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a long

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in Alhamdulillah, Ahmed who was saying was so futile who was study or would be lucky to Allah I mean she Lauria who Sina want me to say it I Marina Mejia de la who fell I'm Lila when my old little fella had yella was shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah who had the hula Sharif color wash Hello Ana Mohammed Abdullah Hora su wasafi. You homing bein hulky he or her little Bella reseller what an Amana one also had her the Luma Salawat Allahu wa salam Muhammad Ali. Yeah, you're living in Tapachula happy to party while at Hamilton Illa and to Muslim moon. Yeah, Yohannes otaku Raja Kumala the Holika come in I've seen Wahida wahala Permin has over 13 humare gel and Kathy along when he

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What's up Hola. Hola, the to Lola b He will or ham in Allah can Ali Kemal Akiva Yeah, you're living in Tapachula Wakulla corners salida Lucilla Kumar Amala calm while filicudi Nova calm while may have a la hora Sula, falcoda affairs of hoes and Alima Amma that

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many of our sisters celebrated a global event no one has international Hijab Day

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and this was the 11th

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where this day is recognized.

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And it reminded me

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of a concept that has become so elusive, that many people require very detailed

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explanation of what it is

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though it is something that is very natural, that we even find in the animal kingdom.

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You see

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human societies

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in modern days

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have you experience the erosion of this particular quality or concept to the point where it becomes very confusing

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to many people.

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So am I so that if someone wants to explain it, though it exists almost in every culture and in every

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civilization, you really need a lot of words people have to sit and times sometimes go back and forth to define it exactly.

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Now in Islam we refer to it as higher

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and I know in many cultures, the word is used

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the way it is used in the Sunnah Hadith.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala refers to it in the Quran, and the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala praised

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one of the two, or the two ladies that woman that Musa alayhis salam interacted with,

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when one of them was sent back by her father,

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to summon Musa

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alayhis salam and to be

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to be rewarded for what he did for them for the service he rendered. Those of you who are familiar, we know that Musa alayhis salam came upon two ladies that were standing on the side waiting for other scheppers.

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Two to finish and then Musa basically offered to help them on a sunnah. So we're told in the Quran that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran

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that the father of these two ladies when they told him what Musa did for them with this total stranger did for them. He sent one of them to invite him to call him. So Allah Subhana Allah tells us that when she came to approach Musa alayhis salam, she came in a particular demeanor in a particular fashion when she was walking towards him Allah subhanaw taala says, At that time she had a stay here, and one of them came to Moses peace be upon him, walking modestly

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He or she was in a state of bashfulness.

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She was very careful when she approached him and when she spoke to him

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and what is interesting is that out of this the details of this story, Allah subhanaw taala highlights this particular point.

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Allah subhanaw taala actually mentions this. Allah didn't say, one of them came in it could have said that one of them came and spoke to him. But Allah subhanaw taala highlighted this

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time she Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala mentioned how she approached him. Later on, we're told

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she told her father, many scholars say probably it was the same, the same one because the Quran is not specific as to which one of the two sisters was the one that actually Allah subhanaw taala was referring to because Allah, you know, the Quran keep saying that Homer, one of them, one of them, but it doesn't say whether it's the same one or not. Many scholars say it was the same one, including this is the opinion of hip and bass and many other great scholars throughout our history that insists on the fact that it's probably the same one. It's the same one.

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We know that she recommended that Musa that her father hires him.

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And in her testimony, she said to Father hire him. And then she says, For the best person for you to hire in the hiring minister. Can we give me

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a person who's strong and who's trustworthy?

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it is said that her father said how do you know that he's strong?

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And how did you figure out that he's trustworthy? So she said to him, Well, he's strong because we told you earlier how he was able to lift the rock by himself.

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So he definitely is very strong physically and fit.

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But as for his trustworthiness, when he sent me to invite him, I started walking in front of him to lead him. So he told me,

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it's better for you to walk behind me and guide me from behind. Let me walk in front of you. Now, obviously, he didn't do that,

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because he wanted to establish his supremacy or her his dominance over her, but rather because he was very protective. Alehissalaam musasa and this is part of his character. This was part of his personality,

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and Isa.

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So the Quran tells us that not only does she come in a state of bashfulness, in higher and modesty, but also Musa responded with the same. She came in a dignified manner and Musa Allison, I've treated her with dignity, as well.

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Now, in our sunnah, we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and again, I'm saying this because this whole concept of hair,

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which is, by the way, very critical, and important, there's a narration that says that actually the trademark of a Muslim

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that the primary and main quality of Islam, that should be celebrated his hat.

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Now, we know that we live in a time.

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And sometimes also, it's part of the popular culture that is really anti hat. Because there is always this fear and even some of the most, some of them some of the most decent people, some of the most decent people, sometimes they have they struggle with this concept of hair.

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Because what comes to mind is how that makes you dysfunctional. They think that hey, I can make you dysfunctional.

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When in reality, that's not the case. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam abnormal about the Allahu Anhu says, tells us that the Prophet came upon two individuals from the unsought one of them was admonishing his brother, another community member he was telling him

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that he needs to be less shy, you're way too shy, you know, people take advantage of this and he was trying basically to go against that individual's natural disposition that person was very shy by nature.

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So this brother of his this other community member, this friend of his is trying to tell him hey, you need to be less shy you need to be a little more assertive and strong and this and that, you know, your shyness is not getting you anywhere. He was advising him.

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The Prophet passing by he overhears this conversation. The Prophet makes it a point to stop, interrupt this conversation and say to the man who was actually admonishing the other person who was telling the other person to be less bashful and less modest and less shy because they

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I can't find one word really in English that will do this concept of higher service. If I must choose one, then it would be modesty or decency.

