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As Salam aleikum, are you feeling hopeless or helpless about where your relationship is heading, there is one thing that everyone wants in life irrespective of their faith culture, or where they are in the world, and that is happiness, inner peace, tranquility, certainty, and a sense of meaning, purpose and success. However, after marriage, that meaning is magnified by none other than our partner, our spouse, our significant other, and wherever you are right now, in your relationship, my guess is that there is a gap between where you are and where you really want to be, which is why you are most likely watching this. If you are married, and your relationship is on the

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rocks, it's time to take it to greater heights by learning, unlearning and relearning what it takes to be in a remarkable marriage. If you are not married, then you're here because you want to ensure that when you do marry, you are creating a fulfilling relationship that's going to last that you don't become part of the 55% Divorce statistics, or worse, be unhappy, miserable and full of regret. I'm below Dunoon, here to share with you the Muslim Marriage Course and my five C's to a happier, healthier and thriving relationship. I've been in the relationship space for over 20 years as a marriage counselor, marriage celebrant, and divorce facilitator. I've had the privilege to learn

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about relationships from a cultural perspective, having counseled and interacted with 1000s of individuals from many different nationalities, both online from around the world and in person from my hometown city of Sydney that is heavily populated with multicultural Muslims. My passion to help others resuscitate their marriage and take their relationship to greater heights comes from the fact that I myself have been divorced. When I got married, I thought I had the knowledge for a healthy marriage. I thought I knew what I wanted. And I thought I knew what happiness in marriage looked like. But I was wrong. There's an Arab saying that says Elijah Hello, I don't want to see that the

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ignorant person is his own enemy. I was living proof of this. I remember once seeing a friend who you know, after 15 years of marriage and children was still obsessed with his wife. And at that time, I couldn't fathom how he was so into his wife and how she was his best friend and how he spoke about her and interacted with her as if they were in their honeymoon phase. It was something that I longed for in my own marriage. And I'm pretty sure you're here because that's also what you want. You want to look into your partner's eyes and feel the same spark that you felt in the early stages of marriage. I personally didn't have that because I simply did not have the knowledge and skills at

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the time to create such a beautiful marriage filled with love and friendship. My divorce had a ripple effect on every aspect of my life. It impacted me on all fronts, be it my Eman my mental state, my focus, my productivity, my children. And my work. I was definitely nowhere near the best version of myself. It was a serious struggle. I was now feeling lonely and anxious about the future, I felt hopeless and helpless. I soon found out that after Hola, no one was going to save me except me. I needed to learn to unlearn and relearn about relationships from choosing the right spouse to how to recreate myself, and what knowledge and skills I needed to be in a relationship that was even

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better than the one my friend was in. I never wanted to be in that position again. So I made it a point to read and to listen to almost every resource I can get my hands on to learn and understand the many contributors that lead to the ultimate marriage. And Hamdulillah I did just that. And Allah blessed me with my best friend with the love of my life. And I can honestly say by the will of Allah first. And by applying all the rules in this course, I have been happily married since I am living proof that if you apply what is in this course, the five C's to a happier, healthier and thriving relationship, you too, can live out the marriage you desire.

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My obsession to Help others discover the knowledge and skills to be in a thriving and unshakable marriage comes not only from my own experience, but from the experiences of the spouses I interact with who are from various cultures and generations and seeing firsthand the pain and the damage taking place before my very eyes Subhanallah many couples, they come to me and talk about what they want. Many of them quickly discover that it's not what they want that needs to be addressed, but it's what they need. That should be discussed. Countless spouses reach out to me for divorce, because they are convinced that they have tried everything. And often my response to such

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generalizations is that if you have tried it your way, how about we try it a different way that you may have tried a lot of things, but you haven't tried everything that's out there. After sharing some of the tools in this course they end up renovating their marriage, And subhanAllah live happily ever after. Just like many other couples. I've helped counsel after all this counseling after sitting with them

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1000s of people, Allah blessed me with an epiphany Subhanallah a light bulb moment, while I was turning the pages of my counseling notes, and looking at them through a microscopic lens, well, not literally. But I saw the same words and phrases staring at me with like, it's toxic, we don't communicate, there's no emotional connection. He's disrespectful, she's rude. My spouse is too controlling my in laws, no trust, no time together, no intimacy, no appreciation, and he or she is addicted, you know that they're addicted to watching inappropriate images or addicted to their phone or addicted to gambling, or addicted to drugs and so on. So I came to the realization that there

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were five words that would consistently coming out of my mouth towards these spouses. And they were the words that were actually resonating with them, that pretty much summarize what every marital relationship must have, in order for the marriage to be healthy, and that if a marriage lacked any one of them, that this was a sign the marriage was either suffering or even worse, likely to end up in divorce. What I also realized is that these five pillars had many important parts to them, that create by the will of Allah, an unshakable marriage. Each of these pillars are the underlying roots to many topics and issues in a marriage, which if each of us learn and understand will set us up for

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a great marriage. These five words funnily enough, all start with the letter C. This proven method developed over 20 years aims to give you a new updated and revised lens to view marriage through that allows for a peripheral view and not a tunnel view of relationships. This course is unique in that it combines between the knowledge of Islam as well as the knowledge gained from the proven and tested research into relationships and human behavior from the west and secular world. I honestly believe the content will be a game changer. The teachings you are about to gain access to are designed in such a way that whenever you find yourself in a predicament, you are able to project me

