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AI: Summary © The conversation covers a range of topics, including the "arbiting rule" in Islam, the "arbiting rule" in men and women, and the importance of pride and understanding the rules of the Sharia. The segment also touches on the "has been done enough" concept and the need for individuals to create an exit for hesitant couples. The conversation ends with a discussion about the importance of diversity and marriage.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to the knowledge corner we're here joined with Chef Mohammed off man, hydrogen handler, medical lien. How's it going? Everything? Okay.

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Good. Well, we've got some questions, and enough, some questions we need to ask you, which I actually haven't read myself. I've just been given these questions by by the production team, and we're going to read it, inshallah. I'm going to see what you're going to say about it. Okay, so this is Santa Monica. Brother, Sister. I would like to remain anonymous. Just like hello. Hi, Ron. I'm an 18 year old Muslim. Just started to recently, practice properly, my religion, praying five times a day, etc. and left behind a life of regular sins, and ask for forgiveness and humbler. I'm 18 years old. And of course, my sexual desires are sky high. I do not want to masturbate. And I know, I ik I

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know. We are advised by the prophet to either fossils, Americans. I think, right now, it's impossible for me to get married because of my age, mainly, and other reasons. I can't fall so often because of reasons like college, slash work, etc.

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I know it's possible, but you know, I'm getting

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you know, no, I'm getting it. You know what, I'm good.

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Yeah. I was wondering, what was the ruling on masturbation? Why is it forbidden? And how can one go about releasing the sexual energy, especially as a young Muslim

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen sallallahu Sallam abarca Abdullah? Mohammed Radha and he also did remain about the question or he mentioned a number of issues regarding this message or this issue. And

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and Firstly, regarding the herkimer, the ruling on it, himself knows it. As he mentioned it already. He said I and I quote, I know it's hard on. Right. Right. Yeah. But he then he asks, I know it's Haram. So he mentioned the ruling on it. And that's enough for us to delve into hamdulillah. He's done my job for me, essentially. And this is, of course, on quantum to the vast majority of of the scholars.

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But there was another thing I noticed and that he dismissed a few remedies to this issue or to this problem that he's facing, or the question is facing very easily. And I believe this was unjust in a certain extent. So he dismissed for example, possible remedies such as fasting, and he mentioned that fasting is hard due to college. Yes. Well, the reality is that fasting is not hot, and fasting in its nature is there is some kind of difficulty in it. This is the whole purpose of fasting. This is a type of difficulty moussaka that the cheriya has accommodated and then done, it's evolved. It's accommodated to a certain extent. So yes, there is slight difficulty. But it is something that as a

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Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam mentioned himself, it is a cure for someone who is unable to marry from the idea of in our best effort when it agreed upon somebody, Muslim woman, let me start there and whomsoever cannot marry fairly, he does. So let him fast in hula hoops, because it will literally remove this. And of course, the scholars, the Pharaoh had explained the different understanding of this word, but many of them state that it will literally refrain, this, remove this sexual desire and kind of problems that he this questioner is facing. So it's not something that should be dismissed. This isn't in my opinion. Okay. And you might find it difficult at first

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Panama, but after a while, it'll become a habit and note from you Sharla. Not only would you find it, removing this particular aspect, but you'll find yourself coming closer to Allah, you would find your next purifying, you find the tobacco in you, which is why fasting has been legislated in the first place, it will start to develop within yourself.

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So this was the first thing I believe he dismissed quite easily. The second thing I'm not he mentioned, sure if it's a huge issue, the question I'm sorry, he dismissed. So the question dismissed quite easily was the issue of marriage. And he said, you know, the America's he's asked, the question is 18 years old?

