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The loss of Dr. Rhonda washman and struggles with graduates in the past are struggles for graduates in the future. Dr. Rhonda's struggles include extreme heat and droughts in Nigeria, the loss of family members to her father and her mother, and the struggles of setting a vision to achieve goals in life. The importance of setting realistic vision and setting success indicators to measure success is emphasized.

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When Steve Jobs the founder of Apple passed away not too long ago,

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there wasn't anybody, Muslim or non Muslim who was left uninformed.

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However, during around the same time,

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there was a man who passed away from the home of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a man,

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whom we can arguably give him the title of The Legend of the 21st century.

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He passed away around the same time as Steve Jobs died, yet when he died, Rafi mahalo dialer, very few people were aware.

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I speak of today brothers and sisters of a man whom hasn't been given his credit and the praise which he deserves, but my hope, however, and condolences is that he will have it be even Allahu taala with Allah. We speak of today

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of Dr. Rhonda wash man as tonight urashima Hello, Donna,

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a Kuwaiti qualified doctor in the field of medicine and surgery,

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who quantified from the University of Baghdad,

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like any other student and graduate,

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but then he pursued another Diploma in the field of tropical diseases here in the University of Liverpool in the UK, in the year 1974.

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And then he went to complete his postgraduate studies in the McGill University of Montreal, Canada, specializing in internal diseases and gastroenterology, the digestive system.

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Like every other graduates, Dr. Abdul Rahman estimate, like me and you was working, he saved up, he got married to a lady nickname, almost sohaib. He was also Hey, she is almost so high.

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And once this blessed, unrighteous woman, she approached her husband and she said, Yeah,

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you want I do not want to live average lives.

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We don't want to be like the average graduates. We were created for a very because we have to do something else. He said to her, oh, my wife, what do you have in mind? She says, I believe we should be calling to the path of Allah.

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She said to him, what about you? He said, I do believe we should be calling to the path of Allah.

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She said to him, excellent, then why don't we go to East Asia

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and dedicate our lives to that area of the world. I can work as a teacher she said, Go to the path of Allah and you can work as a doctor and call to the path of Allah.

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Because we evening Allahu taala. We hope that Allah found truthfulness, genuineness in the heart, the opportunity arose ialah Milla houfy kulu become Hira. You come Hira. Allah says if he sees in your heart to goodness, he will give you goodness, the wife

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of the Emir of Kuwait. Amir Jagger

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approached Dr. Abdul Rahman during around the same time and she said to him, I have a sum of money

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that I would like to give to you to travel to Africa. And I want you to personally supervise and manage the construction of a Masjid to be built in my name.

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So he took the sum of money, And off he went to Africa with the sole intention of building a Masjid. He landed in one of the cities in the African continent. And he built the masjid and he began to walk through the streets of the many villages in the African continent, and he saw something that he could never imagine. He was shocked and bewildered. He was devastated and depressed by what he saw everything that he had previously read in the books. He saw it now on the first hand basis.

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As for the Muslims, he saw a people who didn't know how to recite Al Fatiha. He saw Muslims who didn't know the the five pillars of Islam, the concept of Sunnah, let alone Zakah and Hajj, totally oblivious to the basics of

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finance did I even saw some of the Imams of the massage fornicating in the messages, not knowing that this was Haram.

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And as for the situation of the non Muslims, then the calamity the calamity was far worse. He saw idolatry. At its peak, he saw paganism as

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its climax, you saw people worshipping the stars, worshiping the moon worshiping the trees while shipping one another.

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The concept of God and Allah has totally disappeared from their hearts. He also saw the effects of the Christian missionaries in Africa. He saw entire villages my brothers and sisters that had left the religion of Islam and embraced Christianity for food and drink and shelter. He saw this in Tanzania, and Malawi, Madagascar, South Sudan, Nigeria.

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He came back to Kuwait. And he said, let me tell you what I saw. And he opened up his heart and it was like a hemorrhage of pain.

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He said to her, we must do something about this. She said, What can we do? From this day onwards, my brothers and sisters, Dr. Abdullah shenana, semi dedicated his life and his time, his ethic, his his his wealth,

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for the sake of the dollar to Allah subhanho wa Taala in the African continent And off he went all by himself, along with his family, and he began his mission there. And army my brothers because of the shortage of time to summarize some of the experiences of Dr. Abdul Rahman, a soulmate.

