Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P07 075C Tafsir Al-Maidah 90-93

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the four things that Islam says are true, including rich, dirty, dirty, and filthy, including alcohol, which is used for gambling, and the game of chance through which wealth is earned. The use of slot bets in gambling, animals, and slops and idols in gambling. The segment also touches on the negative impact of drinking alcohol on one's health and mental health, including physical and mental health problems. The "harvest" of alcohol and gambling is discussed, including the benefits of shamelessly drinking alcohol and the potential consequences of it. The "medicaid of alcohol" is emphasized, and the "will" and "will" use words in relation to alcohol consumption. The segment also touches on the "harvest" of alcohol and gambling, and the "medicaid of alcohol" and "will" use words in relation to alcohol consumption.
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I was a bit lame and a shake on your rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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yeah you had Medina Avenue or you will have believed in normal humble well may zero indeed intoxicants and gambling well unsolvable and the stone alters the idols when Islam and the arrows register them, they are all a defilement filth Menomonee shaytaan from the work of shaytaan fudge Danny boo, so stay away from it avoid it why La La come to flee Hoon so that you can be successful. Meaning if you engage in any of these, then you cannot be successful, neither in this world nor in the hereafter. So if you want to live a happy life, if you want to live a successful life, if you want to meet Allah, when he's happy with you, then you have to stay away from these four things,

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which things

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hum Mesa on slob, Islam.

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All these four things Allah says they are first of all rich, meaning they are filthy, they are dirty. And secondly, they are Menomonee Shavon, from the work of Shavon. Meaning there are those things which shape on has made beautiful for you has made attractive for you. So if you do it, you're not making Allah happy, you're actually making shape lon happy. And as a result, your chiffon will become stronger against you, he will have more power over you. And when he will have more power over you, we will make you sin more and more. So what are these four things?

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Basically, we see that in this ayah certain things are being made forbidden. And the first of those things as what a humble alcohol. The second is Mason.

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The third is on slob. And the fourth is Islam.

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Hum, we have learned about this earlier from CAMI Mala. It's basically used for anything that intoxicates the mind of a person. So alcohol for instance. And it is called hunger because hunger literally means to cover. It's that which covers. So hum. It covers the intellect dulls the senses.

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It has said that Alcohol is a depressant, it's a depressant, because it depresses you how it depresses your senses your mind. So you don't have those worries anymore. You don't have those anxieties anymore.

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And it makes a person drowsy and down. It makes a person drowsy and down. And the result of this is what a loss of senses at the cost of what temporary enjoyment a person gets temporary enjoyment. And as a result, he loses his senses. And why does he want the temporary enjoyment to escape reality, to experience this high and escape reality? Why? Because the reality is too stressful, he doesn't want to deal with it. But after the effect of the alcohol is gone, and he faces reality, again, he finds out the reality is still the same, or it is much worse. Because in that state of drunkenness, a person has caused much more damage to himself and to others. So the reality hasn't changed at all

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things haven't improved, they have only become much worse. And it's also said that alcohol is like a temporary social lubricant. Meaning when people are not able to interact with others easily. They have issues with confidence. They're too shy, then they take alcohol. Why? Because in the loser mind, and they can be very confident before people and they can do whatever they want. They can say whatever they want, but it's at the cost of what

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losing self respect, basically. And it's all just for what temporary enjoyment.

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So this is what Congress is. Secondly, Mesa Mesa from Usul. Yes, Indra, that, which is easy. Mesa is used for gambling, why? Because it's a game of chance through which you can obtain wealth very easily. If a person wants to make $50,000, they might have to work for an entire year and save a lot of money, then they can have $50,000. And this is not possible for everybody anyway. But here's a person who goes plays a game and he makes $60,000 In an hour, 30 minutes. So this is what easy money through gambling, which is why so many people are tempted to play this game. The various forms of this game, whether it's lottery or what, but people like to play this game and this is amazing. You

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go to different workplaces, people who are educated, who have university degrees, they are playing these games somebody was telling me that how at their workplace, I've been seeing that for years.

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people together, they buy these lottery tickets. And till today, they haven't won anything. So one day he was calculating for them, that until today, you have spent this much money in buying these lottery tickets, and you have won nothing at all. And when they found out through the math how much money they had spent, they felt like losers, but they still wanted to play because what if the next dollar you spend brings you $20,000. So mindset is what gambling. Thirdly, unsolved, unsolved plural of nissle known slotback, which literally means to fix something. And unsolved is used for idols, which were fixed in certain places by the machine of Arabia. And they would basically bring their

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offerings and present them over there, or their animals for sacrificing they would sacrifice them over there.

