Wanna Know Islam’s Secret to Anxiety

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What makes you anxious like that panicky. Anxiety is born from fear and we all experience fear. Look, for example at Prophet Musa when told to confront for our own Musa said honestly, I'm scared and prayed rubbish rally Saudi make my chest calm for the task ahead. So I'm curious how does Islam treat anxiety? You're in three ways that Allah guides us on how to manage our anxiety. Number one vichar remembering Allah, when you're anxious, your heart is racing. Allah says, Allah can be the killer he talked to me in colo but indeed in the remembrance of Allah the Quran, Allah do hearts find rest, and the best vicar is the citation of the Quran. The virtue TOEIC good to local is

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believing and trusting that Allah will take care of your needs. To what good placing your trust in Allah herring this video, I started trying to put more trust in Allah when I go to bed at night anxious about something I say to myself, Oh Allah, I'm handing this off to you. You take care of it, and then I go to sleep peacefully. Why me and Ellen can learn a lot Eva Hua hospital and whoever places their trust in Allah, Allah will be all they need. Number three is still asking Allah for forgiveness a lot when you're feeling anxious, do like 10 or 100 is too far a stuff for Allah a stuff that Allah like that and Hadith if anyone constantly seeks forgiveness from Allah, Allah will

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make a way out for him from every distress and grant relief from every anxiety. So four things to do right now to manage anxiety number one do Vica Subhan Allah and hamdulillah Allah Akbar as much as you can. Number two recite Quran out loud. Number three, truly trust that Allah will take care of it. Number four and ask forgiveness, Allah it's this is Muhammad Shetty with best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level