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He says in an interview that was conducted between him and Dr. Shaikh Musa Sharif huffy the hula hoop

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and said to him,

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there were certain villages that we needed to get to to call to the parents of Allah and invite them to Islam. But between us in the village was a huge River. He says stagnant water, still water that had turned black, because of the excrement and the feces and filth, a river that was infested with all types of diseases and lizards. And we had no way to get across but to walk straight through it. He said, we entered the river and the water reached up to our throats.

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The interviewer asked him, How long were you walking? Can you go to the other side, he said for four hours.

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And this is a doctor who has a degree in tropical diseases he knows of the danger associated with doing this.

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Dr. Abdul Rahman says, we would sometimes need to walk for 200 to 300 kilometres on our feet on the unpaved streets of Africa to get to a people to invite them to the path of Islam. He says at times, three whole days would pass and there wasn't anything to drink three days.

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And he says I remember a time when I was kneeling over, looking into a particular pond that was filled with excrement and feces and urine, and I was moving my hand trying to remove the excrement trying to find a small amount of clean water just to quench the dryness of my throat.

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He speaks of very close encounters that he had with deadly Cobras at least three times in Kenya and in Mozambique and in Malawi. Each time Allah Almighty saving him through a miracle. He speaks of two assassination attempts that were made on his life and twice where he was imprisoned and he came very close to execution. He speaks about the diseases that he acquired in Africa. He speaks also about a time when you needed to get to a certain village. And so he sat at the back of a lorry and he says the lorry was tossing me from side to side within the walls of this heart container on the unpaved roads of Africa till we got to this village many hours later why

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he had sold his soul for the sake of Allah.

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He couldn't considered himself cheap in the workforce.

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That is why Allah Almighty says about this category of people mamina nasci

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mania sure enough Sahaba Murdoch enough.

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There are some people Aleph says,

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who sell themselves for the sake of Allah pleasure.

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And how beautiful was the description of Abdullah he promised Oh, the companion as he described the land or the Allahu taala. And as he suffered, and experiences boulders being thrown on his chest and never on his weak body, he says inlab Ilan Han Allah.

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He says bilad was the man who considered himself cheap in the path of Allah.

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Knocked out the rough man says we once reached a village, which was struck by a very severe drought.

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And the chief of the village refused to let us inside. We begged him He says, You will not come inside only if you ask your Lord to bring us down rain. He said to him, please don't ask this of me.

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This is not in my hands, nor is it in your hands. He said to him, then you

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Leave. He said give us a chance. He said asked your Lord to bring us down rain. He said, this is not in my hands but he insisted,

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knocked out the Russian and said,

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he put us in such an awkward situation and aggrieved that filled my heart. Only Allah knew of it. I looked at the My friends, and they looked at me, what do we do? I had no choice. He says, I raised my hands to Allah. And I began to beg him and call him and he said, I cried, and I cried, I cried, saying, yo,

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don't allow my sins and my shortcomings to prevent your slaves from believing in you.

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He says, as I wept and looked into the heavens, and implored Allah, we began to see the clouds gathering. And they were darkening, darkening, thunder and storm and the rain began to hemorrhage from the heavens alone, in a way, which this part of Africa had never experienced. The chief of the village entered the religion of Islam, and the entire village and to the religion of Islam, Islam.

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Knocked out the rough man as soon as he also had a hifi that he had a granddaughter, who was excelling in her studies in Kuwait. So we wanted to reward her he wanted to give her a price. It wasn't a cinema ticket, however, more Was it a voucher, nor was it a toy.

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He bought a ticket to Africa. He said, come and give Dabba with me for a moment. This is your rewarding 13 year old girl. So she traveled to Africa. And she met her relative. And she stayed there only for a few weeks. And 127 people took Shahada through her

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because he thought he knew he was a moron Be a man who would nurture the next generation of believers is one yes.

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Ron says I will never forget a time

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when me and my wife almost Oh, hi.

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We were sent in a small, rundown wooden house in Madagascar.

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We were sat together in the courtyard in the middle of the night.

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And I looked into her face, and the signs of fatigue and exhaustion. Were very clear when

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you look very tired.

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Have you given up?

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She said to him. Hey, can I tell you what I was thinking just now?

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She said I was thinking that if Allah Almighty allows us to enter Paradise, will we be as happy as we are today?

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They say get behind every great man is a woman. This couldn't be any truer.