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So the animals that were sacrificed before the idols, this is what this ritual is referred to by the word on slop, Islam floral of the word Xlm. Ze lamb meme, and it's used for an arrow. Arrows basically are referring to the arrows that were used for gambling, and for seeking Isma. Meaning try to find out your fate.

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Basically, the Arabs, they would play this game. If they were confused about a matter, should they do it? Or should they not do it? They would bring out a bunch of arrows. One arrow would say if I'll, another arrow would say ladder file, one error would say do it. The other would say don't do it. And the other would say try again. Okay, so they would be confused what to do? They would pull out an arrow, it says, Okay, if and then they would do it. Or they would also play this game with birds. Okay, they would release birds. If the bird flew to the right, do it if it flew to the left, don't do it.

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So anyway, Islam, arrows that were used for gambling and also for seeking Tessman. Allah subhanaw. Taala says, All these four things are lids. They're dirty. They're filthy. How, in the tangible sense and alternate intangible sense. Think about it alcohol. What is it?

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Fermented juice.

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If fruit juice has been sitting in your refrigerator for a month, what you drink it? Would you drink it? Even if it's not expired? Would you drink it? No. Just to know that it's been sitting there for a month, even though it's not fermented, you wouldn't drink it? And if it has been sitting on your counter for two weeks, would you drink it? No, you wouldn't. Why? Because it's dirty.

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It's decaying, it's fermented.

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So this is what alcohol is physically. Also, it's something that doesn't make sense for you to drink. Yes, alcohol is something that can clean, which is why you have rubbing alcohol, it has those properties, but for you to drink it for you to consume it. Why would you do that.

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But unfortunately, we have become so unaware of what we're eating and drinking, that sometimes we will drink certain things which are so bad for our teeth, that if you use the same drink to clean a toilet, it will do a good job. If you use the same drink to remove rust from a car, it will do a good job but we drink and we fill our stomachs with it. You know what I'm referring to right? So there are let's stay away from it. A Muslim is who by you. By his right, clean, good. We have been told to consume what kind of food halal and by YouTube food that is good and clean, nutritious, beneficial, healthy for you.

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So this is why stay away from these things.

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And in the intangible sense, how are these things dirty?

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If you think about it, there's so much sin involved with these things when people get drunk. Do they go to the church and do they give charity and do their prayer to God? No. Where do people go and drink at which kind of places? What kind of actions do they do over there? What kind of behavior do they show and when they drink and drive? Then what kind of things do they do? What kind of damage do they cause?

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Also, if you think about it, idols they are also dirty in the intangible sense because it contradicts Eman. It is contaminated by the filth of shape.

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So there are all rich and Allah says they are anomalous shape on their from the works of shaytaan deeds that he has beautified. So what should you do fudge any boo hoo from Jean noon but what does jump means side of a person each Deneva is to keep one side away from something like avoid it. Keep away from it. What do you avoid something that's dangerous for you harmful for you? Not good for you. So what do you do? Even if it comes before you? You stay

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away from it, you avoid it. So just like that when you see these things around you, then don't even look at them don't even stare at them.

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Avoid them avoid them to the best of your ability Why lie like them to flee home so that you can be successful which means that if you do any of these then you can never be successful. You know I'm I'm others recorded that episode. I did have Lila Warren, who he said, there were three stages to the prohibition of kombucha, the prohibition of alcohol, there were three stages to it. When the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam migrated to Medina, the people were consuming alcohol, and they were also gambling. So they asked the Messenger of Allah about these things, because every person knows that these are not good things. No matter how much fun people have, no

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matter how much they enjoy, at the end of the day, they know that it's something that's not good, which is why there are people who are not Muslim, who may not have any religious belief that prohibits alcohol, but still they are against its consumption. Why? Because they know it's harm.

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So the Muslims of Medina, they also had this guilt. So they came in as the prophets all along about alcohol and gambling. And then Allah subhanaw taala revealed. Yes, I don't know carnal humbly well Mason Kulfi, Hema f1 Kabir on woman fer and in this sutra, Bakula? 219 that they ask you about intoxicants and gambling, tell them that there is a big sin in these two but also many benefits for the people. Meaning that there's good and there's bad.

