Mohammed Hijab – Can Unqualified Dawah People Issue Fatwas

Mohammed Hijab
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today guys, we've got a special session, what we're gonna be doing is we're going to be going through an important topic, which is the topic of really who speaks for Islam. But whilst we're doing that we're going to give some or not me particularly but my guests here, and Sharla is going to give us some advice on two things from $1 perspective, where our limits are, and from a consumption perspective, like consuming data consuming kind of what's going on in the YouTube scene,

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we should trust what we should trust them for etc. and kind of like who to ask for knowledge, what kind of knowledge we should trust people with, etc. Um, so I've got some questions, Charla, before I do that of course, I'm going to introduce my guest, who is I will Sophia

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Mohammed Othman, who is a graduate from Medina University. And who is

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in charge log on to enlighten us with his with his answers today. Hey, dude.

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I wrote some questions here today. And

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I want to break this down, obviously, because we're going to be using these terms without spending too much time just kind of like giving the people these sums are going to be using this discussion. So I want to kind of asked you what these terms are the Arabic terms so that people can follow along the discussion. So the first kind of time what is a fat one?

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syllable syllable.

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Effects what linguistically literally is to explain something from from any effect of an affair that's unclear. This is the fishing for honey, and others. And that's the linguistic definition of support for us to understand the linguistic definition before we can proceed. Yeah, so once we understand this, let's move on to the Islamic or the tertiary, the Islamic technical. So what's the technical definition? The technical definition is literally to explain an affair from the Sharia that's unclear to the 50 below exam, who's that? So it's literally the linguistic definition is an extra condition added on which has that effect or cannot be forced upon someone right? effects will

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kind of be forced upon someone okay. And this leads to the next point, which is how does faithful differ from our Yeah, okay. So ask that question. So, what is what is this festival this is kind of unpack that so you said that. So for example, I share or Ireland or a scholar summer scholar gives a fretwork that festival can be generalized or to the homeless community in such a way that all of them now are compelled to follow this No, absolutely not effect when its very essence is given to a single person seeking that federal itself is not binding upon this person himself who sort of fits what I happen to be binding upon upon everyone else. Okay, good. So you said, you mentioned other

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key term which is cut off? Yeah, this is going to be important. So what does the word cut out in Arabic mean, are from a terminological perspective, and this is basically to solve a dispute amongst people. However, it's similar to effect to the process of factor or future, with the exception that it is with exam It is to be forced upon by the party. And of course, the party has the authority by the Islamic government, in state to apply that forcefully. So this wouldn't happen here, of course, will not happen. It only happened in Islamic State. Okay. So hey, we're so the second thing that doesn't apply, obviously, to the regular kind of Western consumer, Unless Unless they both agree the

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people that have a dispute Person A and Person B, they agree to go to a family member, even if he even if he rules against them. They can he can't do anything to enforce by force North Korea, but they apply upon themselves, okay. Yes, in certain issues of wealth, and divorce and stuff like that. So you could say that there will be sinful if they go against the law.

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But what now because the phenomena that we've got, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but the phenomena that we have in like the Muslim world now, especially on YouTube, and stuff like that, is that we have young people doing now like myself, I'm not I'm not excluding myself from this. Like, brother, let's say Allah Tao, because I know he wouldn't mind me mentioning his name, him and other people like us, you know, going out there doing that with non Muslims as well as people trust us. Yeah. To some extent, not everyone, but some people will trust us. Yeah.

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This can be a problematic thing. Yeah. So what are the dangers? For example, if someone comes to me and then asked me about the issue, what are the dangers of photos? now giving photos, you know, something that I've touched on many, many, all of them books, all of this they speak about this and the reality of the situation is that the last one to Alice take effect upon herself in certain things. This is to show the severity the magnitude of this issue will allow you to fill color for example, they seek your goddess name in a legal say Allah, Allah, Allah will make it clear

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Yeah, so this shows you something else that shows the significance of this in Islam. You know, Mohammed could have said that, you know, a most illiterate is between Allah and His creation and solely on the cape, you know, let him be careful about how he goes between dealing with them. So it's interesting that you're signing something on behalf of Allah speak on behalf of Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is like no nonsense century coolness, GitHub,

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military, the signatories of our last panel, so if they're the ones speaking with us, boss,

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okay. Let me ask you a question. This is a very important question. Who can give? Who can who can go out there and say, Look, this must follow this situation, and tells this and this is the Islamic prudent who can do that? I'm tough. Yeah. Again, this is something that deals solely on the realm of the soul. The principles of faith have explained in the books and they mentioned the shadow the conditions of a Mufti says that it is now your rules. And you see if you didn't deliver Allah

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that is not permissible for someone who's ignorant to be a factor. Yeah, for earthen, for earthen. moulson. So someone for example, this person doesn't know the Arabic language just got into the religion, something like this started doing dour like myself. I know the Arabic language when I say someone like myself a very low level polyp, let's say you know me anyway, I come out do some TouchWiz Okay, so the person who gives it and he's not qualified to give us a thing or else he has a sinful person said yes, conditions of federal service, they're not easy to fulfill, of course, Muslim Burdick American Muslim seen withdraw, but then the most important condition now is that he

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has to have a commission he has to have knowledge of the of the Shelia and this entails many things that shafted him a lot of articles a beautiful passage from him and he lists roughly about 10 different conditions Yeah, yes, he has to know the language he has to know the science of criticism of the merits of Hadith he has to know the Hadith. Yes, no, I have come and he has to know different rumors and different concepts within the sciences of Quran

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will matter shall be

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you know,

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many things that you personally Mufti instead has to know. And this leads on to my next point, which I think is important to discuss. What is the difference between a Mufti and English dead? Okay, so tell me what is the difference? Now the reality is, is that many of those who say that a Mufti is English, okay.

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So some of them say there's certain things what someone said. So a muster head literally means someone who exerts

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exists effort in gaining a focus. Now this person must be aware of the things that you've aforementioned like the Arabic language, all of these conditions apply to him, all of these conditions are likewise implies applies to it as well. Okay, because of course, the process of HDR precedes the process of network effect, as we said, is explaining a ruling making play ruling to someone. Yeah, so in order for this rule to be made clear, the person first has to know the ruling. So the process precedes the process of, of Iftar. Okay, and some say isn't, so here we have some some things, right. So someone who is a follower, he's a cool demo colleague, someone who's a

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follower of something, or for a particular opinion, Mr. McCauley.

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And Mr. Hyde, you've explained as someone who is able to go into the clinic discourse and

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with that also, and basically pull out the, the cam or the kind of release themselves. Yeah. In between some have said this is another third way called the Matata, someone who follows who follows it an opinion, but he's that he can kind of like maneuver within opinions notice. So yeah, just explain this, for example, this issue in itself is a bit of a gray area. Yeah. You know, you could say you mentioned him earlier, similar to someone who follows something without knowing the detail of something. Yeah. Which a majority of people fall into then the opposite of that is dead, as you know, the conditions that we described. Yeah. And then in between them have a bit of gray area now.

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For example, you don't have time to put all them without him. But I bought from the method, how many? How many method? Aladdin modelio from Allah, Allah from the ninth century and he's one of the greatest learning about the henna but he says

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well, the most famous books written in the method he explains that he has a different levels. So you have the highest form he had was a Muslim Muslim, someone who literally has the you know, he has absorbed all of the account the Sharia in its highest pristine form. He has all of the the conditions are present within this like the US government I have

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certain other other Yeah, and they don't follow anyone, they're free to do it. themselves. Yeah. then below that we have the Masters within a method. Yeah, who still follows the method, but he has, you know, he's living his level of English, so slightly below him. Then below this, you have someone who has gained HD heart with not in its entirety. He's again if he had possibly a certain issues, or in certain chapters of film, such as inheritance of the heart or purification or whatever.

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He says, you just literally had Wi Fi fi filled in for about a year to know about the robot that is permissible to have he heard in a certain site.

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or certain certain issues here. And now this is where it comes in. Yeah, because a shelf shelf in his GitHub near to Swami describes him as being someone who understands the deli. He knows where it is. And he has the ability to research between you know what you have to call it. Yeah. So his levels Hi, Paula, I'm like a student is a student of mine most of the fall into.

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But he's less than a Mustang. So supposedly, he is now full of these fall into this, this this, this gray area where he can do it if you had a certain issues. If if he reaches that level in the first two, there's a good point you said most of life fall into COVID. Now the question would be now does this entail, for example, a day to come on and do things like F, C, F, or D and D are on tech field. These big things are, for example, saying someone's a calf or someone said that meaning and given a retic or someone who's a facet, which means an evildoer, making these kinds of judgments on people whether it's doubt, and all these people who are motivated or people that follow, or kind of our

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students of knowledge, have they got the right to do this? Now? Of course, I need to clear them to see if it's a beer. These are great. These are great issues. These are great issues. And they are issues that need to be heard. And you said that he had falls under the motional II? Yeah, the only the most times you can do this. It is possible. That issue may be so clear, such as that, for example, someone says there is no goodwill. And this issue is just clear to everyone that is Muslim.

