Feminist Accepts Muslim Speaker’s Boxing Challenge!

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The speakers discuss the importance of physical strength, job opportunities, and women's rights in regards to feminism. They also touch on the use of shun and pressure on women to write shun in relation to oppressed women. The movement for equality has created a "wise man" mentality, which is a way to "willing to be the victim" and a "wise guy" mentality. The movement has also caused "wise women" mentality, which is a way to "willing to be the victim" and a "wise guy" mentality. The movement for women’s equality has also caused "wise man" mentality, which is a way to "willing to be the victim" and a "wise guy" mentality.

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You know, you guys will print your why'd you guys publish? I'm sorry, it's rubbish. How many of

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you guys are not going to be

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David, David?

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I'm not talking about extreme nonsense.

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not in that way.

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I'm just saying basically, that when it comes to the why, what do you understand when you say feminism? What do we understand? Why

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equal rights? equality quick justice.

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For example, like wasn't saying yet, so

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I'm just trying to say, imagine

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limitations. So when it comes to like, physical strength, etc, it's

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just natural to me. However, when I refer to like, you know, equalness I mean, you know, when it comes to job opportunities, or wages or like, okay, just, you know, General stuff or like responsibility, like,

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where do we know that?

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This is a crucial, crucial year. The reason why I

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want you guys to understand because there is misunderstanding what feminism is what it is that we understand, for example, attacks against woman as an attack, abuse this start yet another issue that is right behind you, when we, when it comes to these matters, whatever. Yeah, but just because you guys, this feminist blueprints out there, this

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is kind of

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just because these things are happening yet, doesn't mean we need feminism. Yeah, for example, the Christian who wasn't a Christian, they say, Well, you know, people want to see good, because something in common, we believe in one, but do I have to say, Hey, I'm a Christian, to believe in one. So God, what do I say anything that goes with

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who you are.

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a feminist, I'll see the Quran and the Sunnah supports it, I support you. But

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I say I support you, when you see when there are a lot of men that undermine, like, feminism and mixed culture and religion.

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and stuff like that, that gets to me, which is why I need to, you know, that's what, you know why because you said your religion comes before you the moment is even before you when a parent comes and says to you, this is

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to an extent my religion, you're Muslim, Yes, you. If feminism has something in common with your religion, you go with it.

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In that case, you don't even need to say become a Muslim. Whatever you support that

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says when it comes to

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security, whether

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that is very crucial, please if it is urgent, urgent,

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cuz it's really crucial. This is

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just recent, BBC

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was reading an article is written by Nick Arnold, I remember the guy's name. And it was about a woman who are covered by a name that she wrote, she thought like a documentary called the red pill or something like that. And she was an ardent feminist. And she said that look, I'm going to make a documentary. And the purpose of this documentary is that I want to expose how, for example, men there's a bit of rape culture as other things we sympathize sympathize with as Muslims even Yeah. And there's this and this and that, like chiastic case studies that she wanted to explore. Well, then she she came into contact with some groups, which are referred to in that male activist groups

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yet, as she thought she wasn't mentioned in the article, she knows that At first, I thought that these groups would be like misogynistic type groups that, you know, shun women's rights and these kinds of things. But then she came to the conclusion that the kinds of things that they were saying, When were incredibly strong arguments, and she said for example, well, the thing about Alice, she said at the end of it, and

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maybe some examples, which are really important examples. Yes. She said at the end of it, that she came out feminism being very honest

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Feminism in the first place. And after I read this article, I was actually shocked because it takes a very courageous woman to write this in the first place. But to come through that transformative like transformative process, she went through a process now Why? She said that? Yes, it's true that women are being oppressed in society.

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It's true that for many, especially in the West, there was a wage gap. Yeah. The extent to which the wage gap now is completely questionable, by the way, because if you compare like for like, it's actually arguable that men and women have very equal a wage. How do you do that? Because by the way, in the United States versus some portomaso, might not believe this. But Thomas Sowell, in the United States context, he said that if you compare men and women, like for light, when you compare, for example, experience, and wages, you come to the conclusion that actually they're making a similar amount. The reason why women make less than men, is not always because women are discriminated

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against. It's something to do with the fact that women have less experience because they take the 31 year, two years, three years that they prefer part time work of a full time, full time work, so they can have a better work life balance. And these options are not afforded to men, therefore men have more experience and an equal playing fields. According to Thomas Sol, he says that that's actually

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a myth, especially in the 21st century, there's lots of work that have been done now to show that the wage gap doesn't actually the wage gap doesn't actually exist, like like, so then she started realizing, okay, men also have issues, there's something called a suicide gap. If you want to think about it that way. There are more men committing suicide because of the pressures of society as a woman, there are more men being discriminated against in a court setting than women. No feminist comes out and talks about these things. She said that I realized that this is not really something within the feminist literature, they talk about women privilege, for the most part, talk about

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Patreon. For the most part, they don't really find you find the feminists and not say that there are feminists. But this is not what's good. That's not what's popular in their works. what's popular in their works is that was the person women. So things like for example, the fact that 60% of men in the United Kingdom are more likely to get murder sentences than women. Yes, that actually, in the United States, one out of two men are more likely to get murder. Once again, this shows that feminism, okay, is it as an ideology, because it has not tackled the problem of injustice in a way

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we can pay for the toxic if you can stay, if you can benefit, I'll be happy more than happy not to sound.

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I'm just saying.

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One thing

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I'm saying to you guys, is that I'm not trying to really bash like, I think there's a lot of overlap between feminism and stuff I genuinely really do. And the premises of both the argument and the premises of feminism are the premises of Islam are not dissimilar, like the quality versus not problem for us. It really isn't. For the most part, the fact that men are more equal than men and women are equal. That's more true than false based on that is

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certainly men and women are equal.

