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Yes, I challenging

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you pigeon hearted pusillanimous, weasel. Academic weasel fraud.

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So I've always wanted to reply to this video this video that Ben Shapiro, he put forward his video where he is talking about Islam and Muslims and he's trying to represent Muslims in a certain way he hastily generalizes in a really an academic way. And we have to think about what his motivations are with this kind of hasty generalization. But before we do, so let's take a look at actually some of the claims that he's making. First of all, as we can see, in this video, he speaks about the Old Testament and the New Testament. And when he speaks about people who believe in these things, he acknowledges that there are violent passages he says, in those books, but he says, There's plenty of

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violent material in the Old and New Testaments. Hey, I'm an Orthodox Jew. I read the Old Testament a lot. But believers in those particular texts are not currently ramming airliners into towers or beheading journalists or mutilating female genitalia. So why mentioned these examples? Is it because you're trying to otherwise or associate Muslims with particular acts? It's clear here, those three examples are carefully chosen by yourself. And actually funny enough, not even generalizable to Muslims. So let's take your third example. For example, you talk about female genital mutilation? Well, there is no evidence whatsoever that most only Muslim countries practice this act. For

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example, Ethiopia is East Africa, many of those populations are majority Christian populations. Yet, the act is very much or the practice of female genital mutilation is very much rampant. In fact, one of the books I've written called fifth wave feminism, I dedicate an entire chapter on these kinds of acts or practices and how they're committed in in the Western world. Like for example, if you look at the w h o definition of what is in fact, considered female genital mutilation, it would be things like labiaplasty, why is that not considered. And by the way, labiaplasty and clitoral addicting these, these kinds of things are done right here in the West, and they're done at an alarming rate

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more so than probably any other place in the world. So why is that not referred to as female genital mutilation? And has that got anything to do with Muslims? No, it's got nothing to do with Muslims. Even that piercings piercing of vagina is referred to as a kind of mutilation by the wh o standard. If we take once again, that measure, what would we say that happens more in the West? Or does that happen more in these, so once again, I think you're trying to create an image, you're trying to create a picture of a peculiar Muslim, right. And it's a very failed image. Because when we fact check some of the stuff that you're seeing quickly, right, as we're gonna find out, when we go

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through this one by one bit by bit, piece by piece, then everything, like a stack of cards breaks down in front of your very face. Let's take a look at the next thing that you say. So you say that, and this is so important, because you run with this, okay. And in fact, I would go as far as to say is, the majority of your video is based on this faulty and unrecognized definition, which you don't even do a good job in defining radical beliefs are a lot broader than terrorists. And anybody who argues otherwise is being naive or foolish or disingenuous, but defining what radical beliefs are not is not defining what they are. So by saying radical beliefs are much wider than terrorism, what

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you're free to do, as we're gonna see in this video, is basically define a multiplicity of things, all radical beliefs. But why should we accept your chosen definition? In fact, in the literature in the political science literature, and read the works of Patreon, or PayPal, or Sage men who annually they don't agree with you in terms of that definition? When we talk about the process of radicalization, we're not talking about someone who, for examples, we're gonna come to see with your,

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with your kind of pseudo definitions that believes in or an X kind of Sharia law, who agrees with this definition is not something which is unanimous in the literature by any means. So you start with this faulty definition. And then you proceed in a way, which builds your faulty castle or your castle on a thin air, you build an argument on a faulty premise. And that's what we're going to expose today. Indonesia's the world's most populous Muslim country, it's got almost 205 million Muslims living there. And 70% blamed the United States, Israel or somebody else for 911. So you make that calculation. It's about 143 million people who are radicalized you scared yet, we're just

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getting started. So if it's true that someone who blames the US Israel, someone else for 911 is a radical as you're alluding to here,

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Or you're going to try to suggest here that all of those families who are whose family member was killed on 911? Who have part of the truth movements in United States and all those kind of things. Are you willing to come out and say that they're radicals as well? Well, in fact, you'd have to do that come out and say that they are radicals, those people in America, part of the truth movement, that they're all radicals, if that's what your definition entails Bangladesh, another 82% want Sharia to be the official law of the country? Hey, Egypt, 80 million Muslims. According to that same 2009 polls show that 65% one strict Sharia law in every Islamic country, the second aspects, strict

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support for Sharia law. So I want to know what exactly about Sharia law? Do you think make someone a radical? Because if you're saying Sharia law,

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make someone a radical? What exactly now, I am going to assume that you're going to say the punitive laws, because that's the most controversial aspect of Sharia law. Now, I want you to answer me a question.

