Mohammed Hijab – Ben Shapiro’s Shocking Reaction to George Floyd

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © Speaker 2 discusses inaccurate claims made by Speaker 1, including his use of racist language and lack of interest in black people. He suggests that Speaker 1's actions are not indicative of racism and that history of racism in America is a lie. They criticize the negative impact of the black community on children, particularly on wealth and resources, and argue that black people have the ability to build things and live in open sewage. The speaker also discusses the negative impact of racist statements on social media and the need for community involvement to address the issue.
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Okay, it's really, really ugly, and it's really, really bad. What is not clear is whether it is really, really racial.

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Ben Shapiro is an American journalist who has made his claim to fame by arguing with college students on uneven platforms. He lets them speak for a little bit. And then he has a crowd, a room full of supporters, he humiliates them. They're forced to run away. And then he seems like the hero. This is not a good debater, this is not an intellectual. This is not an academic, this is not a contributed to the discourse. This is just someone who has been able to manipulate, yes, manipulate certain circumstances in college arenas, to try and make himself build himself prop himself up to be something which is not when he was confronted by Andrew Neil, in a famous debate last year, he was

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thoroughly humiliated, actually, to the extent whereby he actually had to flee from the debate. You know, I'm not inclined to continue in interview with a person is badly motivated as you as an interviewer. So I think we're done here. I appreciate your time. All right. Well, we thank you for your time and for showing that anger is not part of American political discourse. Now, Mr. Shapiro will say goodbye, which shows us this man is not a debater. He's not an intellectual. He's not well researched, he's not even probably well read. He's a guy who speaks fast, who thinks that by speaking fast, people will not get what he says. Yes. And unpack it. Yeah. And look at all the

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contradictions in what he says. Having said that, Ben Shapiro is also known for his opposition to Muslims and black people in America.

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You would be shocked to know what this ben shapiro has to say about George Floyd situation. Ben Shapiro doesn't believe that George Floyd was killed for racial reason. Let's hear what he has to say. Okay, it's really, really ugly. And it's really, really bad. What is not clear is whether it is really, really racial. So as we see here, it's very pay. Technically, he doesn't think it's racist, he doesn't think is, is any racially aggravated reason. But not only that, Ben Shapiro doesn't even believe that he was murdered by the officer, and that the knee or neck, which was, for all intents and purposes, a blood choke? Yes, a blood choke for anyone who knows what blood chokes are, was the

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cause for his death is not clear at this point, that this person died because he had a knee on the back of his neck at the very least the officer should go to jail for assault, you would assume you see, this is not surprising. It's not surprising, like someone like Ben Shapiro, who has Yes, who has a track record for his opposition to black rights movements to civil rights movements to Muslim rights movements,

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to say, because when he was asked about the disparity in wealth between white and black people, he says, because it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture. Wait a minute, what did you say? Did you say it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture? Let's try and unpack that for a second. Let's try and do emotionalize this for a second. Let's try and intellectualize this for a second. Let's try to rationalize this for a second. Are you saying are you insinuating? Are you suggesting? Are you implying, are you trying to promote Are you espousing? Are you propagating?

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That 247 years

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of racism of racist slavery in America 247 years of race based slavery in America followed with Jim Crow laws? Yes, Jim Crow laws that had no impact on the contemporaneous reality that history has no impact on the contemporaneous reality.

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The fact that slaves could not pass on wealth to their offsprings to their children to their grandchildren. Well, whites had the structural ability to do so for all this years. You don't think it has a trickle down economic effect?

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You must be diluted.

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He must be absolutely diluted. No wonder why someone like yourself cannot appreciate the plight. Yes, you cannot appreciate the plight of the black man with a Muslim man with a Mexican man, because you're the record for having said what about Arabs? Well, you said sure Israelis like to build

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Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage. That very statement is the definition of racism. Where you think you're better than someone because of your race your racial group. You think your racial group is better than other people. other races? Jews do x Arabs do Why? Arabs bomb things and, and live in Suez, you said and Jews, they like to build things.

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Yeah, really?

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You think that's a sensible statement?

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to generalize a community of three 400 million people, many of which are black because you can have a black Arab, Arab Manta column of A labia the Arab is the one who speaks in the Arabic language, as Sudanese is an Arab.

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There are more taneous Arabs there Malian Arabs, there are Egyptian black Egyptian Arabs.

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So all of these people like to bond things as well.

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Is that what you're trying to say?

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So how do I reverse that statement now? And I say Jews like to bomb crap. And, and live in sewers, whereas Arabs like to build things.

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You think you wouldn't be the first weasel whining weasel? Pathetic

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to say that that's an anti semitic statement. You'd cry. Let me tell you something, your time is up. Because all the communities are waking up to your nonsense. The black communities are waking up to it. The Muslim communities are waking up to it. And older ethnic minorities are waking up to it. The dominant white communities are waking up to it. We know that you have an agenda, boy,

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you have an agenda.

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And you know what you are.

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You are

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a scared man.

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Just like you run away, you actually ran away. You ran away from a debate with Andrew Neil. So I think we're done here. I appreciate your time. So you see how you went away? got emotional. He got you the knee. He puts you don't like being asked questions. You don't like being put in the back foot. I want to see the day where you're mad enough. You're courageous enough. And you're strong enough

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to stop debating these youngsters. Youngsters you don't even give an equal opportunity to speak.

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They're not professors. They're not intellectuals. They're not debaters.

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Youngsters, stop debating those youngsters and getting your paid probably paid crowd to cheer against them, bully them

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and stand up to someone like Andrew Neil, from the Muslim community, or from the black community, or from the Mexican community or from any other of the ethnic minorities that you've been

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trivializing? Yes, their plight and trivializing their rights, give them equal opportunity, and have a debate with those. I don't think you will. And I say to all communities who have access to this man, I say I think it's about time to put the pressure on this guy, because his racism

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because anyone who says those kinds of comments about black people and Arabs is, is saying clearly racist statements should put the pressure on him. Our community should put the pressure on him and those who follow Him and those like him. We have the social media ability to do so. So let's do it now. What's up Mr. Lee Kumar Rahmatullah your racket.

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