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So generally, it is true, but there are exceptions as when you are found out. Yeah. So what we're saying is that because what feminism is a second way of kind of progressing to third and fourth wave, as they're calling it now, feminism is a is a project that endeavors to, to basically take away the patriarchy and kind of break the glass ceiling, whatever you want to call it, and put a woman in a position where the equal to men but what that does, I personally believe it can create a culture of like, kind of, I'm not gonna say hating because you know, that are running feminists that are basically kind of hate men kind of thing. They resentment and this kind of culture has come up

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now a lot of women are associating themselves with it. I'm not saying that necessarily. I'm saying that you're not looking at the whole human project with this. So you're not looking at the suicide gap. You're not looking at the fact that it is one of the things

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that troubles me,

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troubles me.

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What troubles me about feminism, personally, is that the feminist for the most part, I'm generalizing about a lot of the, the thing.

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The feminist wants to be the victim and the superhero at the same time. So the thing is,

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the feminist wants to be the victim and a superhero at the same time. What we mean by that is that you want to build, like as a feminist is arguing for autonomy, and she's arguing for self empowerment, but for most of the time as well.

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Like The Fawcett Society, which is a feminist society, this country, argued that women should have a different kind of prison system for women, because they should be able to be able to see their children at night and these kinds of things and all these things. Whereas equality, then, what you realize when you come to that conclusion, is that what actually these women are campaigning for? is gender privilege. They're not, they're not competing for equality. If they weren't competing for equality, they would never ever dare to say that you should have a different prison system for men and women. That's different. That's not equality.

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By the way, man, you

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key Good, good knowledge.

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Good knowledge on key issues.

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100% per second. Yeah, guys have

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Domestic Violence happens both ways. The fact that why so seriously?

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sociologically, as much as it is not indicative of the fact that it's not happening. Did you know we were just reading it. Yeah, I was just about to just find out about this boy that we've met, we met. What did we find out? We found? Okay, listen to the judge.

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In this country, there is we talked about the stigmatization of the lawyer. The law stigmatizes men in a sense yeah.

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But nobody is that the case but listen to this, you know, this country, if a man rapes a woman school break, yeah. If a woman rapes a man is locked for breaking up, he doesn't. He does. He doesn't actually.

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Tell me what feminists Tell me like this. This thing? Has the feminist movement campaign for that. No, why not?

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Yes, the reason why it's

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so catchy like this, how to listen, guys. So this this whole fake narrative, this false propaganda, the feminists are actually campaigning for equality? I believe that is that's fallacious. I think right now. Now, it's kind of like, you know, as it was called, like a single pipe pushing through certain things or single issue pressure group. Like, for example, like, let's say, for example, you have a pressure group, yeah, there's no more pollution, in effect, that pressure groups should cease to exist. In the same way feminism active, let's say, as a response to some in justices. One of them was the gender wage gap. Yeah. Let's say now that has been resolved, has been resolved to a great

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extent. So now, let's get away from this and stop talking about it. Because it's not helping anybody. You got it in the western context. You're just now whining, moaning. This is why I believe like if, for example, racism is a say, in a certain area. Obviously, it's not generally the united states do not even in my kingdom, let's say it's resolved. Yeah. And then I go to a job interview, someone goes into a job interview, I don't get I say, Look, man, you've been racist. Yes. The thing is, it's just a whiny attitude. We have to we have to think above and beyond that, now. You gotta so I think associating yourself with feminism and by the way, not to go into too many different kinds

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of tangents here, then, what is feminism? feminism itself is very difficult to put your hands on? Yeah, okay, fine. Anyone can say they believe in men, male or female equality. Fine. Yeah, it's fine to extend.

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But what we're saying is that if you believe in gender and male, if you believe in that, what's your thoughts, for example, and female objectification that the feminists have not decided on that some feminists are against the completely against the poultry industry? Some are completely for it was the feminist thoughts on transgendered operations, some are completely for the rights of transgenders, some are against it. We don't know where they stand on lots of issues. You don't say so feminism itself is you can't put your finger on it. So what I'm saying is instead of putting yourself into a messy box of feminism, and by the way, a lot of even Western women they don't define

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themselves as feminism anymore for these reasons. It's contradictory is inconsistent. Korea suffer from our perspective boys of a Muslim. Seriously, get rid of this label because you don't if I asked your sister, I don't know.

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Don't take.

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So which feminist books have you read?

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Okay, so then you have not been acquainted with

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The corpus of feminism for ask a Christian What have you read the Bible? And they say no so how can you be a Christian? Yeah No So the same thing applies you guys have to know calling yourself a feminism entails reading the literature when you do so I personally believe you be off

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brothers in Islam okay

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but when it comes to you know how our beloved prophet peace be upon

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you in the Quran and in the the you know when it comes to women's rights yeah they don't actually a lot the time they don't even know themselves that's true and culture religion and it's like you know for the love of god please seek knowledge and respect

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to counter that what we see is that we as we as we acknowledge these problems, one of the biggest common themes yeah

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this is very crucial this worry and noise here is you talk about the choppy choppy, choppy Aki, your trucks have to be above above the ankle. Yeah, you have to be

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modesty. You have to come up from your navel to your knee, not tight, not tight. COVID you have to do that when you talk about that. When you talk about the job.

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So when they come with this rubbish

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Yeah, yeah, good. So carry on. Because once you do that, they can't cope with what we've seen. This has got these things happening back home.

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For us,

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in this country, Yes, exactly. What we're saying is when these things happen, how do we eliminate it, we go back to

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