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What if this was true about YOUR MUM

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Mohammed Hijab

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Imagine if this was true about your mother. Imagine if your mom spoke a different language. Imagine if with that language, she wanted things from you. She's reaching out to you. She has something to say to you. How motivated would you be to learn that language Allah, creator of the heavens and the earth who is greater than your mother revealed the final revelation in the classical Arabic language. Finally, we've been able to establish a learning platform which you can learn not only the Arabic language, but the basics of religion, we've developed a spiral curriculum whereby we take the beginner by the hand and guide them through the basics of dynamic learning. In the ever growing

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library portfolio that we have the students will be exposed to basic Arabic language, Quran will scholarship and the more we know that life is hectic, there's very little free time it's difficult to travel to learn your deen. That's why we've made this easily accessible from the comfort of your own home. Let's be sincere with ourselves. what excuse do we have never has it been so easy to learn our deen? So click on the link and subscribe now