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This is problematics panel. And this To be honest, it goes to an issue that, you know, is quite deep rooted within our societies here in the West, which is unfortunately, marriage has become something difficult. It's been made something difficult, possibly unfeasible due to a person's age. Why Allahu Allah, is it viewed as a person who's 18 is immaterial, or is it really hasn't got the material kind of capabilities with families or culture as well as problematic I mean, there's barriers that we have to remove these abandoned

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We have to kind of overcome and make it easy for our suburban, you know, brothers and sisters and young brothers to get married to Penn Law in law, if not, yet.

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There'll be a lot of corruption that has to be some local Acela mentioned Heidi.

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So can you mention something about gentleness and

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self? Because nowadays, I think there is a cultural problem you could say of, because the thing is like, even even in the academic works, I've written a book called dare civilizations discontents ran by Freud, very famous Sigmund Freud, Sigmund Freud, he wrote a book called discontentment. What he was arguing in the book was that basically the society has put so much pressure on us.

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And allow is forced us to regulate our lives, not in not in line with

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what is natural to us as human beings that can be debated upon what is natural to ascertain this, what's the mechanism employed, sort of the point is like, in liberal societies Now, what's being said to us as post modernism, you know, talking about the effects of post modernism, like liberal societies. Now, we've been told that, you know, just experiment with yourself do this, this shouldn't be a taboo topic. Why are you making it difficult? It comes back to the issue of ethics and morality. Yeah. And how does one ascertain what is his anchor? Is it from a theist or atheistic about what I'm trying to say here? You're absolutely right, with what our point is that in a

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Timberland, Islam, I think is quite a lot. So here, Allah says, isn't maybe some Muslims in this in a liberal society? Yeah. And a socially liberal society, it becomes more increasingly difficult for people, young people to abide by Islamic principles when they've been taught everywhere. Yeah, we should be doing we should just do it.

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Just do it. You know, why? Why are you talking about it too much? By thinking about it too much. Just do it. So how would you address this kind of Western? status? Is this is, you know, it's a very, it's a big question. It's a big issue. And it needs a completely multifaceted approach, and a complete holistic approach from academics and

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scholars, from experts in different disciplines to kind of address it really. And it's beyond the scope of this of this. But

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I think one of the most important things in my opinion, and of course, this is relative is to have you know,

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be proud to be Muslim. Do not shy away from your faith. Be proud of Allah. Allah has made you a Muslim, without Allah General has made you a Muslim, and hold tight your religion and understand that which is pleasing to Allah understand your purpose, once you understand that, Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, my fellow pathology known as Dr. Boone, I haven't created managing except to worship me. Everything in this dunya fades away.

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Because you know, your only purpose is to please Allah panel to add what is bad. What is a bad Mohammed? I'm asking, What is worship, what is worship? It's doing more or less, as a commodity is doing abstaining from

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It's as true Islam and to me, I need to find it. It's literally anything that Allah is pleased with. Whether speech is actually anything that has the pleasure of Allah externality eternity, it is pleasing to Allah, it is all a bad. It's like what is interesting, ironic, because, and Nietzsche himself, he said, when there's a why almost any house possible?

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Yes. You know what I mean? Yeah, we have a purpose. I mean, any of those things, any of those

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obstacles, whether they be internal or external. They're all very possible, somehow. And also, like, I think there's another there's another kind of attack, which I want to mention to you as well, which is in the popular discourse, especially in feminist works, by the way. Okay. And it has to do with how religious people talking roughly the last 5060? Yeah, a second wave feminism and some religious people conceptualize masturbation that many people have written books about this. Okay. And just to be very, very clear, you're saying the ruling is the ruling for men and women? Absolutely. So it is no differentiation. The principle in the Sharia, as you know, with arbitrary,

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or, you know, kind of address is both general to male and female, unless there's an evidence that stipulates the opposite. So anything addressed in the, in the textual evidence is applies to both men, unless it is clear, there's evidence to to remove them, right because one of the one of the attacks levied against the Muslims or let's say religious people, was that we're trying to repress or suppress women's sexual a woman's sexuality and,

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and ethics were the expense of, you know,

