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Mohammed Hijab
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Carter, what is this episode all about? What What is the crazy title? I don't understand, okay, I've recorded myself about 150 videos hamdulillah. And a lot of you guys have watched them.

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Hundreds of years, a lot of videos, especially for the time I've been doing this for about a year and a half or whatever it may be, maybe a bit more than actually. And I've been doing this

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two years, maybe whatever.

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I think is, is always good, right to have a self reflection. And so what I've decided to do after lots of brothers have come to be, and lots of people have come to me and told me about, you know, the importance of self reflection is to kind of reassess, reassess, look back at the videos have already done, and to see if there's any mistakes that I've made, because frankly, I owe to my viewers to to do that. Because if I've made a mistake, it should be corrected. So really, what I'm doing in this, in this episode, is simply going to go through some of my own mistakes, and, but I want to make it be interactive with you. Okay, so I've brought in obviously, my special guests here

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today as your

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And the thought that I say the second Egyptian all the time before.

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hey, dude. Okay.

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So I've been looking at some videos and some I've made mistakes, I've spotted the mistakes, and I'm sure there are some mistakes out there that I've not been able to spot or that maybe whatever, like, you know, you know that I don't, yeah, what we're gonna do is kind of going to be like a reaction video. So I'm going to show these guys, some of the mistakes I've already spotted about myself. And then I'm going to ask them to spot the mistakes so that way, they have a chance also to humble me. Okay. So we'll start with the first video, okay.

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When I ask you a question, and you answer mine. So what was my question? I asked him. If a person who always likes a compulsive liar, says I am telling the truth. Is he telling the truth? This in philosophy is called The what? The liar paradox, which means if you say yes, if you say yes to this question, then how could you How can you tell the truth when he's a compulsive liar? And if you say, No, well, I thought he was a compulsive liar. So if you answer yes or no, do you succeed? No, you don't succeed. So in other words, this a paradox In other words, this question the liar paradox. Like these other paradoxical questions, never yield positive or negative results. They are

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meaningless in themselves. It's like the question Ladies and gentlemen, if we'll stop there, what mistakes Did I make? So you said basically that he he said if a compulsive liar says I'm telling the truth, then can you ever get a yeah get the right answer. Yeah. The concept is wrong. You should have said if a liar if a compulsive liar says I am lying Yeah, then then that then that would be correct. That's the basically the concept you're trying to get across. Exactly. So it look the point I made.

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But the MFI

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I was very confident as you can see, looking very brash, very car look at look over the confident guy. In fact, at one point, look at look, well, I thought, well, this guy's got a hat on. Okay, let's see if I can get I can get a picture of it. I stopped making a show. This guy's got a hat. Look at this. Very confident, extremely. This.

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Here we have it. Here we have it. Okay, so confidence because sometimes I get into this mood of overconfidence as part of my personality. Okay, seriously, I like

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maybe I'm a show off, but like, maybe I am. Maybe it could be a disease of the heart of some sorts. Or maybe just my personal alignment. But look at this. I'm so confident.

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can see.

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It says I'm the boss.

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Okay, so, actually, I made a mistake. Okay.

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And then I'm so confident that I go and get a hat that says, I'm the

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Boss, I put on my head. complete confidence. Now I'm not saying everything I did was wrong there. I don't retract everything I say, but there wasn't mistakes. So hey, I want to I want to apologize actually to the atheist community if that

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was if I came across this. But seriously, if I came across as overly confident that because I feel sometimes I do come across as overly confident, and I do so only because you don't want to do it guys. I do because sometimes people have very short attention span. And if I don't do that, people lose interest very, very quickly. So it's part of the package. Okay, I got another one.

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Because this guy, he's a Christian, you might be an atheist or something. Yeah.

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Scientists actually

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futuristic minds.

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I said, you look, I said to him, this

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is a misconception.

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Very nicely.

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five, verse number 32. In response to those people who say that Muslims killing some people it says,

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from this

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story, we have certainly made it incumbent upon the children of Israel, when consular reps and dividing us know for certain should not be forgotten.

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The wrong verse,

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verse But wasn't said properly.

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Say that again. I need to listen to that verse again. Okay, why isn't this a fuckin number? And as I said, as I said, there's like, issues in the grammar and in the Arabic way of study. But the point is, look, look at this. I'm making so many mistakes. Even the recitation let me show you something else.

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This is more to do with

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maybe my Well, what do you think is I'm not even going to continue with this? As a video? What do you think the

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what's wrong with pink? You know, the feminists? Oh, because I've made like 13 Listen, I missed 13 videos about feminists or something. And I'm not totally gamers, but this is one thing I actually agree with them on. Like, you know, socialization. No, like, you know, why should it be pissy about?