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And accepted by an assistant Islam. Yeah. So of course this person, can you feel this person? Yeah. Because of course this is a legitimate Alice's and it's very clear to everybody that certain issues again, that are not clear. Yeah. And this is the majority of issues. Yeah. So when you do for example, today, and as an example, yeah, claiming that someone is interested in innovator, then of course, there's two issues you have to consider. The first is, what is this action that you consider to be done? Is it or not? Yeah, for the most part, it may be an issue which there is a valid dispute amongst the scholars, and it is a valid dispute amongst scholars lancope for massage, you heard the

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famous rulings, which is that if I'm inspired in principle that says, There isn't you cannot cause blame on what a person follows a particular a particular ruling is permissible and allowed for him to follow it. So you can't do that. Yeah, the second thing is to so first of all identified what is this actually isn't an attribute, say, for example, it isn't actually, like the second thing to look at now, is this person actually doing this action or not? You know, again, this is the process of

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establishing the evidence upon this person, it's possible, he may have an excuse for this, he may be a winner, he may have to lead as many different things. So this is things that we have, these are things these issues here which are big, about big ideas, that you should go back to the scholars, we should go back to the scholars, it's not for me to forget mocha Lydian is not for people that need people that are lame, and people that are ignorant. Even the small students of not who reality are laymen themselves to talk about these muscles, especially when the consequences are so severe, such as the clip of Mohammed, Al Divina, the father of the island juhayna from the sixth century, fourth

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century, he wouldn't even discuss the kid near the bat whatsoever, many many would not. So we have to have so what's your way let me ask you what is the advice you give to festival glides? People that are doing that? And secondly, those consumers of the dollar like in terms of how seriously to take each of those individuals are for example, considering people bitmap today I am considering people who fought even because this guy's an evil dude.

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What's the advice you give

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the first advice is to fail last panel title, you know, these are not small issues, these issues which, you know, our LML hesitant to talk about our early my husband and YouTube there these are people who have been studying most of their life 60 7080 years even and they will be hesitant to talk about issues and issues have to do. For example, shut up the Panama Canal. Allah preserve him, he said he will not give Fetzer issues of Allah issues of the water and Chef limbus until I was alone and

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even many of my short sellers see me He will not discuss any issues of if tougher to a generally when shut up the nice thing about this prison again one of my missions the Mufti of Medina when he was prison, this is a show the live we have to have a level of taqwa and what we have to fear loss penalties and these issues these are not small issues for us to discuss issues where you know the consequences are so severe

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we have to know our place the first issue is better luck the second advantage to know outpacing this dollar

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our our main things to pull people to the vision of our last panel and to leave this affairs which are very very very entity any up down the people feet they can people fall in these muscles because there's so severe edema make mistakes and these muscles because they are so severe. They're so difficult, let alone people like us. So people should know. Okay, so stay, stay in pretty much standing on it. This is a golden advice. Okay, just head on. I want to just make one point before I cough and I just want to kind of a beautiful advice and a brilliant breakdown. Which is that when I started this though I started doing like alphabet I recall

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The first videos I did was Arabic alphabet I'm not sure if you've seen those videos that was done on like my phone I had a five C at the time a green five c anyways, we went to Norway, and we're doing a conversion thing And now's

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i did it i just that's how it started with our, my initial objective with with our was to try and build people up on the basics of Islam and I want to build a team around me to help me do that.

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Then I kind of got diverted, I'm not saying in a bad way and handling those failures, I come out of it. But now what I want to do is I want to kind of renew the initiative. So what we're doing in Sharla, is we're going to renew the kind of it was called self education before I'm not sure any of you guys remember that initiative, whereby stuff has gone to ensure a lot kind of take you guys through enemy poses. So there's going to be an independent YouTube channel of the link of which is going to be in the description, inshallah. And you guys will be guided inshallah, from the beginning, kind of incrementally going upwards, because a lot of people ask me these questions like,

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how do I learn, like really basic stuff? How do I start this cafe, I feel bad turning everyone away, like, you know, or giving them crumbs of advice. It's not really anything substantive. So this will be I think, a good way for me to be able to progress with someone who's qualified, that is gone through the process. And in sha Allah, you'll be able to help with that.

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You know, a secret you miss the most important thing, one of the most important for all the actions I've been close to a loss from earnings. And it's time now so so important to do it now as an acclaimed criminal trial, a second follow up, but it's good to seek knowledge because not only do you benefit yourself, but you benefit those around you. And the only way we can vanquish this gentleman is if any seeping amongst us and to quiet the duhallow as well for us, for us to seek them out for us to know what does Allah know and I wonder what this is messenger sallallahu I didn't send him once in these important issues online and the maturity level behind the fact over the web, or

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whatever Allah subhanaw taala wants good for a person. He educates him with the religion. He actually has a beautiful point and he says the opposite of this is true, whomsoever Allah, Allah doesn't want good for He will make him ignorant on Allah. So me.

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Me Me. Definitely. Thanks for watching.

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