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bolstering the man's sexuality. This panel, you see, so what you're saying is that this is this is a general rule. Absolutely. There is no restriction on this one and this is this is both of them. And also what you said in the beginning was that there was some kind of difference. So this can be well he said, I said the vast majority of the of the

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nearly all of them say that it is hard on

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you will find some of the honeybees say that it isn't Quran disliked, but the NFL among themselves have interpreted this Corrado this disliked to be cut off to me. It is disliked but in the

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haraam centimeters, how long to do it? How to do it? And this has to do without harder without the need to do it. Okay, I need to do I need those? Precisely. So, I mean, what many of the scholars mentioned is first not every hodja Let's move on to a bit to shed

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makuha to be hydrated.

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So, this is an interesting principle that that which is disliked or sorry, hijacked or need, it allows, it makes things that are removed cut off, or something that is disliked, and it lowers it down to that, which is that which is permissible. Okay, and we will delve in slightly into a bit of mustard, the *tier. And the higher British names of the of the *tier. And many of them accosted, you know, those of mahasi they state that

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the Sharia has three distinct levels. One, which is not absolute needs and necessities I personally for you know, literally depends on this issue. And then we have Hayat needs, which is slightly less than this. And this is something a person needs in everyday life. And after this, we have issues that are from the testing set of things that a person needs for certain type of food, he likes it or this type of drink for him. So

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yeah, go ahead. Why did we mention this form? Because this would generally apply here if the Hanafi said and we're going into must have slowly if they understood it as CRO Cora tinggi here, now the honey fees have in a way of understanding Corolla or something that is disliked in two ways. One is that this color is something Haram. And the other is that this color is something that is literally disliked is not which is not Haram.

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There is no sin, but you get rewarded if you leave it according to the alcohol. Generally, this is the standing of the understanding. So we've ascertained this now we're going to another issue, which is commonly asked about this, and that is if someone and this is something the fukuhara themselves, the scholars have spoken about, if a person fears that you fall into sin, if you fail to fall into sin, okay, so give us a scenario. So to be explicit about, I think it's clear if a person feels that he's going to find his wife, for example, she's got someone on his phone who likes No. And she's or he is interacting with that person somehow. And they might be feeling okay, well, I'm up before, you

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know, she might, so hit me. So I believe and I'm gonna suppress that hit, there's a fifth, okay. But it's not as if he's actually going to go and he's going to put her shoes, for example, leave to go, and etc, etc. So here's this a fit. And it's a fair that is more about meaning. It's a realistic fit. It's not one, he's not just making up in his head series. Okay, so there's actually legitimate fit. Now, it's interesting to know that yes, many of the faster that

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it is permissible for him to do this, if you fail if he fails, and this is a actual fear, however, some of them are luckier. And in fact, even some of the Hannibal and others have said that, in fact, it is still hard on him. It is still hard on if he doesn't he's still sinful, nonetheless, can ask the question, what we say that the person is about to leave the house. Yeah. He might be leaving the house. With, I'm thinking here, there's two, there's two things either hasn't done. So he's most likely going to do a slot here. Oh, he has yaqeen. Obviously, we say you're keen. Is it certain that he's going to do it, then? Then you can as the lesser of two evils were agreed that that's the best

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thing to do. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. There's no doubt about that. But what have I done? So it is going out now? But he doesn't know for sure. But let's say 60%. He has a chance of him doing it. If there's no other way to free himself from this action. Yeah. Except through this. Yeah, then it shouldn't be done. Why half $1 a

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day, by the way, should be done, which is what taking the lesser of two evils, but very, not very might bear in mind the molokhia many of them will still firm on their principles that this person is still committed this hard on and he has to do told before this. And if that person if that person is doing this, obviously what you're not seeing is that they simulate themselves or stimulate themselves or pornography or anything like that. That's another issue, which is another issue. Another so you're saying that they do is enough the Eisner he's committed, if this is the case, and he's done enough multiple things, rather than No, right, right. And to be fair, I've actually I was