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But what do we learn that what if Muhammad Akbar Roman never a human, that their sin is greater than their benefit? You might say that if you drink alcohol, you can stay warm in this winter. If you drink alcohol, it's actually good for your heart, but if you drink moderately, so you might say there are benefits. But remember that the harm is always more than the benefit because what happens is that people take it for the benefit, but in the harm overtakes.

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Somebody wants at first you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, and then the drink takes you

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do you get it? First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink.

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Because you get addicted you want more and the drink takes you meaning then you lose it then you lose your senses. So people have it for the sake of what benefits for the sake of enjoyment, but they end up in total loss. So this is why Allah subhanaw taala said that what if Muhammad Akbar woman necessary humor, but if you think about it, this is it didn't clearly prohibit it. So the people they said they were not prohibited because Allah has said FEMA is one COVID woman if you're an illness, so they went on drinking, and they went on gambling. Until one day, one of the immigrants he was leading his companions in Madrid prayer, and he mixed up the RE citation in the

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Salah. Why because he was drunk, so he didn't realize what he was reciting and he mixed up the Quran. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed here are you Alladhina amanu la Tacloban salata were unto suka or Hatta, Alamo, methaqualone Surah, An Nisa 9091. That Oh, you who believe, do not go near the prayer even while you are drunk, until you know what you're seeing.

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So what happened? That then people would drink before the time of the prayers or that they would attend the prayer while sober.

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But it takes time to get sober, right? Sometimes it takes an entire night. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours. So because of this reason, they couldn't drink that easily, or their Salah would still get affected. So then what happened? A firmer IO was revealed which was this one soret Alma ADA. Yeah, you will Adina Avenue in Alhambra will Mesa will ensemble Islam bridge some anomalies Shavon fetch then Ebola Lacan to flee her own. So the people when they heard this the Sahaba they said, entertainer, entertainer, or our Lord, we will stop, that's it, we're gonna give it up now.

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We have abstained, we're not going to drink anymore. We're not going to do the stuff anymore. So look at the Sahaba how amazing was their response? As long as there was even a little bit of allowance, they took advantage because they were honest people, right? They wanted to do something there was allowance they did it. But as soon as the clear prohibition came down, Allah is saying, avoided keep away from it. Then they didn't say Oh, Allah didn't use the word haram so we're still going to drink no

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On the said, Allah has said, avoided, so Oh Allah, we have abstained, we will stop it, we're not going to do it anymore. And then later on some people, they came to the Prophet saw a lot of sentiment said, O Allah's Messenger. Some people died in the Cause of Allah before the revelation of this verse, and some others died in their beds and they used to drink alcohol and they would indulge in gambling, which Allah subhanaw taala has called Rich, I'm going to share one. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed, I number 93, which inshallah we'll learn today that lays out the Lilina m&r meal salejaw Janardhan. Female don't remove that there is no sin on those who believe and did righteous

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deeds and what they consumed earlier. Because at that time, it was not forbidden. So if they drank if they gambled, they're not sinful for that. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that had they been made impermissible for them, they would have abandoned them as you have abandoned them.

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If it was made haram while they were alive, then they do would have left it just like you are leaving it today. So in this ayah basically we learn about the prohibition of alcohol and gambling and some acts of shake.

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How does this I approve that It's haram? How because the word Haram has not been used, but are there any words by which we understand that? Yes, is haram?

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Logic, common sense Allah subhanaw taala has called these actions what I'm out of shape on the deeds of che plan and shaytaan Where is he going? * so that means whatever he does takes to * and whatever it takes to * is what haram so even though the word Haram has not been used, it is clear that this is something that is forbidden, what else can be taken as evidence?

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Allah says La La come to flee home, stay away from it so that you can be successful, which means that if a person doesn't stay away from it, that he cannot be successful, getting into Jannah and being saved from the hellfire.

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And this means that if a person indulges in alcohol gambling, that he cannot get ultimate success. So anything that prevents you from ultimate success that is forbidden. So in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says, fudge, Danny boo, but in the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Salam, there are many many reports that tell us that it is haram

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one more clear sign that it is haram is the word fetched Honey Boo.

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Allah is saying stay away from it.

