Abu Bakr Zoud – Shabaan, a month to strengthen your relationship with the Quran

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the month of Chzik, which is the month in which Islam is supposed to increase one's good deeds. They criticize people for lying to themselves and causing confusion, and encourage people to be generous with their time and not be suddenly swayed with small talk. The speaker also mentions the importance of reading half an hour of the Quran and not drinking or eating too much during the day.
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This month of Chabad is the month in which a set of

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the pious predecessors

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they would commit to the Quran in this month selama obliqua hailed him of Allah. He said Shah ben shapiro could walk. He said Sha Ben is the month of reciting the Quran. Habib in February will be Allah one who also he said. He said Heather Chahal, Allah, he said, this is the month of reading Quran.

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Allah, you know what he is to do and then began Abdullah hannu. He used to close the store close normal business. He used to shut down in stores, where the foreigner who left

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and he will free himself to rebook where he left his business in Shanghai then not in Ramadan. Imagine what these people will do in Rome avant la What about he left his business? Siobhan is the month of reading the Quran, the month of fasting the month of praying, this is the month in where you're supposed to increase your good deeds in your worship. And Anno Allahu Allah He my brothers and sisters in Islam. I am I am really, really, really surprised and amazed at people that still until today, make the excuse that I don't have time to read the choir. I don't have time to get up at night and pray one lie. I am amazed at this excuse. You know why?

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Because I ask the two hours you spent on Facebook ads? Where did you get them from? The hours spent on WhatsApp? Where did you get these hours from the hours on Instagram and on tik tok and Snapchat and whatever it is? Where did you get these hours from? Where did you get this time from? You can play and you see I didn't have time to read.

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And five, six hours of the day spent on rubbish on social media. And

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not even not even taking benefit following people following cofell learning ridiculous moves and plays.

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And then what I didn't have time to read and where did you get the hours and hours you spent on social media on rubbish? Isn't this is a serious problem. People are lying to themselves. People are not being true and authentic to themselves. How can a person succeed if he's lying to himself? How can a person find strength and energy in the worship of Allah if he's lying to himself, my brothers and sisters in Islam. Don't be stingy with Allah. Be generous with your time for Allah. Allah gave you time. It is a laws verge Allah is blessing upon you that he gave you time. Don't be stingy with Allah concerning your time.

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Allah azza wa jal, he says in the Quran, for a man at their home in fugly bind, obey.

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This is a quality of hypocrisy. It's a quality of hypocrisy that Allah gives you from his blessings and you become stingy.

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Allah give you time and this is the greatest of blessings. Allah gave you health. He gave you a tongue. He gave your eyes he can read the air. You can follow us for those that able to do and for those that are unable due to sickness or illness. They have the excuse Allah accept from them. But you you I'm speaking to the one who is healthy, and he sound well humbler and he's able to worship you. Why are you being stingy with your time for a loss aversion loss Zoysia Lee said

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never confused him on workplace democracy in the hearts of those who were given from the blessings of Allah and they became stingy with it.

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Be careful, be careful. Be generous with a law. You plan to read half an hour Quran read 40 minutes. Be generous with Allah. you plan on rushing your prayer. Take your time. Be generous with Allah. You know,

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you plan on breaking your fast, be generous, fast for the sake of Allah. Refrain from eating and drinking. Refrain for the sake of Allah be generous with Allah be generous. Well he gave you this time. The more you're generous, the more you appreciate the time Allah gave you the more you spend it in worship, the more time he gives you on Earth, the more time he gives you on Earth. No matter of being stingy with Allah, why would you deserve the blessing of time? luck well, be careful my brothers and sisters in Islam, how you spend your time how you deal with this precious blessing that Allah social has given us

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