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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss their experiences as a tradesman and Muslim, emphasizing the importance of science and religion in understanding Islam. They also discuss the struggles of finding a Christian faith and the importance of finding a stable faith for one's life. The speakers emphasize the importance of history and peace, while also acknowledging the historical and moral responsibility of those who do not accept Islam. They also mention the potential for conflict and destruction, as well as the need for acceptance among groups.
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The Arabs Miko 20%, of Muslims,

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not even as many Arabs are thinking the whole world is Asian. So

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I mean, Islam is for everyone. And if you just look at the map of the world, it's every color, every nationality, I went through a period of a pharmacy, she's my life where

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basically she would look at me and say, he's a scum of the earth. And that's why I was trading that's what I wasn't as for mine and

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destroy my family or destroy myself, or destroy anything that I ever care about. And

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I kept on going down and down and further and further down in life until I was at the bottom of the barrel is pretty much the worst people, the worst people and

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certain things happened to me that you know, don't elaborate too much further here. Because as a Muslim, Muslims mentor can see reasons I'm not too proud of how it used to be. But there came a point where I asked God to save me from what was going to happen to me I was often get killed or

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certain things and I said to myself, I'm going to be home or have to do it now. My there's no turning back. Muhammad, you know, you've come to this point in your life where

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last month I was go to Mali Shang you know, I must admit I did have a lot of the the believed in the love that negative stereotypes about Islam, such as sort of the irrational the terrorist misogynist type

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attitude of Muslims. And when I found this was was not the case

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that it's been more interesting. What else Don't I know? And the Muslims actually that I met, like, the first time I actually had that human contact with Islam and Muslims. They were actually some of the finest human beings that I'd met. And it was, it was quite shocking to me actually. I was listening to a ABC News Radio. And they said,

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they said that a Queensland company had just marketed a special honey.

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A medicinal honey because honey has a lot of antibacterial properties. Okay.

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Two days before that, I had been given my first Quran. All right, that afternoon.

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I thought to myself, Oh, that's interesting about the honey etc. That afternoon I went home and I said, oh, let's have a look at this Quran and I opened it up to Surah the beat and I apologize I don't remember the verse But the very fifth thing I read when I got home was well, how

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does he mean?

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Amina szegedi.

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And your Lord inspired to the be take for yourself among the mountains houses and among the trees and in that which they construct

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gnocci somos

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buena sha

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Allah no fee Shiva

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then eat from all the fruits and follow the ways of your Lord laid down for you. There are marriages from their bellies, a drink, varying in colors in which there is healing for people. Indeed in that as a sign for people who give thought and that that that blew me away I mean, wow. If I as a foreigner need to cleanse more hot or the United States, more sensors are displayed.

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Before I came to Islam,

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what you see on the news and and what you hear, it's the same thing that someone who's ignorant of the religion and doesn't really pick up a book and start reading about the religion would have like the same ideas, you know, terrorists, Arabs and so forth, blah, blah, blah. So it wasn't too good overview, but the fact that I knew some Muslims kind of balanced that out, there was a time when I was doing some vacation employment at uni. And

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you know, there was no nowhere else to price I just got up and said, I can't need to pray and as prayed, you know, right on the side there. And after when I finished praying, they started asking about Islam, and

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it's an opportunity, I guess, to, to tell them more about Islam. Initially, they'll be like, you know, they don't know how to take it like because they don't want to say anything wrong. But smell of science. They've been steadfast and making yourself known as a Muslim. So people would ask you, because I think a lot of people are curious to see exactly what Islam is. And if they find out you're a Muslim, then they'll tend to have so far personally my experience have all been positive. So that will be like, you know, just what is Islam? What do you pray, etc, etc.

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Islam began in Indonesia through tradesmen.

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the honesty of these tradesmen in the business dealings and their manners sort of made him stand out in society. And so when the

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message of Islam came, it was easy for them to accept.

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Previously, Indonesians worship idols,

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which meant when Islam came to them, it made sense to them.

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And that they realize that

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the gods cannot just be carved out of stone or wood, and that God is much greater than

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Islam is one. And that's what I really love about Islam, it doesn't matter what color you are, doesn't matter what religion you come from, invites everybody in. And it's very different to what the Jewish people teach you as well. So that was another reason why I actually came here. Because

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in like a sense, it, it sort of makes sense, because it starts from Adam, and it goes all the way to the last prophet. And that involves everyone involves all religions that believe in God. And one thing that really stood out was when they got somebody in and was like a young boy, and he was he was actually reading the Quran in Arabic, and set it to, I started to feel it in my heart when he was reading it in Arabic. And to me, like, I don't even understand it. I was like, I was actually like, wanting to cry, I was actually thinking to stop, stop it, because I'm gonna cry in a second. So, like, that's when I knew. Definitely, I feel it in my heart If I can, if I can feel this.