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If Allah is telling you to stay away from something then how can you do it? How can you drink it? If Allah has told you to stay away from something and you drink it then you're disobeying Allah and tell me Is it okay to disobey Allah? It's not okay. So fetch the new boo hula lagoon to flee Hoon. Allah says in nama you read the shaytaan indeed shaytaan only once a you para that he places you car from well cough or in worker is to happen so you guy he wants to play us he wants to put Boehner con between you Elijah animosity well bah bah and hatred. How Philharmonie will makes it through intoxicants and gambling that realize the reality of intoxicants and gambling because people say Oh,

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but why is it haram? There is a reason why Allah has forbidden it. You know why? Because intoxicants and gambling are what they are of the tools of SharePoint tools through which he leads you astray, tools through which he makes you miserable and unhappy.

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And Shavonne he is very, very deceptive.

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He makes you look at things as very good. He makes them very attractive, but in reality, they are very harmful. Because that's what an enemy does. He wants you to suffer while you think that you are going to benefit because he wants you to suffer. Right? So he doesn't want you to believe that what he's offering to you is detrimental to you. So the reality of Homer and Mason is one that they are the tools of shade lawn that threw them shade on places between you and Mr. City and hatred. He makes you enemies of each other. He destroys friendships through alcohol and gambling. He ruins relationships through alcohol and gambling. Is that true? Of course it is.

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Because when people are drunk, then they have no idea what they are doing and say

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paying to the people before them.

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There have been many occasions where men just because they're drunk, they have raped women, isn't it? Or they have touched them in a very inappropriate way spoken to them in an inappropriate way, done things which are absolutely inappropriate. They have sexually harassed to the point of * women. And sometimes other men, they even why? Because they are drunk.

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Now tell me, someone who has been harmed in this way by a drunk person, do you think they will ever love them? Even though they may be their own father? Yes. And this has happened, even though they may be their own brother. And it has happened numerous times in this world, that when people are drunk, they don't know what they're doing. And this one Muslim woman, she asked that her daughter was raped by her husband. The woman's daughter was raped by basically her husband. So basically, the father raped the daughter because he was drunk, and now the daughter is pregnant. So she's wondering, can the child be aborted?

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And this is a Muslim family, a Muslim family? Do you think that daughter will ever have respect for the Father? Do you think that wife can tolerate such a husband?

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Can she know she got the kind of damage that people cause to other people's properties and lives when they drink and drive and they kill others? Then what happens?

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Think about it. So this is a tool of shave lon, this is something that can never make you successful, you can enjoy temporarily, but in the long run, there's only suffering for you. And that's what Shavon wants from you.

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So shaitan wants you carabiner Kamala Ida water while both the IDA is the opposite of Wilaya friendship, opposite of friendship. And Baba is the opposite of love. So he wants to take these two things away from you, because when these two things are taken away from your friendship and love, then how can you ever be happy people? How can you so many lives are scarred? Why? Because of people getting drunk. And because of people gambling.

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When people play with money, there have been many stories where people have some money in the start gambling, and it's so addictive, that they need more money to gamble. They just have this desire to win. And because they don't have the money, they will go and steal, they will cheat just because they want to gamble. And as a result, that friendship is destroyed that love is gone.

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Just recently, somebody was telling me that at their workplace. One night, they got a phone call from the police that the alarms are going off at your workplace. And we are here so basically they found out that somebody had broken through. And when they checked through the cameras, it was a drunk person.

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A drunk person who had come in the middle of the night, broken through the glass doors, gone inside, broken more windows he tried to get in but he couldn't. And he just slept there for a couple of hours and woke up and left.

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Imagine how much damage was caused here.

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And what kind of a fool he must have looked like person who can barely walk straight breaking through a glass door going inside trying to go in. And the people who watched that video, were talking about how it was so sad to see this man like what a full he looked like he couldn't even walk straight. He just slept for a couple of hours and got up and left when he gained some consciousness wondering where he was.

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So this is a tool of shaitan realize the reality of hunger and message when you're sweet sweat duck Omar and Nicola and through this shape on also stops you from the remembrance of Allah.

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This is a tool of shape on

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you know, in a hadith we learned that this entire dunya is MeLuna cursed mean there is no hiding it Morona mafia curses whatever that is in it except for the cruel law, the remembrance of Allah. Meaning when a person remembers Allah, then that is something good about this worldly life. And if he doesn't remember Allah then everything about this worldly life is what cursed which is why you cook and you're not happy, you're clean and you're not happy, everything you do, turns into a mess after a few moments. This is the reality the sad reality of this world. But the only thing that is beneficial as well. The remembrance of Allah and shaytaan What does he want that people are drunk

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for two hours for three hours for an entire night and day perhaps. And for that entire day and night they don't even remember a love for a second. When the dog remember Allah for a second. It's

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As though shaitan has taken away a day and a night from their lives.

