Mohammed Hijab – If Everything Is Written What About Free Will

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The concept of "-free will" is discussed in Islam, where individuals can either create their own actions based on their essence or stop being one and create a scenario where Islam creates their own actions. The "will" theory suggests that if someone becomes a man, they will be stuck to the "will" of Islam, and achieving impossible is impossible. The speaker uses the Prophet Muhammad Sallall inflation as an example of how the concept of culture and Islam is linked, and explains that achieving impossible is impossible.
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I was gonna, I was gonna draw like a diagram, I drew it and put it this way, first of all to the wrong way of answering this. Yeah. The question is as follows like, why is there free will and determinism at the same time, there has to be defined in the following way, is not just a knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala because it is for things because it is the knowledge of Allah, that Allah knows everything that he knew everything that was going to happen to you, that he knows that you're going to go to heaven or *, etc. It's the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala is the is the cateva Festival is the written that Allah subhanaw taala has read everything below him is the mercy of

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Allah subhanaw taala that He willed it into existence. And as for the Hulk of Allah subhanaw taala that he created your actions? Yeah, he created your actions in directly because you did your your own thing, and then also kind of created it. This is closer. So this is one of the six pillars of mn which we every Muslim has to believe in.

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Now, how does this how you can be asking now, how is it possible? And how could it be that you have this all of these things? And how could that be correlated or otherwise reconciled with the fact that you have free will? Now the wrong way of answering this question which I heard a popular speaker? I'm not gonna mention who it is, but answer it he said that basically imagine as as a classroom. Yeah. And that basically the teacher, he knows who the clever people are and who the weak people are within the classroom. And so he predicts that the clever people are going to get it right. And the weak people are going to get it wrong. Yeah, this is the wrong way because actually,

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you've solved one which is knowledge but you have not solved githaba written you haven't solved three which is mushiya. No, have you solved actually, that the fact that Allah Allah He put into action himself? Hmm, now it's becoming a little bit more juicy. How'd you deal with this?

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The way you deal with this as follows you ask the question, what first The question is and this is a really important question how what is what are the things that Allah subhanaw taala would not do?

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The things that would stop him from being Allah. So for example, Eliza lolly, these are from his way equals the fact that Tia is His attributes which relate to his essence. So for example, Allah Subhana Allah Allah him he has all knowledge of everything. He's one is what he is.

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given another one Hakeem something else, yeah, that he is. Harlequin haluk does too. So he is the one who created you get it. So if he stops being any of those things at any time, he stops being Allah. So if Allah stops being one, and there's an increase another God does Allah is Allah is no longer Allah. That's how it works. If Allah becomes a man, and this is what our argument against Christians is, if Allah becomes a man, that disqualifies him from being Allah, he's not alone, no longer therefore the things that cannot change the that we could lead him, they are completely stuck to me the unchanging attributes of Allah are those things which are

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defined his essential attributes. Now the question now would be, and this is important, can Allah create a scenario whereby you are doing your own thing is your own freewill. And Allah is doing it at the same time. Now, the only reason why anyone who would say, no, this is not possible, is because it would stop Allah from being Allah. That was, that would be the only logical reason why anyone would have any objection of why Allah wouldn't do anything. Because we say in the Quran, it says

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allies of OSHA things powerful. So if he's of all things powerful, we should be able to create this scenario. So the answer would be yes, a lot can create a situation, no matter how overwhelming it is for us to fathom, which we cannot fathom. How it does it the the metaphysics of it, the strings of it, yeah, this is completely above our pay grade, you're not gonna get this you don't understand, of course, you're gonna get it's like asking how can we fly in gender? How can we fly in heaven? Okay, you need to be able to see heaven first. And to be able to deal with it, the high but the unseen realm is something which Allah subhanaw taala is and Messiter always is someone who is completely

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has sighted over it, which means he has complete power over his control over it. We know very limited to do with this world that we live in imagine we're talking about the metaphysical world. So it's impossible for us to know the the the the the mechanisms of it, how the how is something impossible, can allow to do absolutely. So going back to our example, just to finish this off of the person writing the exam. Yeah. Allah subhanaw taala is great that the analogy was a poor analogy by the speaker because he said that, you know, he knows who will do well and who will not do well. It's more like he goes this guy sitting in his cubicle and he sees his test already done for him.

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However, how can that be reconciled with the fact that he has to rise on test and life is a test and free will.

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There's another there's two tests basically there's one test which is the one that Allah subhanaw taala has

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filled out for you. And there's a test that you have to write yourself. And both of them are corresponding how Allah knows best how to get it. So, basically you have a test you have freewill as a human being, that free will is identical to Allah will, how Allah put that into action because he can do that. How you don't need to know how everything you don't even know why is it? Why is it the case that you know, micro and micro? Would you call it physics? You don't even know why there are so many paradoxes in that regard. You don't even know how to deal with physics. You're talking to me about the metaphysical agenda and Heaven and *, no. So but what this does and this What sorry?

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Why should I go to one minute? All right. Well, this does. I do apologize.

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What this does, it gives us an incredible kind of optimism. One, that it's impossible to achieve. I would say from an atheistic perspective. What did the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam I say? He said in Sahih Muslim, and he is so hype. So hype says that the Prophet Muhammad Allah Salam says

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wondrous is the affair of the believer.

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koolau, hi, Ron, that suddenly all of his affair is good.

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Luckily, I had an elected nominee. And this is not the case except for anyone except for the moment why is that the case? So the Prophet tells us why. In a Saba to South LA Shaka, he says, If good things happened to him, he's thankful when a saber toothed tiger and if bad things happen to him, he is patient, and he is thankful. Now wait a minute. What does this mean? Practically speaking? Now we have this kind of this meta narrative that is pushed by the atheists. Yeah, which is that religion, as Marx put it, is the opiate of the masses. And it's something which is constraining. I tell you something today, while I love him, this hadith is a beautiful Hadith that gives us the opposite

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picture. We cannot as human beings control the extraneous variables of life, we cannot control the fact that a bus might run somebody else over so yourself could run you over anything could happen, your parents could die, the worst of the worst could happen to you as human beings to us. But as this concept of culture, and Islam was written destiny, you know, when two people meet each other says destiny, we have to believe that as an article of faith, this part of Islam that we have, it gives us an incredible emancipation and liberation, allows us to go into the world which is swaying us around with all these extraneous variables. And saying, as a human being, whatever happens is

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good for us. That's something the atheist can never dream for as a psychological from a psychological perspective of obtaining impossible, if something bad happens to him as the brother, but he's just jumbled atoms. So he's being rearranged.

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His mother's just been rearranged. His father's just been rearranged. The child has just been rearranged. It means nothing. It has no spiritual value for the Muslim has every single spiritual value, and that's why suppiler law. The opposite is the reality from this Marx, quote, the opiate of the masses religion, in fact, is that which, as a result is an interesting philosophy said that man is born free and everywhere in chains. I tell you today will lie. The way to release yourself from the chains of society and societal expectations is to embrace the garment of Islam.

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