Mercy Of Allahrecite & Reflect #6

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Mala while at him, we're gonna love Wiley man min Hankey. In this ayah Subhan. Allah when we actually reflect, we get to know that Allah subhanaw taala he looks out for people who are eager to come back to him. He doesn't need to do so in any shape or form. But then this is out of Allah's mercy that Allah subhanaw taala He forgives people, those who repent. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions very specific thing in this beautiful and powerful idea that repent as soon as possible. So whenever we do sin, and we do sin, we do commit sins, we have shortcomings, but the moment we commit sins, we need to get back to him to Allah subhanaw taala as soon as we realize that we have

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committed a sin. And that's the beauty that lies in this idea. That's a reflection that we need to do that to avail the Mercy of Allah, we need to immediately repent to Him and ask for his forgiveness and Subhanallah the idea is, Allah is all knowledgeable, you can't hide your sin or from him and he's all wise that he has kept you the door. This is the way that you can come out of it and gain the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala