Can I Play Video Games That Have Violence & Nudity

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Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim answers

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The speaker discusses how certain video games have a nudity element that is associated with sexual attraction and a desire for physical contact. They also mention how these factors affect behavior and health, leading to problems such as sadness and violence. The speaker suggests ways to reduce these factors, such as lessening the age limits on older players.

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Can we play video games that have levels of nudity and violence?

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I come to Lao Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam.

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Any type of nudity, even animated nudity is something that lessens the threshold of inhibition of the soul. And therefore games that have that as an added feature, something that is particularly placed inside it. And some of those games are actually pushing the threshold where one can engage in sexual contact. And, you know, it's all virtual. All of that should be given the hope of being impermissible in terms of its viewership, active participation in it, and because of its loss of inhibition, and leading you to that which is held on. So it's something that would be considered

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haraam on account of it leading to that which is sinful, and a behavior and a lowering of one's inhibition in that sense. And similar in vein are things that are avert of gross, gruesome violence. All of these are things that have been shown in scientific studies and medical studies, that they are things that do affect us on a very cognitive basis. And I'll give you a small example of that, when they were first training soldiers to aim at people so that they can, you know, lead them to battle. They found that when they had paper targets that didn't have a silhouette of a human being, when soldiers actually went on the battlefield, they found it very difficult to target living

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breathing human beings. So in the very early on, they said, Look, we need to make the shape of a human being we need to make the shape of a dummy, not just a sand sack, and the moment they made that silhouette, the moment they made a face to it, the moment they made it a target that had a real manifestation, it became much easier for soldiers to actually pull the trigger in regular conflict because they've been trained with that visual representation. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us, I do ask you to lessen that threshold. Be very, very careful with our young people adhere to the age limits. If it's our 18 there's no way that an 11 year old as much as they beg should be allowed to

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