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Because when a person is drunk, his senses are dull. It's as though he never lived that day, he lost an entire day. And your time, you know, is the biggest asset that you have the greatest asset that you have to make your asset. So when you've lost time, you've lost your life, you've lost a portion of your alpha. So she had long wants to stop you from the liquor of Allah through these things. And when a person is engaged in gambling,

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then does he bother to remember Allah? No, the only thing he can remember is the dollars and the numbers and the game.

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Why in a sauna and from solida Shavon stops you from Salah as well through these two things for * unto montone.

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So are you going to stop or not?

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When somebody says to you, are you going to stop or not? What does it mean?

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They're threatening you that if you don't stop, there will be serious consequences. But here are people who say Oh, the word Haram has not been used. This is stronger than haram.

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The expressions that are used over here the style of the verses is stronger than the word how long how long is just a word. But the style is so much more forceful for * until one tone Are you going to stop or not? Meaning you better stop because if you don't, it's not good for you. There is punishment. We learn a hadith that whoever drinks a hammer in this life of this world, and does not do Toba from it, then he will be deprived of it in the hereafter that he won't be able to have a good drink in Jannah.

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A person who drinks in this dunya alcohol what is haram does not do Toba then you'll be deprived from the best drinks of the akhira. Another Hadith tells us every intoxicant is humbled and every intoxicant is unlawful. Whoever drinks come and die is while addicted to it, without repenting from drinking it will not drink it in the hereafter. Whatever has happened has happened. But now the person has to stop and do Toba. And if he doesn't do Toba, he dies in that state, then he will be deprived of the best drink in the hereafter. Allah says will clear Allah will appear have a soul obey Allah and obey the messenger obey Allah because Allah is telling you to stop from alcohol. So

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stop what ulterior Rasul obey the messenger because the messenger SallAllahu Sallam also clearly forbid, clearly forbade the consumption of alcohol, so obey him. Stop, don't drink. Why not? Oh, and beware from Heather Allah, which is to be afraid how that person is trying to save himself taking precaution. So why not? Oh, save yourself? Beware, be careful. Save yourself from what? From disobeying Allah and the messenger because if you disobey them, then there are serious consequences.

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As of today, I did some research as of today, there's been 2 million deaths because of alcohol. And 1.8 million people have been mentally paralyzed because of 1.8 million people have been paralyzed as of today, for overconsumption of alcohol. Imagine the deaths that are caused because of alcohol because of drunk driving.

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So why, stay away from it? Be careful, beware. For interval later on, then if you turn away, you don't bother to obey Allah and His messenger, you continue in your wrong ways than farla more than No, and nama Allah Rasool in Albula, who will be in that upon our messenger is only the responsibility of what Albula will movie to convey. Clearly, his job is to just convey in a very clear manner. And did he do that? Yes, he did. When the verses were revealed about the prohibition of alcohol, he had announcements made in the streets of Medina, so that the people who were drinking would stop drinking, there were people who had alcohol in their hands, and they didn't take it up to

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their mouths. There were people who had alcohol, the cups to their lips, and they didn't take another sip. There were people who had it in their mouths, and this spat it out. There were people who had lots of alcohol. And what did they do? They threw it away so that the streets of Medina were overflowing with alcohol, because there were so much alcohol that people discarded that day. Why? Because the Messenger SAW a lot is clearly forbade the consumption of alcohol, or a little hotdog Lila Warren who said in a speech while he was standing on the member of the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam, he said all people, the prohibition of hunger was revealed and humbled was

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extracted from five things at that time. From grapes, dates, honey, wheat and barley. Cover is what intoxicates the mind

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And so basically he was saying the prophets a lot of them told us that all types of alcohol are haram whether it's made from honey or it's made from wheat or it's made from grapes or dates, whatever, it's all haram. So the prophets have a lot of them conveyed clearly. And if a person doesn't accept that his loss,

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lace Ireland Madina, Munawwara middle, slyly had de Janeiro. Now on the other hand, what about the people who used to drink when it was permissible to drink but they died in that state? Let's say the Companions who died at birth at or they used to drink alcohol and the final prohibition came much later. So are they going to be sinful because Allah subhanaw taala says they are rich I'm going to shaitan Allah subhanaw taala says Lisa and Alladhina amanu Armindo sorry hottie Juna her nose sing no blame on who, on those who believed and did righteous deeds, no sin for what female thorry more concerning that which they consumed.