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You have sir.

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Dr. Abdul Rahman Sumit would spend around 30 years in the African continent giving everything that Allah has placed under his disposal for the sake of this theme.

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Sum of his achievements, my brothers and sisters are so bewildering, that I tell you what lucky nations that have budgets of billions. They couldn't achieve what this man achieved by himself by the permission of Allah. By the end of those 30 years, Dr. Horace Mann had built over 5500 muscles.

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And he had sponsored over 50,000 orphans, many of whom grew up to graduate to become doctors and lawyers, Allahu Akbar, Dr. Man within those 30 short years, he had distributed no less than 7 million copies of the Quran. This is what his companions they say. And he had also established 840 academic institutions, ranging from nurseries all the way up to universities, academic institutions that were home to no less than half a million African students.

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Dr. Abdul Rahman, he also does unsupervised the digging of no less than 12,000 water wells, and he also established 19, hospitals and pharmacies.

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And as for those who embrace the religion of Islam, through Dr. Abdul Rahman, only Allah subhana wa tada knows the reality of this number. However, his companions they predict, and they say no less than

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less than a million people took their Shahada.

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However, this didn't come for free.

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This came at the expense of many tears that he had shared.

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This came at the expense of countless sleepless nights. This came at the expense of his dreams, his worldly dreams. This came at the expense of his health worse, he needed to consume no less than 20 tablets of medicine before he goes to sleep every night

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Because of the diseases that his body had now become home to.

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And during the closing months of the life of Dr. Abdul Rahman Rahim Allah,

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he found himself now traveling

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from country to country in search of medical assistance for his deteriorating health himself. Now it was time to pay attention to himself. But he had forgotten.

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And now death was imminent. He traveled from Africa back to Kuwait, from Kuwait, he went to Germany. But his ever deteriorating medical condition was only listening.

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And in August 2013, it was finally announced the Dr. Abdul Rahman had passed away. He was allowed to have mercy upon the sheath, upon this father of ours, Rafi mahoma, who died, we ask Allah to gather him with the prophets, messengers and the Shahada, and the

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brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Imagine after spending 1000s upon 1000s of pounds, investing in a certain university degree, you find after you graduate, that there is in fact no demand for your profession.

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Imagine how you will feel

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if you had spent hours upon hours of torturous revision for a certain final year exam.

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However, when you enter the examination theater, you discover you have been revising for the wrong exam.

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Imagine after spending years climbing a certain ladder, you discover in the end that this ladder was leaning on the wrong wall? How would you feel

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now if this individual in all three of these case studies that I just gave you had constantly asked himself the question what is my vision? What is my objective? What am I doing? What is my purpose behind my endeavor? Such chances of such catastrophic hiccups in the end could have been removed and lessened.

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Therefore the problem goes back to two words.

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Vision setting

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What is your vision in life?

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When you come down to set for yourself a vision in your life as a whole as a believer? How can you measure that your vision is the correct one.

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How can you protect yourself from such a regretful ending where on the Day of Judgment you wish that you had pursued a different vision altogether? How can we protect ourselves from such a catastrophic hiccup and the regretful ending?

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How does one set that measure or correct vision?

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Is it for example the amount of money a person seeks to accumulate?

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Is it for example the status and praise that a person seeks to attain? What is an accurate Islamic vision?

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See the problem brothers and sisters in Islam we don't ask our ask ourselves this question frequently because the hustle and bustle and the demands of everyday life causes us to forget this. And we will only realize the importance of having set an accurate and measurable and clear vision in the life of this world. We will realize that your monkey when reality will be realized in the status of always. And once what once seemed to be the ultimate achievement in life will on that day seemed to be an regretfully wasted opportunity.

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Your monkey

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we will see 2020 vision reality will be seen that the real awakening is yet to be experienced. Alex is one of Dada emoji removed and accused

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him of Donna robina was me forgetting that

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in nanopi noon, Allah says if only you see the criminals, how they will look on the Day of Judgment. When they stand before Allah lowering their heads in humility, and they will say listen to the words very well say, Oh our Lord, we now see and we now hear, so bring us back to dunya we will do good deeds. What will they say? They will say we now see, I know a law. Now we hear so bring us back. And Allah Almighty says Institute of law does

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nothing mean hada

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FACA Schaffner eco for basato kalyana. Heidi, Allah says to a certain criminal on the Day of Judgment, you used to be oblivious. You used to be in

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Sleep because of all of this. Today however Allah says, I have removed from you the curtains, I have removed from you the veils and now your vision is piercing.