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If people believe the punitive and penal laws of Islam, and that makes them a radical, then what do you say of Orthodox Jews who read Exodus chapter 20, who read Leviticus chapter 20, who read First Samuel 15, three, and you can check those references in your own time? The Book of Numbers, chapter 30, verse 80, check to check those number, those references Jonah, what about those individuals who believe in those things? They believe in the capital punishment for murder for adultery for? In fact, let me tell you, Ben, let me tell you something, Ben, let me tell you something, Ben, listen to me and look at me. I'm willing to say that all of the punitive laws that are mentioned

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classically in the text, the primary texts of Islam, and subsequently mentioned by medieval scholars, for example, in classical jurisprudential texts, they're also mentioned more severely, yes, more severely in the halakhic texts of the Jewish Orthodox Jews. So can you now say that they are radicals, all of those Orthodox Jews who believe word for word, letter for letter,

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the biblical discourse as it relates to penal goals, you would probably come back and say, Well, hold on.

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That's what it says in the book. But in terms of implementation, there's a difference. And we say the same thing. We're not going around saying, well, let's go cut everyone's hands off and go and do these things, which are penal laws. These things, as we know, have a complex discussion of how they are implemented. But in the modern world, we're not saying let's go and do a killing spree or do a murder this and a capital punishment. No, there's a complex discussion. Muslim scholars are having it, just like Jewish scholars are having it. And there's a spectrum of different opinion how implementation can be done if it is a tool done in Muslim lands. So if this makes Muslims radicals,

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and surely it should be able to make Orthodox Jews radicals as well, because I say this, again, almost all of the punitive laws, almost all of the penal laws are iterated in the Old Testament.

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Almost all of them, in fact, more of them. Are there.

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more of them are there. So that's what you tried to skip in the beginning of the video. Didn't you try to weasel from that one? Try to scramble from that one. Try to squirm from that one, try to run away from that one. Oh, this violent passages in the Old Testament. Do you not think that some of these individuals who believe in those violent passages may be could have a propensity to be inspired as they were historically contemporaneously to do any acts of violence, like the Ergun who killed 91 individuals, innocent individuals in the kingdom, Solomon hotel, who are a Jewish terrorist group, yes, who then became basically the government. For all intents and purposes, the

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Likud party is now an extension from this terrorist organization. You keep mentioning with sama bin Laden in your, in your, in your video, and almost 70% said that they had positive or mixed feelings about bin Laden. Now imagine,

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begin, who was who wrote this book called the revolt, he himself became the Prime Minister of Israel. Now, if that is the case, now you can imagine after Osama Bin Ladin has committed all of his attacks, he becomes the Prime Minister of some country, and he has an allied relationship with the West. So don't don't please don't throw stones when you live in a glass house. Do not know your history. And you don't know you will just book you claim you're an Orthodox Jew. But what exactly are you advocating in terms of belief? Nigeria 75 point 7 million Muslims live there 71% favor Sharia law. That's 53 point 7 million people. Iran 74 point 8 million Muslims 83% favor

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implementation of Sharia law as of last year, so this is why he doesn't throw the video he looks at all the countries

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I believe in a strict go the majority population leaving the strict compliance to Sharia law. And he labels them as radical. But of course, he wouldn't have the same attitude to Orthodox Jews who believe in very similar things. So I want to know, first of all, who peer reviewed your definition of radicalism, who peer reviewed it, because when I was looking in the academic literature, I didn't find your pseudo definition of of radicalism, it doesn't actually exist. Number two,

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why you're not applying the same standards on the Orthodox Jewish community, if that's what radicalism entails. So it seems like your presupposition is a false one. And therefore your understanding is a problematic one Bangladesh, and two thirds said, honor killings of women can sometimes be justified honor killings, I looked at pew research to see exactly what they're talking about, and what in fact, they're talking about. In fact, let me give you an example. Indonesia says, males has an honor. honor killings section talks about the capital punishment for certain crime. It says males, for example, 82% believed that they would be eligible for honor killings, and also 80%

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are female. So it's exactly the same. It's not a female specific issue. You're saying they believe in female honor killings. But if we look at the biggest population of Muslims in the world, Indonesia, as an example, but many of them are the same. Those who believe in such capital punishment, usually believe in it for both sexes. Now. What are we talking about when they say this? Are they talking about something which is judicial, so a capital punishment for certain

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certain kind of crime? Or are we talking about vigilantism? And these are very important nuances. You can't just skip by themselves, they believe in honor killings for women, but do they believe in I mean, look at Indonesia, they believe 82% of them, but even on a killing for SoCal, unluckily for me, but also for men. So what are they talking about when they say this? And do they all mean the same thing when they say these things? These are nuances, which are very important. So there's a book called, what a billion Muslims think, okay, and there's a survey of 50,000 people, Muslim people across, I don't know how many countries, john Esposito and Dahlia maga head were part of

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this, this project. And when we look at the amount of Muslims who actually believe in terrorism, and killing innocent people and civilians and stuff, you will find this a marginal number, if you look at page 97 to 98 of the book, the high 90s of people, then the percentage of high 90% believed that that is a despicable crime, and horrendous and so on and so forth. Now we know you have to remember something, the Muslim community is like 1.8 billion now in 2020. The Jewish community is not even 1% of that. So it's not unlike for like I'm afraid, if even 1% of the Muslim community becomes radicalized in a properly definitional sense, in a violent sense, it will have massive

