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A man named Charlotta Allah has cancelled a podcast on her podcasts, the Jordan Peterson podcast, due to a lack of interest from traditional Muslims. This cancellation is the third cancellation in six months, and the man has lost his job and has had to do a lot of reading and watching his material. Charlotta is upset with the lack of accountability and the media's portrayal of her as a gentle person, and wants to discuss the matter further with Jordan Peterson.

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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah cattle. How are you guys doing? I'm going to jump straight into this. Regrettably, unfortunately, Dr. Jordan Peterson has decided to cancel the podcast that I was meant to be doing with him on his podcasts, the Jordan Peterson podcast on the eighth of November. Now, this is very regrettable, obviously, because many of your hopes, and your expectations had been set on this particular discussion. And this would have been the first discussion that Jordan Peterson has had with a traditionalist Muslim on the subject of Islam, on his podcast, and obviously, traditional Muslims make up the vast majority of Muslims in the world. And so this would have been a

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monumental and historical many ways. Unfortunately, this is not going ahead. Now, I have to say I'm very disappointed, not least, because this has meant to have happened three times now. So the third cancellation, not many people know, this is the third cancellation in six months. Now, I've only made this public one time, because I thought on the balance of probability, he's not going to cancel for a third time, he will keep his word, but he actually canceled on me, and he canceled in August. And this is the third time he's actually cancelled in a span of six months, obviously, that has meant that I've had to do a lot of reading for for these podcasts, read all of his material, listen

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to a majority of his lectures and so on. And unfortunately, now, it's, it cannot be used in a discussion with him, but it will be used. And I will say this, in a series of videos that we'll be making a correcting some of the information, misinformation that he's put out, obviously, me having this advantage of reading so much of his material and watching so many of his videos,

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puts me in that position where I can do this. And I'll say that, to be honest.

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I want to say one thing, actually, to Muslim people that are watching this, that maybe get very angry or very disappointed and maybe want to vent their frustration on Jordan Peterson's kind of social media don't do that, because the man has gone undergone serious mental health issues in the past, and we don't want to put pressure on him and give him a bad image of the Muslim community. I think what's better is for that to be a gentle accountability process, which will commence and some of the things that I was going to ask him what I was hoping to be an amicable and cordial discussion that I was going to have with him that I was going to question him on things that you would already

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know like the warlord comment that he made about a prophet and other things, which you may not know will be mentioned in the series of videos that I'm going to be producing in on this channel. So subscribe to this channel Charlotta Allah and I will be putting that content forward. Was said I want to come rahmatullahi wa barakato