The Deen Show – Paul Pogba Against Hindu Extremists in Indian intimidating Muslim women in hijab

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the upcoming global peace movement against evil, with the speakers including the Women's springirouts and the upcoming national peace protests. They also discuss the use of social media platforms to raise awareness and encourage others to speak up against evil. The segment ends with a call to action for peace and a promise to continue making small efforts to achieve peace.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah assalamualaikum now I want you to imagine, just really imagine if these were Christian nuns getting dirty water thrown at them. Would the world be in an uproar? Think about that one. Now, where are the main world human rights organizations, the Women's Rights Organizations speaking up against this evil that's going on in what's supposed to be the world's biggest democracy in India against these Hindu radical extremists that are persecuting the Muslim minority. And these cowards, we asked them not to wear the hijab when they attend and the hijab has to be kept outside the gate I have nothing better to do than to go after innocent women. Look, the one thing here I'm

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going to mention it doesn't solve the issue. And ultimately our help will come from the Creator of the heavens and earth God Almighty, the Creator Allah and for us, we have to be living this Deen. But we can do our small part and make whatever positive effort we can from our end, like we had our brother professional soccer football player Paul Pogba recently do where he uses social media platform to raise awareness about what's going on in India. Now who's Paul Pogba he's the man the brother who talks about how Islam how the Quran gave him true purpose in life. And Islam gives me this

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is guide you know, the current give me a guide of how to be and why you're here in life more than football or any other sport, more than football more than more than sports. The brother who said a Muslim is one who wants to behave good and send a good positive message. I was a Muslim wants to behave good and showed a good example to the world to other people. That's what our Prophet or Salam used to used to do and we want to do the same. So we commend our brother Paul Bookbug for that, and inshallah we have some more people of influence, do their small part of speaking out against this evil against these cowards going after our sisters. Now look at his mob, how many you count? How

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many of these cows do you count? Look at these cowards? Look at these. You have one Muslim woman here minding her own business on her way to school, dressed modestly similar to how the Christian nuns dress, dressed also, like Mary, the mother, Jesus, and here come these extremist Hindu mobs trying to intimidate her. Now imagine if there weren't any cameras and if they can get away with it, the kind of things that these people would perpetuate and do to these women. Because that's what sick people do. These are sick cowards. So my question is, where's your buddy Biden, and the bunch, where the leaders of the Muslim world against as I started off, imagine if this was happening to

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Christian nuns, religious God fearing women or women in general, but they're Muslim women. So we'll just keep our mouths shut and let this evil perpetuate it's amazing the hypocrisy and double standards that we see in the world today and the feminist movement, the mainstream feminist movements, they're asleep to this now usually try to stay calm and collected but I was just imagining myself there, you know, because you watch this. And the blood boils. I mean, you're a human being you got emotions, and then you see innocent women over their sisters getting as dirty water thrown at them disrespected like this one man, I'm there by myself, you're going to go down to

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the end defending your sister, right? But if I had an all star lineup, you know, I was just thinking, I was like Subhanallah who would that be? And I imagined myself there you know, I had let's say our brother. We start off with you know, these names Habib and our brother Islam. And Ali Kato cough. So that's three because you got I think close to 100 of the mob. And who else can we put in here? We get sunny B. Williams hmm. And was for a Zabi ah, who else would you add to that Hamza, and I think if we had this our star lineup, I think we'd smash these guys and teach them how to respect my God Almighty Allah, keep our sisters and brothers in this part of the world. This

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persecuted minority say protect them. And all those others innocent human beings who are suffering all over the world, all over the globe. God Almighty Allah bring relief and his help and will let us do our small part and do our small effort to go ahead and make a difference like our like our brother uses platform Paul, to go ahead and create some awareness. You guys can go and create some awareness Few knew that this can go ahead and get you some reward. Go ahead and hit the like button share so we can do our small part and get the message out, create awareness of what's going on in that part of the world, and inshallah we can get more people speaking up, and inshallah we can be

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living our deen to the fullest. So inshallah our do us would get a scepter we'll see you next time. Until then, peace with you, us and I'm a goon

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