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reading some things, shifting the bus, and they are

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all obviously he sees this as Hara right now. But what he said was quite interesting. He said, there's a hajra for instance, he said for medical reasons. No, this is this specimen. You see, this is it isn't specific to this issue. This is why big shift members understood the Shetty and totality which is that if there's a medical reason for anything, there's something that is how long it could be to do it. There was advocate just for a second to possibly even recommended possibly even worship. Yeah, that he said, for example, if the doctor was virgin obligation, he said that the doctors need his sperm, the man's sperm, not for medical reasons. Okay. What if the person just once

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again devil's advocate, if the person has a medical problem now which necessitates him or he's now he's being harmed by that

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fact that he's not releasing No, naturally. So it's not the same as the hajer. is

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limiting the reasoning. Yeah, isn't the reasoning the same. So if shifting back to saying that, for medical reasons, I can give it to the doctor. Because, you know, argue that for medical reasons he can release because otherwise you will be in pain versus the problem is you've conflated between two different sort of thing, two different scenarios. You've said in the first, that medical reasons, medical reasons, is it going back to himself? Or is it purely, for example, a research issue? He's saying, for example, if the doctor needs sense, so meaning that there is some kind of harm that is on him, me if he does not do this action, army combat to him? In that case, they didn't know the

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legal reasoning behind it is one of the same. It's one of the saints, okay, so in both of these issues, if you go to a gP gP says, Listen, I recommend that you masturbate now because actually, if you don't, it could have an impact on your health.

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Then he would go back to federal, okay, this requires a specific fatwa, rather than any nano Tolkien hoekman. Ama, we don't just say general rooting for this is a specific factor, this person has to go to that person you trust and take knowledge from, it isn't a something general. Okay, I see what you're saying. I think it's been quite fruitful.

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To kind of end up I would say this, I would say that,

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in terms of the body, yes, we know as a self flushing, if you like, such as wet dream, wet dream. So if someone does have a wet dream, that's not something they'd be sinful for? Is it possible

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to do something, anything that no dependence be lifted on three people, including one of them's staff, or the person who's sleeping until he wakes up anything? I don't want to be inappropriate. Obviously, we talk about various topics. But I do want to mention something that even in Western culture, the articles and things that are written that talk about lucid, lucid dreams, lucid dreams, like sexual dreams, and some people actually induce, like the, they try and have a wet dream. They're trying to have that. And the way they do that is by not masturbating, by not by not actually manually trying to get rid of interest. The point is, the the unconscious mind going back to Freud,

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him started off with Freud. Yeah, the unconscious mind has a tendency to flesh to flesh these things. So it's not as if, right? If the person doesn't do it, that there's no way of it being gotten rid of my four man Oh, man, ohms panel. And I think man is probably more pertinent than in this particular situation.

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Due to the issue of shadow, Shadow shadow, which is a medical condition,

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you know, which may lead to actual physical harmony, festivals, etc, etc. So that's one particular angle.

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What What kind of advice would you give the most important thing, brothers and sisters, my advice is, as allegedly Allison, ami tequila, Raja, if you have

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a larger value, create an exit for you have Taqwa of Allah, if you find it difficult to get married, have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. It will be made easy. Mr. Fisher, also ever seeks to have marriage remain chest, it will be made easy for him. And this is something that that we've seen happens upon. And one more thing which I haven't mentioned, I think is important. I think this from my reading a lot of the honor Matt, the diversity us to make it hard on because a lot of people said what's the evidence? No. It is a matter of

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marriage. So whoever seeks beyond the IE from what the ramparts would watch, then they are the ones who are even shared with me. And others they mentioned the best that I quoted and whomsoever cannot get married, then finally he does some nice and fast. And in fact, they derive evidence from this that says Nabi sallallahu, Sallam would have pointed him instead to want to masturbation. If it was a viable alternative by a legit MOBA alternative, whereas Musa Lola Hardison did not disappoint.

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