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Allah says your vision is Hadid which literally means I am, your vision is piercing It is like I am you now see everything. So I am singing my brothers and sisters, we don't set for ourselves visions in the life of this world because we can see the importance of doing so on your piano we will see the importance of having a project and mature in our life for the sake of Allah. So we asked the question now once again,

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what is a good vision?

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Or we can say what is the definition of success?

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And the answer to this, my brothers and sisters, if I have successfully sold to you now the idea of setting a vision tonight, with your family, with your relatives with your children. Let me give you now the vision as was identified by Allah.

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Allah says in chapter three of verse 183

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every soul shall taste death.

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We're in number two, we're gonna

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try. And it is only on the day of judgment that you will be given your wages in full

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form and z Han in our app. Now here comes the vision

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for Manzoor frizzy hair and Inari while odious nealon Jana,

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whoever therefore Alesis is pushed away from the Hellfire and is given admittance into gender. This person has succeeded,

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woman hired to dunia in lamotta. And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of the section.

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This is success.

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Therefore, we see my brothers and sisters that success isn't about graduating from university

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successes isn't about becoming a business owner, a CEO of a parliamentarian or an MP. Success is certainly not just about having kids being married, and receiving Nobel prizes, every success in the life of this dunya it does not lead to success in the hereafter. It is worthless, it has absolutely no weight.

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This is the vision that Allah has set for us.

00:22:35--> 00:22:40

And this is the vision that Dr. Abdul Brockman has made live and die for.

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And because he had a project in his life that was clear and measurable, he achieved what he achieved by the permission of Allah.

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And I tell you, this might be one.

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Many times the difference between two Muslims, an average Muslim and a great Muslim is not always Islamic knowledge.

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It's not always about articulacy of speech. It's not always even about sincerity and Eman. They could be equal both of them in these aspects. Sometimes the difference between a very influential person who does so well in the act here, and a person who doesn't get the maximum return on the Day of Judgment. Sometimes the difference between them is one thing, the vision.

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Individual, he had a clear vision ahead of him an individual he was just leaving every day as it comes.

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When we talk about health, the majority of us have better health than Dr. Abdul Rahman assuming he had diabetes. By the way, he had high blood pressure, he experienced two bouts of malaria. And he experienced three blood clots one in his heart to in his brain, and none of this form as an obstacle or hindrance from success. If we talk about wealth, a lot of us have more wealth than him. If we talk about youth, the majority here are younger than Dr. Hunter.

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What is the difference with our candidate into full Tsukuba?

00:24:14--> 00:24:23

That image theme where it has to be he said that when your aspirations are very high, your body will tire in its pursuit.

00:24:25--> 00:24:31

Brothers and sisters, I beg you and this is a plea that I made to myself and yourself before I sit down and conclude.

00:24:32--> 00:24:34

Do not be an average Muslim.

00:24:35--> 00:24:59

Don't be a side liner, a normal player, ring now for yourself a project. What are your talents? What are your strengths, identify them with honesty and I know it is difficult because you have to be honest with yourself and you have to consult others and you have to discipline yourself to stay working for that vision. I know it is hard but one lie II This will bring the

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optimum return for us, on the day of judgment, have a project for yourself regardless of your age. And regardless of your gender. What is your project in life? Who do you want to be in another 10 years time? If you want to have an indication, brothers and sisters, what you will look like in 10 years, ask yourself, who was I 10 years ago? If the person you were 10 years ago was the same person today? This is a very accurate indication that in 10 years time, you will be the exact same person.

00:25:32--> 00:25:33

Set the vision for yourself

00:25:35--> 00:25:37

and consult the people have knowledge and wisdom

00:25:38--> 00:25:52

and ask them is this a correct vision? trim it down for me. Give me a timeline. Give me success indicators. And watch how Allah Almighty will open up the paths for you. The same way he opened it up productive.

00:25:54--> 00:25:57

Enough suitable kiala Kiana dounia aka the ultimate

00:25:58--> 00:26:04

and the Salama toffee hataoka mafia, da da da da da da da mo t escucha

00:26:07--> 00:26:07


00:26:08--> 00:26:13

so in benahavis, Baba muskan, Huawei in benahavis or in harborlab.