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ramifications. It's true. And we do have a problem to deal with. We're not denying this, as the Muslim community, we have to talk about these things, about the tech field movements about those radical movements about those repugnant movements, monstrous crimes that they commit, and how to theologically remedy what they're doing politically remedy what they're doing, and ideologically remedy what they're doing. But it's not fair for someone like you to come up and misrepresent an entire people, religious community by hastily generalizing and giving false definitions and not applying the same standards of radicalization to one group of people rather than others. I want to

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tell you something, yes, I've got something in my hand. This is an unpublished paper that I wrote back in 2014, when I was doing one of my post graduates, in fact, that was in the Leo baeck Institute, which is a situations that you as you probably know, you should know. Let me tell you something. I was doing work to see the extent of Jewish racism. And in fact, I might publish this. Because when I went on the peace index website, it seems to me that they're not working anymore. But this was one of the most robust organizations that are teaming up with Tel Aviv University. I remember referencing them now

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in this and I was looking at the extent of the problem of racism in the Jewish community. Now look at this. I want to show you something Yes. I want you to know something. Look at the amount of racism you have in in the in the Jewish come in the Israeli Jewish community. According to peace index survey conducted in 2012, some 65.2% of Israeli Jews were either moderately

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or greatly disturbed that there were there were foreign workers who came from countries like Sudan and Eritrea.

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So we're talking about greatly 40.5%

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that they had foreign neighbors who came from Eritrea, Sudan and Eritrea. And these are two black countries, as you know, now, I've never seen you come out and talk about the clip.

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racism in Israel. All we've do all we've seen with you is you attacking the black rights movement

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or or black rights Matter Movement. But we don't have ever seen from you attack any Jewish anti black sentiments which we can see here with the survey data, or the survey data is quite rampant. Same likewise, as we know, with your own comment your anti Arab comment when you're saying that Jews like to build things and Arabs like to bomb crap or something like this, when you when Andrew O'Neill's show

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50% of Jews would not live in the same building as Arabs, and the number 50% said they would they would encourage their Arab neighbors to emigrate to another land. What kind of numbers are these? What kind of things are these? I don't see is that radicalism, I want to ask a question, actually, is that racism is huge. Can we say that the majority based on this data here, which conveniently the website has sought is not working right now the peace index website, because people are using it like me to prove certain things or to make certain claims? But can I say,

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I've got this, don't worry. So it's all. I've all I've taken screenshots and I'm going to show it to you right now. But when I said when I say this, can we say can we generalize the Jewish community in Israel as a racist community by and large? And if this is something we can say, why don't you start doing work against this using your platform, using your social media influence, instead of continually attacking black people, black people, black people, or the black friends, but you don't want to admit even that the guy who killed George Floyd was doing so for racial reasons. And you are one point hesitant on the fact that it should he be? Should he be prosecuted or not for murder? You

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are questioning this at one point, I'm not sure if you've changed your mind. But do you ask a genuine question? I mean, are you affected by this kind of thing? Because you yourself came up with racist rhetoric. So why not be open and honest, if we're going to be academic about these things? And we're going to be open and honest, yes, we have a problem within Muslim communities. But not all Muslim communities are the same.

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We're talking about, like you said, 50 countries with Muslim majority populations we're talking about, according to Pew that you'd like to, to, quote, a religious population that in the end of the century will amount to one third of the world's population. And you want to generalize those. That's one third one out of every three. You can't even compare them with Jewish people. They're like, what? 30 million people worldwide. There's more people in Morocco than there are Jews in the world. So I mean, please, please be fair. So the reason why you only want to deal with college students, young ones, untrained ones, little ones, weak ones, in uneven situations and settings, is because

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you're poor silliness.

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What did you say? Since you're a * Lena Miss? timorous pusillanimous, ultra pedestrian, dilettante, and you don't want to face someone who can put you in your place? Yes, I challenge you.

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You pigeon hearted pusillanimous weasel. Academic weasel fraud? You're a fraud. You're a fraud.

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And I put you in your place. I know you think Damn this guy's I was hoping I'll get away with it. If it wasn't for those meddling kids

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and it would have been mine If it hadn't been for those meddling kids. But you know what? You're finished. Finished.

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You're finished. You're finished. And you wouldn't come in dead even be in the same proximity as me.

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I don't know you know that. And that's what I have to say on the matter. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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now having now that we've dealt with this

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of the puzzle enormous kind

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I challenge you to our discussion on those matters.

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You see even the even this

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I challenge

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people synonymous

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Yes, I challenge you.

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You put

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your puzzle enemas.

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I know you're shivering.

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Elena must have the third degree