Minute with a Muslim #387 – Are You Prepping- – Think Again

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The speaker discusses the importance of preparing for one's personal and professional demise, rather than just focusing on one's past experiences. They stress the need for balance and preparation for one's personal and professional demise, as well as the importance of having a spiritual quality to make for the end of one's life.

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One thing we have to remember is that there's, there's two types of the end of the world, right? There's one that's personal and subjective, that's the end of your world. And then there's one that's kind of like fine on objective, the end of the world for everybody, right? And so a lot of people can get fixated on the last one, and worry about, you know, Armageddon, and what we did, Jad, and all this other stuff, and when's it gonna happen? What are the signs, like, try to tie it to politics and things like that, and they might neglect their own personal demise or their own personal last hour, right. And this is something we have to be careful about, you know, one time a

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person came to the Prophet Mohammed sigh, so I'm gonna ask them once the hour gonna be. And the person was there with their kid.

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And he said, when he is your age, your hour will already have come.

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Right? So the promises I said, I'm trying to try to guide hitting back to this kind of perspective, is like, you know, you got to focus on yourself, and you've got to focus on getting ready and being prepared.

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But maybe not in the way that you think maybe it's not only about, it's not about stacking up provisions, or, you know,

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the sorts of things that people do hiding in your bunker, you know, with your tinfoil hats, or whatever it is,

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things can happen. That's not to say that these are conspiracy theories, things can happen. But we need to be balanced. And we need to prepare for our own personal demise that can happen at any time. We're not guaranteed to live out our lives until we're 7080 years old, you know, some sort of nursing home or whatever, you're gonna have guaranteed that, you know, you can you can go at any time. And the prophets of Allah wa salam was always trying to bring us back to what have we prepared for it for our afterlife? Not necessarily for, you know, surviving some sort of political crisis. And that's not to say that you don't take your means, you know, tie your camel Yeah, take reasonable

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action. But there's a spiritual quality to it too. Right. We don't like for example, when the when COVID hit and the pandemic was going nuts, you know, it's not spiritually appropriate for Muslims to go out and fight people in grocery stores for toilet paper, right? Like, that shows a level of this of desperation and a lack of trust and allows Poland to adda that is a spiritual issue. Right, regardless of the material. So whatever preparation that you feel is appropriate to make for the end of your life or the end of the world, you know, writ large, you have to make sure that it has the spiritual quality in it, where you're actually trusting a law and you believe in a lot of justice

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and you believe in Allah's mercy, and it's not some sort of, you know, desperate thing, grasping, trying to squeeze the last second out of your life or this life This life is meant to perish. All of it is meant to be gone. And what really matters is what's going to happen after we're resurrected.