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So the Prophet said that who leave him alone, leave him alone. For in that higher eminent Eman

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for higher is actually part of iman higher is

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as a matter of fact, indicative of iman.

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And another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he spoke about how higher is made of 70 Something levels or different branches, he said what higher was your bottom in an email and higher is one of these branches of email.

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So my so that the scholars say that actually higher the level of the individuals higher in modesty and sense of shame, and decency

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goes hand in hand with that individuals, Iman.

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So the higher the individual's faith or Eman in Allah, and awareness of Allah Subhana Allah His presence, the higher their height would be.

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And obviously, the highest form of higher

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is to be in the most, the most important and critical is to have higher with Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And to watch what we say and what we do, and make sure that is something that Allah Subhana Allah proves off. It's something that pleases Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So it is important for us to have that conversation.

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In a time where we're told that you shouldn't be shy, you shouldn't be

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modest, you should boast, you should brag.

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In a time where even culturally, we are introduced to different concepts and practices, because one of the dangers of hair. As a matter of fact, maybe the most dangerous thing is the fact that if a person reaches a level where there is no hat left in them,

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then they're capable of committing the worst atrocities that you can imagine in cold blood without fearing any blame without fearing any repercussion, without feeling any without fearing.

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any pushback from anyone they don't care, especially if they possess power.

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They don't mind displays display displacing 10s of 1000s of people. They don't mind killing 10s of 1000s of people in broad daylight, massacring them because they feel that they're justified.

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There's you know, they don't even have a sense of shame and then they will come and put and pretend to be the victims and play that role.

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That's why the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah, you are setting them and said in Myanmar, Bucky le nurserymen, Kalam, Enugu within Allah, that of what remains

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is still until this day, what remains to be true, what remains what what what was inherited

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the legacy and from the tradition and from the heritage

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of the early days of Naboo. What prophets passed on from one prophet to another, what they taught, one of these prophetic, timeless Prophetic teachings is the following. Elim Testa he first night, mash it, if you have no shame, do as you wish, do whatever you want. Because there is nothing that will prevent you

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from from domain doing whatever you want, because you have no sense, you lost that sensitivity, you lost that sense of

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shame within you. This is what the lack or the

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this is the lack what the lack of hire does eventually. This is why it's very dangerous, we have to now hire is something that we are born with.

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And some people have high levels of it, and some people have less of it. But it's something natural. So there is the type that is that is part of our nature, and then there is something else that that is nurtured within us.

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The kind that is

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part of our natural dispositions as human beings is what prevents us from committing shameful acts. It's what actually causes us to do a lot of the things that we do without really

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asking ourselves why we do them. It's just part of our natural daily practice.

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You know, the way we dress for instance,

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the way we dress is is

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is what causes us to avoid doing certain things, so that we don't really, you know, get dirty looks from people.

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This is natural.

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Now the other type,

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the one that we acquire,

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comes from knowing Allah subhanho wa taala. Knowing the greatness of Allah azza wa jal

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and knowing what Allah Subhana Allah created us for and being aware of our actions and that Allah azza wa jal is watching everything that we do. So we reach this very lofty level of higher awareness, self awareness, that we're even watch our thoughts.

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We're careful with our intentions and motives.

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Let alone our actions and reactions.

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And this is one of the highest forms

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of higher I asked Allah subhanaw taala to let you and I enjoy the taste of higher May Allah subhanaw taala make us people of higher May Allah Subhana Allah allow you and I to be of those who listen and follow the best of where they listen to a poodle have a cold was so for Allah howdy welcome facility royal Villa Camino hola for running

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Yvette, he lived in a soft shell that My dear brothers and sisters

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please make sure that not only that you become an example. You know, for your

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family members and for your community members when it comes to higher and shyness and modesty. But make sure that you also appreciate that when you see it in other people in sha Allah Tada.

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And make sure

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that you continue to pray for our brothers and sisters who are suffering anywhere in the world, but especially, and Melissa

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them in your drop in any form of support that you can render that you can offer.

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Make sure that you provide that support.

00:17:34--> 00:17:41

And I send here and I send in every hope Well, ever since these things have started really feeling that sense of shame.

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Of often not being able to do much more than that. But do not underestimate the power of

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the thought itself in and of itself matters to think about them. And also appreciate the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah pani and last advice that I have, my dear brothers and sisters let us overlook some of these things that we put too much value into

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when our brothers and sisters are suffering, and you know some of us here really waste effort or time or energy over trivial matters

00:18:17--> 00:18:22

and dispute with one another or with our family members over the little things.

00:18:24--> 00:18:28

It's just doesn't say doesn't say it says something about that person.

00:18:29--> 00:18:33

We cannot be oblivious to what other people are going through and what they're enduring.

00:18:35--> 00:18:41

May Allah subhanaw taala strengthen the middle 100 Allah reward them may Allah subhanaw taala make them victorious. I mean,

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maybe as Allah in Allah hip mobility well certainly when you tell them what to do in hand fascia it will conquer the world. Well yeah, look, when I look into the Quran, Quran Allah has got a commercial Ruhollah and music community crolla Akbar wa salam ala moana salatu salam ala ala terracotta Allah in Allah home Allah, Allah Allah Allah Nabhi usually the enameled solo Allah He was certainly Moto sliema Lama Salah Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kamal Seletar like Rahima Ali Brahim about how many were adding Muhammad come about Okta Allahu Rahima Ali Ibrahim Naka Homido Majeed upasana