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A lot of people don't like change.

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But if Islam was, if Muslims live the way the prophet SAW some live, how can anyone not accept this.

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And this is the most important thing that Muslims how the torch, and they must, you know, show the rest of the world that, you know, this is how Muslims are, this is how Muslims should be seen. So I'd left home early. And had, you know, I was had a good upbringing, and I knew right from wrong, but I wanted to get a taste of life. And you know, from that Allah saved me, you know, at a young age, rather than going into the bad things. And

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if I wouldn't have found Islam, another Odin had a very odd life.

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going in the wrong direction. So Islam sort of

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it gives me a peace. That's what I know. It gives me peace. I know where I'm going. I know what the future is, like, you know, where you want to go heaven or hell, you know.

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And so, I know it's been a stable part of my life.

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And I know our parents will, you know, 100 larger and parents will. And I know that if maybe if I hadn't found Islam, they wouldn't be looking at Islam and Christianity. There's not much difference like Christians have a strong

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a strong feeling of, of doing things right for God. Like that. The religious like I believed in God before was more

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Islam wants to believe in God and serve my family, they believe in God. And so

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just the just the the thing about Jesus being part of God, that's that's, that's the only thing about it. Otherwise Islam and Christianity, they're very, very, very similar in Islam and are allowed to have alcohol. So of course, that problem, that big problem in our country will be solved. And a lot of men will dedicate more time to the, to the families.

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And, you know, yeah, there's problems with stealing as well, you know, stealing is not allowed in Islam, I think that would solve all the problems all around the world, the major problems, people will start concentrating on themselves and their families that have more time to think, because when they have a problem, they just start, you know, they drink alcohol, the drugs, they go out, and you know, try and forget about their problems. But if you know, you've, you know, you've always got God, like you have time to think about your problems yourself in the meaning of life.

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I was practicing Christian,

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I had a lot of questions. However, a lot of things didn't sit well with me. And a lot of questions that are asked to the priests, and I found that

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they weren't the answers there. So it was, I definitely found Islam to be

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very different from what I previously believed.

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But I also found it to be

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authentic, and authentic religion, because I'm a very analytical person. And when I

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do something, I like to research and ask all the questions, and I found that with Islam, I could ask those questions, and they and they'd be answered, whereas previously, as a Christian, that they just be dismissed, you know, with a smile, or, or with a comment, like, Oh, you don't need to know about that, and things like that. I mean, actually, Islam put humanity in my heart, you know, it really did. Like, previously.

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I didn't have that humanity that I that I have now. And it's something that the world really needs, because I feel like the world at the moment is in such turmoil, that it's actually searching for answers, and searching for structure. Papers, people actually need answers to the questions. You know, I've seen a lot of people who have had a lot of money and a lot of power, and they still don't have that fulfillment, there's still the soul still searching for that, for those answers that they can get. And Islam offers all those things. You know, it offers the guidance of God to humankind. And it puts that humanity in the practicing Muslims heart, so that the interaction between the

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different races and cultures is a harmonious one.

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And especially in South Africa, where you do get this black and white mix, and that separation of black and white,

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which was wrong. You You tend to see that Islam bring can bring it together. And you know, nullify that corruption and unify everyone. So Islam is generally well I feel it's for everyone, for sure. Universal messages of hate was brought to everyone by the prophet SAW, and especially from South Africa, we do have black, white colored multicultural like Australia, definitely for everyone and unites everyone on that basis. Until you learn Islam until you put it into your life. Till you start practicing Islam as a true Muslim should if you didn't see what the real life is, and what life is all about, and what your your aims and objectives are.

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And Islam has shown me that and taken me away from all the fitna that I was in and hamdulillah with Islam on your side, it's a god. So you just keep your religion up. You keep regular attendance, the lessons and you just keep in that strong environment with good good Muslim people.

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In America,

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every year 42,000 people accept Islam every year before September 11.

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And the Uj 13 15,000 people accept Islam every year

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without no organized hour after September 11 in America, 78,000 people accepted Islam.

