Mohammed Hijab – How Is the Quran a Linguistic Miracle

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the historical context of the title "Q marks" and how it relates to the Arabic language. They give examples of verse examples from different sources, including a time when a woman had a dispute with her husband, where the woman wrote a verse for Islam, and a verse for a man's name. The speaker emphasizes the significance of the title for the local industry and the need for further research to determine its historical significance.
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All right. Now listen, major Muslims will maintain that the major Quranic miracle is really a linguistic miracle is a linguistic miracle. Obviously, you will say that what about someone who does not know the Arabic language is unfair to them that they would not be exposed to America. Obviously, they can access the Arabic language by learning it. But there are some things which are so prominent that you can even understand them, without even needing so the Arabic language, I'll give you one example. There was a time when I was just reading the Quran, I came to this conclusion.

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In chapter,

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chapter 58, of the Quran

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is called the chapter of a woman who basically came and she argued with the Prophet about her husband, and, you know, not getting happy, right, one way or another,

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in the middle of the surah, in the heart of the story could say,

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you know, it says, without a

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sense of law, that the shaitaan, or the devil had overwhelmed them so that they are either people that the soul was talking about, had forgotten the remembrance of God. I thought about this deeply.

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And I realized something about the actual versus the actual verse, in this chapter, I came to the striking conclusion that every single verse in this chapter, had the word ally in it.

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Let me say that one more time, that every single verse in this chapter, had the word Allah in it. Now you might think this is coincidental, or something like that. So 28 verses in that chapter.

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But considering the fact that the Prophet Muhammad didn't have a writing pen, he couldn't write, he was illiterate, that he was literally responding in the form of Revelation. So he was responding to a woman in the form of Revelation. Really, if you think about the odds, or the probabilities that he could have just made this rule up, or had that structure in place, where he put God's name in every single verse, explicitly, almost as a counter balance to that verse where it says that the devil and overwhelm them and made them forget about the name of Allah. So in other words, here, this verse has come to remind us of Allah, or these verses, then you would think to yourself, really, that the

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front, either really precise, or coincidentally precise, but this of course, is just a taster of the correct local industry perspective, and there's so many things I could say. I just thought I'd give you a little taste of

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with me

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