completely. Why not just deal with what actually took place? Historically? Yes. So that's those who came usually after his grandpa children. So what actually did take place was that there was an armed rebellion against the killer. And a lot of the reason Yeah, it was it was treason and and a lot of the theological justification, the legal justification, was that the the, the the left, were not just devious. They had a prostate, right? Yes. That's that's clearly that's. Yeah. I mean, there's no anyone interested, deny this? I can, we can find them that day. This reference is in abundance, abundance, and abundance, just as long as we

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make them clear that this is not, we're not talking necessarily about a man because that's someone that no evoke. And even in lab that will have is a question mark around that. So we're talking about because $1 70 is probably one of the best texts, primary text, I'll talk about the roots of this mindset. Yeah, roots of this mindset goes back to them periods. Yes, for sure. So therefore, given that understanding, and given the evolution of this movement, and this thinking, and the fact that it didn't exist in the form of BS, pubs, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, da, da, da, da, da, da, da. Yeah, of course. Yeah. But the point is it the way it manifests in the Muslim world can literally mean death.

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It could do you today has done using Libya. Libya.

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I'm sitting here, okay. Is PDF reputation, right? That is where this life

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is like, it's the same justification. I just don't get it. Because, you know, in Libya, as you know, if it's fragile hacking, yeah. Who's the hacking? Well, there's two hacking at the moment, there's a dispute. So my question is, and by the way, I accept the premise that we shouldn't do. Hello, Joel, hacking Muslim. I agree with that. This is the humble view, as we follow. We shouldn't do horrible hacking and Muslim. And also we agree with the premise that we don't want to start civil wars in different countries. And we don't want we don't want another Syria. We don't want another Syria. But I'm not saying you know, but having said that, we can't say that. You know why?

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happened to the Syrian people was invaded these once you had that, of course. And of course there were there were deviant groups. And there were criminal groups like ISIS that came out.

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And that's horrible. And we don't end those groups, not just ISIS, but those who are related to their kind of thought process. Yeah, criminals. By the same time just started off as a person who was not a Muslim. A Bashar Al Asad was not a Muslim, right? He's, he's Allawi. And from our perspective, that's not Islam.

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And he was killing his people, you know, these people came out. And so and hoje Allah He is coming out against him is not the same as coming out against someone who at least have Motherland Islam.

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Let's keep in mind as well that the oma ensued did not raise arms First, it became an issue of defending themselves for survival. Just like the women fought the lemon there. They've been they've been regime turned the guns onto the unarmed protesters. That's when they have to resort and you have defections from from that on