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In the UK 26,000 people accepted Islam. What do you want? They are accepting Islam even though we are being first

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slandered. The Quran is a medicine.

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The Quran is a healing. The Quran is the word and the scripture from Almighty God revealed to His Messenger 14 124 years ago 6626 verses retained and memorize by millions of Muslims in the world today.

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Every human being, every human being needs to read the Quran and build a relationship. It will open up a door for you.

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Coming up to 16 past 11 on to GBI seven free last week, you will remember the anti discrimination board and Chris public released a scathing report on the media's portrayal of stories involving race. reports said the media had been inflaming anti muslim sentiment. Well, on the show, everyone has a side regardless of race or religion. Joining me online now I'm pleased to say is Shaykh Khalid yesin, who's visiting from the UK. He's a Christian who's converted a Muslim to Islam, originally from the US. He's holding a number of lectures on Islam as of next week. He's online right now. Good morning, check callin Good morning, Ray. How you feeling? I'm particularly well, it's nice to talk

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to you. For those who aren't familiar with you. Could you tell us a bit about your background? You're once a Christian who's made the change of faith? Is that correct? That's correct. And when did that happen? I became a Muslim in 1965. Seems like eons ago.

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in the same year of the tragic assassination of

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Alhaji Chavez, better known to the world as Malcolm X. Now, would it be fair to say, and I'm not trying to be funny about this, that you're a bit like an Islamic version of Billy Graham, and that you travel the world trying to convince people to turn to the Islamic fight?

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Yeah, I, I guess part of that, that characterization I might agree with. Although I don't feel a mandate for myself as Billy Graham, perhaps, to convert people to the Islamic faith.

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However, I do have a mandate to expose people throughout the world,

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according to my ability to the correct value system of Islam, and to invite them to consider that and to apply that to their life in relation to recent events, and most notably, the events of September 11 in a sama bin lot and how difficult is that made your job? And how difficult are people like a sama bin Laden and others like him make your job? Well, they I think that to be very objective. I think that anytime that any tragedy, like to September 11, this incident takes place in the world. It certainly it distorts people's view about many things.

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And I think that someone's enlightened being a Muslim,

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and people associating that particular incident with some of enlightened certainly distorts people's perceptions about Islam. And so one of my responsibilities is not to address the wisdom of enlightened issue, but to address the perhaps the the issue of Islam relative to the September 11. incident, and, and to distinguish Islam from the acts of Muslims or Christians or anyone else. And to clarify, in the minds of people,

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that Islam is not a religion of terrorism or fanaticism or extremism. And that such actions, whether it be September levels, or for that matter, the Oklahoma bombing or anything else, such actions should not be associated with a system of faith like Islam, or for that matter, Christianity. But I guess whether it's Catholics or Protestants or Muslims, that is extremist make it particularly difficult for us to move forward. As as, as a group of people in the world be we have different faiths or Jewish faith or that or the like that when extremists take control as In fact, they have in more recent times, it makes the job more difficult for everyone.

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Yeah, I would tend to I tend to agree with that. Just that. I think that it's very important that people keep in mind that a a global face, and set of values such as Islam, and on the face of Christianity.

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As he should never be indicted, or impugn, because of some actions of a group of people who allegedly may associate themselves with some form of extremism, can Muslims and Christians live in harmony and respect each other's values and beliefs? Well, we have to look historically right and see that, that, as a matter of fact, since the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them in the seventh century, Muslims and Christians did live in harmony. And conflict is inevitable when you're talking about human beings and civilization. So to eliminate the world from conflict, obviously, is the impossibility. But at the same token to live in reasonable harmony and

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tolerance. This is the objective of Islam. And Islam has demonstrated that over several centuries, that we can historically refer to so one of your lectures is titled Islam the only solution for well placed. I mean, obviously, from what you just said, it's not just the religions, the only solution for world peace, but it's a combination of bats, Christianity, and Islam and, and the rest of it will peace if we all pull together in the one direction. Yeah, I think it's important for people to know that Islam is not by definition of religion. It's a comprehensive system of life that has a very clear set of values, whether it's in the political field, or the social field, or the

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governmental field or any other part of the human drama. And as such, it should not be viewed from purely a religious point of view. And certainly, we failed as Muslims, that the Quran has the basis for putting forward a very profound platform for world peace and for sustaining that. And that it should be considered by the world as such. Just don't that that makes it difficult because your side to way of life, not just the religion will have difficulties, but for people that come from another part of the world or settle in Australia as Muslims to embrace our culture, and embrace the way we do things as opposed to the way I used to do things. Can I compatible? Yeah, of course. And I want

