How Feminism Causes Death

Mohammed Hijab


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identical in their physiology psychologies or their biologists right? Now, what I'm saying to you, and I'd love to ask anyone this if you if we agree with the premise that identical things should be treated equally and that men and women are not identical, there should be there for their seduction. Therefore, men and women should not be treated absolutely equally. So for example, right. And this is why I think there is a fallacy in the feminist argument because when feminists on the one hand, they argue for

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equal outcomes equal opportunity is for me is not that controversial. I'm not talking about equal opportunities, I agree that there should be taught to a greater extent than not,

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to some great extent. But there are exceptions to the rule. Like for example, the situation in America, where the firefighters in America had to go through a whole, like a whole, you know, to do like a physical challenge. And they do it in like 10 minutes, 15 minutes, whatever, and the feminist campaign against them.

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And because men are faster and stronger than women, as can be noticed, by almost every sport that they've taken with almost no controversy whatsoever. No controversy whatsoever. I'll give you an example. Let me just finish Sorry, I haven't finished the sentence. I just want to say that. Because of the female, the feminist rallying the fire, firefighting, professional professionals are saying that we don't want this, what's happened is that they've had to the time the course that they would have to do the physical course that would have taken us say, 10 minutes, they've had to add, let's say a minute to it. Why so that they can be more inclusive of women? Now, the question is, if there

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was a burning building, if there was a burning building, who would you want to save you, a woman that could come 30 seconds later, or a man that will come 30 seconds earlier will save your life, I believe the biggest feminists in the building would want a man to come even if it means admission, that in this situation, we don't want equality of opportunity or outcome. If so, this is just one specialized example i'm not saying society is, is filled with those examples. But this is an exacerbated example of a situation where it's very clear that men have an advantage over women and a non recognition of this is tantamount to life and death. So this is why feminism can lead to death.

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Now, the point I'm making to you is, we have to look because you amount of science, and you talk about empiricism and rationalism and these things, if we look holistically, and once again, what is the most effective and efficient thing for an economy, we have to take into consideration those factors. Once again, feminists, though, and this is the argument for foreign he says that they don't take into consideration the fact that men have been conscripted into the armies for maybe 1010. For the for the for the whole of American history, there's been male conscription, there has never been female conscription. If we want to equalize the historical problem of patriarchal society, what

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we're going to need to do is construct women to an army for the same amount of times that we construct men to the army. So if we want equality, we now we have to get Women Drafted forced into being an army, drafted and force him to be an army the same amount of times that men had been in the past. For this argument, this is why it's a fallacious argument. And it's premised on a false premise. And the premise is, despite the naturalistic, despite the natural differences, we should have the equality on every every level, I'm saying to you, that doesn't make any sense. If we accept the premise that identical things should be treated equally, and we are identified that women are

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not identified, they are not identical to men, then there must be there must be a space, at least in some instances, where women will be treated differently to men. That's why we have maternity leave. That's why we have so many things society has put in place for women. That's why that's why emergencies women and children are taken out first before men because it's assumed men are most physically self sufficient, and rightfully, in my opinion, assumed that men are more physically self sufficient and women. That's why men have been drafted into the armies. And that's why women have been able to enjoy the privilege of being protected by male military men for almost all of

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civilization cross culturally. So we can't have our cake and eat it both, because they want equality of outcome and opportunity, but at the same time, have these exceptions which feminists put in place, you see, which of course entitle them to things which are otherwise, this is what I'm trying to say.

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It doesn't mean it's wrong. I understand by saying the sweetest sense. I understand you come from a standpoint where there's a lot of

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colonial imperialist science that has been enforced in the Middle East, as if it's the highest standard. And I'm coming to say that that's not the case, we can work together kind of thing.

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I agree that was conservative values that the Middle East and Arab countries have that the West has lost. Now, that would be a nice little to come into discussing those those differences and we can meet but the only problem I have to say is that when it comes to talking to

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Muslims in particular, but it becomes a very reductionist argument in the sense that like you say, there's a difference between men and women. A simple question.

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Can you name me

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A white sprinter? No.

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That's why I say to you that I've always made the argument I've I've made this on camera as well, that actually, this is the fallacy of the West. Because if you look at the sprinters and, for example, black sprinters, they have consistently outperformed white sprinters for the last 100 years. Now, that's

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because they're all equal.

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Black sprinters and white sprinters are not equal.

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They're not

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faster, genetically.