Mohammed Hijab – Are they Terrorists

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © A speaker discusses a terror group and the need for people to be aware of it. They question whether or not they are a terror group and express their desire to have a discussion. The speaker also criticizes the use of terrorist language and the use ofirocial and political terminology in relation to mass gatherings.
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Antonia this country says there are a terror group. Do you agree? And should they stay in? Listen, I do not approve support or welcome Hamas or their terror or their terror group. Everybody knows what they are or their terror group appears, can you say? Can we ever can you say it? Can we have a discussion? You call them materials? jerem. We have all the materials? Is it possible to have a rational this Are you prepared to call a terror group? Is that possible of a rational? Is it possible? Come on? Can you answer it? No. It's my show. You answer my question.

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Maha masseter agree, Listen, can I Are they a terror group? Can I answer the question? Can I speak? Are they a terror group? Here's no if you let me speak, are they a terrible?

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Start? Muhammad, let me ask you about her mass. I want to first before you do that. I want to commend you for your peers, honestly, because bringing me on for the second time. I have to commend you. And the fact that you actually condemned the settlements is very good. But people want to know, do you think the idea for a terrorist organization? No, you don't think? Okay, well, if you look at the UN definition of service organization, they say killing civilians for political opinion, not

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according to UN definition is killing civilians for political objectives. Why they're not terrorists? Well, you've asked me a straight question. I don't think they are terrible. So when you see babies like this, the ones who kill thick, the ones who kill babies like this are not terrorists. It's horrific. So

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let me let me respond. Let me respond. I believe Israel has a right to defend itself. Okay. I agree that they need to get rid of her mass

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in this way. Well, here's the quandary for me morally right. Why is the country that tell you why with Hamas, Islamic countries, countries in war in war, when you declare war as Britain did with the Nazis to one ratio? No, no, there are a

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far higher number of children in Gaza proportionate to population than almost anywhere in the world peers. So when they get off to give me a chance.

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You have done that you are the one who insisted.

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I never did. Respect I will come to you.

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30 seconds. I'll come on. She's gonna come to you. Often we finish please. I am charging Muhammad. So my final point on this is unfortunately, in war, civilians. Ratio. Ratio. Yes. Yes, they get killed. No, no, no 100 to one ratio.

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Killed appears this has really become. Can I say respectfully, and I mean, this is no insult. I'm amazed that you're intimidated by this man. I feel I feel well, with all due respect.

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If I can speak, I wouldn't object to it, however, on a moral and theological, philosophical level. I agree with Rosalyn Higgins, who was the justice of the International Criminal Court. Right. The Court of Justice iCj, a British just by the way, she's a Holocaust survivor, as well. She was Jewish. And her position is that she believes that the word terrorism or terrorist is actually useless. And she says that is what I'm putting to her.

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Question and finish your question. So I'm saying that as a moral construct, I think it's a new colonial social construct used by people in order to label some people.

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So as a moral category, I don't designate it as a moral No, we

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