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to make a clear distinction as we speak, between Muslims and Islam. You know, Muslims are the people who themselves attach themselves to Islam, either by profession or by some kind of testimony, but as long as the system of faith and the values itself, which has its own sources, as such, the basis of Islam is one that preaches tolerance, and brotherhood fraternity with everyone in the world. As such, when a Muslim moves anywhere in the world, he or she should become a peace loving,

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a law abiding individual and should learn to adapt and tolerate the culture and the mentality of other people wherever they go. If If Saddam Hussein doesn't encapsulate all those things, what should the world do about Iraq, and this talk in the last few hours of the Americans and the British going in there?

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I think, you know, the issue of Saddam Hussein has many different approaches to it. One, Saddam Hussein as an individual

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has is certainly has his deficiencies that that the world has seen. And that's unfortunate. But I don't think that the the personal deficiencies or the council Saddam Hussein, you should be confused

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with indicting his entire country and therefore, putting this country into on the precipice of war and destruction, or, for that matter, the ongoing perpetration of sanctions and things that have brought about tremendous amount of suffering and dispersion upon the Iraqi people. So I think that the issues should be addressed differently. Of course, I'm an American citizen. And as an American citizen, I still have the right to express dissent, even with my government's position, I knew.

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But at the same token, we live in a very complex world. And we sometimes we are unable to resolve things, the way that we would ideally like to resolve them. And in the words of an individual who is very profoundly known throughout the world, Dr. Martin Luther King, he said, It's unfortunate that although we live in a diverse, sophisticated world, we are unable to resolve issues in a very sophisticated way. And so I like many people throughout the world, I shudder at the thought

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that a sophisticated society like America and others, who would act in this manner, seem to move without

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good thought and, and good resolve to be able to try to find a solution to this issue without the kind of

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destruction that is going to take place in that part of the world, which I called you in confused me. In a sense, you are an American citizen, therefore, you're afforded that freedom to which you referred to object to what the American government does, that the people in Iraq under the regime of Saddam Hussein and other sort of the same lecture that you are as a free American citizen? Yeah, of course. But at the same token right, now that the Americans know the Australians or the British or the French or anyone, they're not pleased to know the world. And they they're not the ones to go about throughout the world regulating or restoring what they consider to be the human rights of

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other people. I don't think that the approach to this issue is right. It's not just a matter that of Saddam Hussein. And I think that to keep clouding the issue with the criminal characteristics or the history of Saddam Hussein, I think the cloud the issue with that, is to belittle the millions of people who themselves are quite innocent and subjected to the tyranny of Saddam Hussein. And so who is America, Great Britain, France, anybody else? To go throughout the world, to be the policemen of the world to restore human dignity and human on and so forth and so on through the destruction of another country? But many say don't do it shake? Who doesn't? Who frees the people of Iraq from this

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despotic regime? Well, let's, let's see if we can reverse that, right? who flees, who frees the people of the so called Western world, who frees the people in the Western world from the from the corruption

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that we see, blatant throughout the Western world. Now, I'm not pro Iraq, and I'm not pro Taliban, I'm not pro anybody in particular, other than I'm, I'm a person who is a lover of peace and a god loving person. And I think that there should be some justice, even in the scriptures of Christians, or in the scriptures of the Muslims, that there is a way for us to be able to approach situations without going into a country destroying the country, for what reason to bring down a despotic ruler.

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The historical evidence that we have for this kind of move doesn't bring about and doesn't bring about the new. I mean, what are we going to bring about a new regime? Or is the Americans or the French or the Germans or somebody? Are they going to appoint someone whom they think, is better than Saddam Hussein, and has the Iraqi people themselves asked for this? They haven't. So I don't think that this is a way it's, it's not a matter that saddam is right or wrong, of course, from a moral point of view, Saddam Hussein is wrong. Saddam Hussein is a tyrant Saddam Hussein, you know, some of his brought about may have made many

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improper decisions. But at the same token, I don't think that America or France or Great Britain, or any of these countries have the right,

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to take it upon themselves to be the restorers of justice while they themselves are guilty of injustice in their own countries. I've enjoyed talking to you. I hope you have enjoyable time in Australia. We'll talk about where you'll be able to be heard for the course of the next week or two. Okay, thank you very much. Right. Thank you. I appreciate your time. Bye bye. Thank you. Shaykh Khalid yes in