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During was from time to time, yes, it means food, but it doesn't just refer to solid food. It also includes what you drink. So time is basically what is consumed what is eaten, we know what a person drinks. So over here 30 More refers to what they drank,

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what they consumed.

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So whatever they drank in the past, no sin on them. Either armor as long as it doubled, they feared Allah,

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in which matter in other matters. What am I No, no believed, while I'm in a sunny hat, and they did righteous deeds, which righteous deeds are the righteous deeds that they were required to do at that time. So as long as they had a good reputation of obedience, obeying Allah and His Messenger, performing righteous deeds, Iman, then it's okay. Whatever happened before happened. So Matakohe and then they adopted the qual again, what am I know? And they believed some mythical then they adopted the court again, we're arsenal and did Erickson Allahu Hibben myrcene. And Allah loves those people who do airson. Now what does it mean by this, that they had the court again, and they believed

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meaning they continued with each command that came, they continued in their Eman and their Ambleside

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because remember that the laws of Islam were not complete at that time, they were being revealed in stages. So every time a command was given, how was the reaction if they were obedient to Allah and His Messenger, that no sin. And if a person was not obedient back then that doesn't make a difference, he will be disobedient today as well.

00:32:47 --> 00:33:10

Because a person who is honest, towards one person is honest towards all people, this is who an honest individual, and a person who is dishonest to one can be dishonest to many. Why? Because he's a dishonest individual. So when a person is a believer in Allah, that even if he knows only five commands, he will observe them properly.

00:33:11 --> 00:33:18

Even if he knows five prohibitions, he will stay away from them. So no sin on the people who died in that state.

00:33:20 --> 00:34:06

So this is basically talking about those who died before the final four Hikvision. Allah subhanaw taala says that they are forgiven. This is just like, if you are not allowed to hold your cellular device while you're driving. And if you're caught doing that, you'll be charged. This is what something that is applicable today. Now a person cannot say, but you know what, 10 years ago, my brother drove all the way from Ottawa to Mississauga. And the whole time he was holding his telephone. Why don't you charge him? No, because there was no such law at that time. Was he obeying all the other traffic rules? Yes, he was. So he's not guilty. Guilty is who? Someone who knows, and

00:34:06 --> 00:34:19

yet he doesn't observe. So for such believers, Allah subhanaw taala says there is no sin, because there were mercy Nene. And Allah Subhana. Allah loves those people who do airson

00:34:20 --> 00:34:31

Although this verse is talking about those who consumed alcohol, despite the revelation of the previous two commands concerning its dislike,

00:34:32 --> 00:34:59

because the verses basically they were leading up to the final prohibition, but some people they said, Oh, but it's not haram because Allah has said there is still some benefit in it. And then they said, Okay, we won't drink when we have to pray. We'll drink afterwards. So they continue drinking, right? But they didn't disobey Allah. If you think about it, why? Because it was not haram at that time. Now, when this final prohibition came, they must have felt some kind of guilt in their hearts.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:17

know that Allah subhanaw taala was hinting towards prohibition, and we didn't stay away from it so were we wrong? Allah says no, because you were obedient and other matters and you didn't do it with piano. It was not forbidden at that time so you took advantage therefore no harm

00:35:19 --> 00:35:20

let's listen to the recitation.

00:35:29 --> 00:35:31

On maize you're

00:35:36 --> 00:35:45

normally shave for reduced minimally shaved body fajita honeymoon

00:35:46 --> 00:35:50

to fully hone in

00:35:52 --> 00:35:53

on who

00:35:55 --> 00:35:55

they are they

00:35:57 --> 00:36:00

want more of

00:36:02 --> 00:36:05

remains Anyone else want that? Why else

00:36:08 --> 00:36:10

are you on a different

00:36:12 --> 00:36:13


00:36:17 --> 00:36:18

Well, long

00:36:20 --> 00:36:20

one so

00:36:22 --> 00:36:23


00:36:32 --> 00:36:36

EB laser levena

00:36:38 --> 00:36:39


00:36:41 --> 00:36:45

FEMA. Oh, don't

00:36:48 --> 00:36:51

fall in the zone. Duck

00:36:54 --> 00:36:54


00:36:56 --> 00:37:00

walawe who use bull Mosinee?

00:37:03 --> 00:37:05

subclinical Lahoma will be handicapped.

00:37:07 --> 00:37:10

A stock broker one or two way like I said, I'm already from what I heard

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