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get so much hate for

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though I mean, why is it pink for why is it pink for girls in blue for boys is nothing to indicate as it is anything in the cornerstones

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of red or suffering? Yeah, but it's both for genders and

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it's not to wear like a fully Pink. Pink is all right.

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I've got a lot of stick for napping there

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is a hot day that day, you know, J Smith when a T shirt. Well, that's because I'm not gonna go into what Jay Smith is wearing or what he's doing. Let's Let's move on.

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There's only one

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anyways, moreover, let me ask you a question. I always find this really interesting. Well, I found really intriguing.

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Do you understand my point I understand it, but

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I don't you don't want to say I don't know what comes through for you come from within the shell. 100% of the shy 100% of

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99% of them make the asset may just say make 99% of shares MC feet of Malia and that's why I said yeah, so is that true? Then you said 100%

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I changed my mind. Really? Really? That's true. 100% miktex to Maui. Yeah, yeah, it's true, isn't it? Well there you go. So what do you think

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that was the whole the whole that whole Jose de

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su is no discussion.

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You Yeah, I don't know. Yeah. jadis probably wasn't

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but you know, I also made another mistake I can't find a hit now but I'll tell you what mistake I'm making and you know, it was quite mistake that one of their brothers told me about which is like I was always trying to in that same video which was not my channel by the way. I made the point that

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I think I said this I don't take back which I said that obviously in the in the battle. That alley was more on the right side and is what innocent others usually be like you say scholars innocent

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We believe it was model correct site in the well. But then I made the I think a lot of people because I was being trying to be remembered toe to Nazzal,

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like trying to come down argument for sake of argument.

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With that particular Bob, I said, if I was at a time value would have taken this added value, so a lot of the girls came back. So what would you mean, you would look would you would kill this harbor? Or are you what are you trying to suggest? And I now Look, that's not what I meant, you know, just for anyone to, to to, to be clarified by the if, if it came across that way is completely wrong bottle statement. suffered a lie. I didn't mean to say that. Yeah, seriously, the honesty was no. And

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what I meant was that he was more on the right side, that's all we can say, you know, and the scholar said, you shouldn't be talking about measures that have been so However, what happened between us Alex, I like that. So didn't allow you to speak into this. Yeah. And, and that's why I would put forward to buy that was another mistake. There was actually some other missed the point people look, the reason why I'm making this video is for my own ego, right to question my own ego a little bit. So we can have a laugh at the point. And you're gonna have a laugh in the last video, trust me.

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Also, to show the fallibility of myself, a lot of people that I think I'm weary, that I am weary, and I understand I'm cognizant of the fact that people assigned to look up to me now, just to put in that way, some people are not everyone. Obviously, I've got people on both sides. And in the public platform, even just coming out and speaking on behalf of Islam, people do look up to us, so we have to know that. Now obviously, you do because you're like six foot four, man. Now you're now you're depreciating my value. I'm almost six foot seven. Okay? Yeah.

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Anyways, I'm six foot six and a half. I don't know what to say when people ask me how tall are you? I say six foot six, or does a six foot seven? Which I say

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exactly six to six and a half. See that? Okay, that's fine. Anyways,

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I made a video recently, of me like doing some tournament and Brazilian jujitsu or something like that. And some comments came by like, oh, and we're gonna put some comments in it will blow the person who's commented. Is there anything that this brother can't do? You know?

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You know, hopefully, you know, but, um, I'll show you. I'll show you guys now. Something I can't do. Okay.

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Before I find you, so the video might contain

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like Monday or something?

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I don't consider the knee hour. Okay. And that's not position. I thought it was I'm not. I'm not a scholar. Okay, I'm not. My friend was back.

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I'm getting ready. I'm looking at Olympic diver. Okay.

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Once you're watching

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so if you wanted to know what I can't do seriously, that would be putting my full effort into it. Now the reason I'm doing that with restrictions is looking for Yeah.

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Look, guys, we're humans. Yeah, we're humans. Honestly. don't have that. Don't raise your bar like that before us. We are human beings. We are

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just like you anyways. Okay.

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So, so the point I'm,

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like, we are like, you guys are better than me. So don't give me this whole. Okay, what can not do well, praise overpraising don't do to be a notice for anyone to see. It's not healthy. Actually. What I say is the best thing to do. Okay, is be critical of me. Yeah, um, I know I can speak in an overconfident way. See past that. And I'm saying that to Muslims and non Muslims. Look at the content I'm putting forward Yeah. The style of delivery is only to deliver the content to make it more appealing for you guys and more to allow the attentiveness to continue.

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But really, and truly, I can make mistakes and I have made mistakes. These are just some of them.

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Except for that being first I still protect my right and to where that bad

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guys make sure to well, if you want to see more mistakes, you can subscribe. You want to see more mistakes. Yeah, not 150 videos and more mistakes. You can subscribe.

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