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in your mind and see me talking and walking you through options and solutions to your problems. The Muslim Marriage Course and it's five remarkable sees work a little bit like certain medications, where you need to take the entire dosage for amazing results. Now having said this, it also offers quick fixes to potential or pending marital issues. Can you put a price on a healthier and vibrant you and a healthier future for your marriage for your children and your future? Subhanallah many couples obsess and plan so much for the wedding ceremony that will come to pass in a number of hours or a day at the most. They spend huge amounts of money for the sake of an unforgettable ceremony. If

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they don't consider investing in knowledge about relationships and marriage such as this course, which is a fraction of the cost of the wedding celebration, it will outlast the happiness gained magnitudes of order more. When you consider the cost of marriage counseling, divorce court fees and other expenses should their marriage fail. It makes sense that preventative measures such as this is the right path to take. The plan should be to save time, stress and frustration is trying to always fix the relationship and focus more on building happiness and peace. focus should be on the good, not the bad. I see too many spouses ready to throw their marriage under the bus. Lots of spouses

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want the easy way out thinking the grass is greener. On the other side? Well, let me tell you something, let's change this limiting belief by saying the grass is greener where you water it. Here's a recent real life example story I want to share with you an older couple that came to Me for guidance and how it was an awkward moment due to the fact that the issues that they were conflicting about was intimacy. The husband, you know, complained to me about the lack of intimacy for the last 10 years of marriage, despite his high appetite for regular intimacy. And the wife complained to me about how her husband doesn't prioritize her. And she gave me some examples. And one of the examples

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that she gave me was about some curtains that he had not replaced, despite reminding him over and over again. So I basically said to the husband that when you make your wife feel she is a priority, I believe your intimate life will significantly improve. And that when it comes to intimacy, men in general simply need a place but women need a reason to get intimate. So anyway, several months later, I see him at a wedding that I'm facilitating, and he comes up to me and he gives us Salaam and he thanked me for my advice, and how he was now very happy in his marriage. Now at that very moment. So Pamela, I honestly didn't remember what it was that I had helped him with. And I told him

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to forgive me that I couldn't recall what the session was about, but that I did recognize his face. He then said to me, it's probably better that you don't remember what we spoke about and also panela. As soon as he said that, I remembered the specifics of that meeting and said to him, I just remembered I then asked him Did you end up changing the curtains? And he said yes, I wish we had seen you 10 years ago. Now of course we laughed but I was seriously happy.

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for him. What makes this the only such course on the market is my approach. I have combined the topic of marriage through both Islamic and secular studies offering practical and step by step guidance on nearly all aspects of the relationship. After 20 years of listening to 1000s of spouses, reading and watching countless resources about relationships, I discovered that the core issues of most marriages revolve around five C's and I guarantee that if you or your spouse learned, memorized and understood the five C's, you will find yourself in an amazing an unshakable relationship in sha Allah. Within the course I share many topics, concepts and elements, which will help you navigate

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and tackle every aspect of marriage from the day to day to the bigger picture, across five modules, or many powerful lessons. Each module includes a case study where I share with you a true story related to the topic of the module and the comprehensive response I offered the spouses during the therapy. Throughout the course I am mindful about infusing the content with references from the Quran and Sunnah sharing inspiring examples from the life of the best example of a spouse, our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Love is not something you find, it's something that you built. This course offers you the knowledge and tools to create a deep, passionate and long

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lasting marriage in sha Allah and I guarantee you by the will of Allah, that after taking this course, you will have the knowledge and tools needed to build just that. What's more, your outlook on your life, your spouse and your relationship will change for the better Insha Allah, you're here up to this point in my video. So I thank you for your time, and I congratulate you for sticking it out. It shows that you are serious about making a happy home and that you're not a quitter that's ready to throw in the towel but rather a fighter willing to fight for yourself and your family. And I urge you to not delay and repeat another day of sadness, frustration, confliction anger,

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helplessness or hopelessness, not knowing when this will all turn around for the better help is here. And there's no better time to take the next step. Always remember that a good marriage keeps you happier and healthier and that the quality of your marriage influences your spiritual health. It impacts your resilience to feel better, it impacts your physical health, it impacts your mental health and that it also impacts your parenting, your future generation and even your wealth and how much money you're going to make. To be the best version of yourself. You must be in a happy marriage. That's why I love the saying Happy spouse happy house. Under this video, you can learn

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more about what the course offers and what to expect. When you're ready, click the Enroll now button that will take you to the checkout page. Once you enter your billing information and submit it, we will automatically create your very own membership login and get you access so that you can start to empower yourself with the tools skills, knowledge and guidance to make your marriage thrive. If you have any questions or issues with the signup process, you can reach me via support at Muslim marriage Finally, I ask Allah subhanahu wa ala to bless your marriage and to keep you together in happiness and in prosperity. And if you're not married, I ask Allah subhana wa ala to

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bless you with the right one to bless you to be in an amazing marriage. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless your health bless your wealth bless you with a righteous and a healthy offspring. May Allah subhanaw taala inspire you to do all the things that will allow you to be the best version of yourself that you experience abundance of happiness in this world the life and abundance of happiness in the hereafter with the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may this marriage course be one of your greatest sources of happiness. Allah mean yarrabilba alameen in sha Allah I really look forward to seeing you inside for the first lesson by the will of Allah Assalamu alaikum