Condemning Attack on Hatun

Adnan Rashid


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Salaam Alaikum brothers and sisters, I'm Rashida brother. And I want to talk about something

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that occurred today at the park. Today is the 25th of July

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2021. And speaker's corner is a well known place for dialogue and discussions. You might have seen some of our videos at the speaker's corner. Today an attack took place against a Christian apologist. She is known as Hearthstone and someone attacked her with some instrument. We don't know the details yet. But I just wanted to quickly say something about that. I absolutely utterly condemned that attack, because a lot of Christians will be asking me to have a view on this. And I want to clarify as much as I dislike hardon and her character and her narrative.

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I have no likeness towards her as a person. But I condemned this attack, no one deserves to be treated like this. Despite the fact that her tune has been provoking people for the last few years, she has been making very, very disturbing, provocative statements. She has been wearing t shirts with alleged cartoons of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he has been insulting the Prophet. She has been insulting Muslim, and Islam. She has been provoking a lot of people and despite all of that, I condemned this attack against her in the most absolute terms. So brothers and sisters be clear on that, that we Muslims are a people of justice. We are a people of mercy. We are a people of

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compassion. We are a people of harmony. We go to the speaker's corner for dialogues, and discussions and educational exercises. We don't go there for violence and abuse. You will never see us abuse a Christian or insult a Christian or the Christian religion, we will never mock the Christian religion rather, we will give our in the best way possible as Allah has commanded us to do so. So anyone who ends up attacking anyone at speakers corner for expressing views, albeit disturbing views, we cannot, you know, have any sympathy for such people. Okay.

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The culprit must be arrested by the police and law must take its course, the culprit must be reprimanded. Okay? We ask the police to take action immediately. And we condemn this attack unconditionally against how to and this is not the way this is not acceptable. This behavior is absolutely abhorrent. So I wanted to quickly highlight this to you rather than sisters.

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Just wanted to have a view on this very quickly. And the police has warned hot on a number of times she has been arrested so many times for her hateful narrative or hate mongering and her disturbing behavior. The police has arrested this woman many many times. This is not a justification for the attack by the way. Okay, the attack is abhorrent. It is evil. It is disgusting. But at the same time, how two needs to come down. She needs to listen to the police. She needs to listen to the authorities and take heed. May Allah protect all of us may Allah protect all the people of the park May Allah help us continue this tradition of beautiful and engaging dialogues are slowly gone.