Anti-Islam Christians Badly Embarrassed on PBD Podcast

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Okay champion traduzione we're on the channel now come on Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How are you guys doing? Many of you would have expected me and Ali to be there in the PBD show. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it and there was actually an extenuating circumstance. Frankly, our visa is still being processed and the PBD T wanted to continue on this on that particular day on the 21st. And they were going to choose their own two opponents, we decided now we're going to step in and choose ourselves. And so we chose Daniel and Jake, the Muslim metaphysician to very highly acclaimed high caliber debaters, which you saw, mashallah they represented very well. And what

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wanted to do in this particular show, or this particular reaction video, was to react to some key points of the podcast. First and foremost, I think we really when we were planning for this debate, let's say Ali, yeah, we I think we overestimated our opponents, didn't we? We did greatly. I mean, we was prepared anyway. But what they were going to come with, and what we saw was cliche, themes. No doubt, nothing different. Yes. Because we were planning and whenever we do have something that we debate that we have to go for, we plan for it, we train for it, we also have, we prepare for it. So we read his, you know, his books, and Rashid has got a channel in Arabic, and I thought he was gonna

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bring some technical powers to the table. Unfortunately, what we saw was a fumbling disfluent individual who couldn't even express himself in the English language emotionally, making all these arguments, couldn't even answer maybe even understand. Some of the questions that were being posed seemed like an emotional wreck. Like he reminded me have a woman on a minsters, you know, because sometimes they get emotional in that time. What are you doing with just emotions and emotions and these arguments, you know, what's very interesting is that they think that these arguments would work like it did 10 years ago. Understand that there is so much tolerance, but people are not

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attracted to intolerance. So the point is what and at that instance, you saw that all he was doing is like, and these were all most of them were lies, by the way, kill rate kill me. There's another story. Another story about blah, blah, blah, blah, machine gun attack machine gun tactic. And guess what? It actually backfired so bad when we look at the poll, we're gonna come to that after we can look at that circle, because even on the PBD audience, yes, as you mentioned, the neutral observer was looking at that and not raising their performance to Christians, even notwithstanding the fact that the moderator was Christian himself. That is not a Muslim channel here, which I was shocked

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after the poll. I was scared when I was going to pull when I looked at the Port Rashid Hammam. Yeah, but this time I'm in toilet.

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Okay, sorry. So.

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So basically, he was actually right at the bottom, I have four people watching me sympathize with him. People thought himself was an emotional wreck. And he was at the top, Daniel Haqiqa. You and Jake, that means, you know that when I looked at that, I was like, exactly the thought process of people, because we've been attacked by the left, one of us, both Christians and Muslims, and even Patrick, and I need to see who was quite fair as well, that the fact that you will see look common ground, but what we saw was we didn't see two Christians, it was as if to Muslims, these two liberals, that sort of well, that's because what it is, is that they're both trained in philosophy,

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both Daniel and Jake. And what they did in the very beginning was very clever, because what they've done was they impact the philosophical presuppositions, and in both cases, what they were doing was effectively was correct. They were presenting a secular liberal attack of Islam, literally, but they're Christian. So what what the the tactic that was then employed was, well, if you guys are Christians, you should be believing in the Old Testament. Now, of course, we know that a Christian is gonna respond and say, well, there's the old covenant and the New Covenant, that you know, Jesus, if you believe in him, you know, sola feeder, you don't have to necessarily believe in all these

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minutiae rules in the Old Testament, but the way that was reported to, I think was fantastically done by Jay Z, and it was expertly executed. So I want to just react on that because I think it was the first goal and I was very very happy to see that you're very proud of him and just look at Robert Spencer's his reaction. Unbelievable, really. So let's take a look at SSA. Yeah, so I would ask Robert, a very simple question that I think gets at what the real issue actually is. Do you believe that it's inherently immoral for an apostate to be put to death? Do I believe that it's inherently immoral or an inherently immoral well I know this is some kind of trap but in any case

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No, I don't see any reason this thing on your part that's all you can always have honesty on my part if already this is this is a shocking admission of course, he says okay, well, is this something which is immoral? Because the thing is if we're if we're interested in knowing what the truth is, right? We're interested in what proves something to be the truth. Exactly. And what proves or disproves something spiritually, in other words, what has creedal disproving implication exactly because I you might not like a morality might find it aesthetically pleasing doesn't mean it doesn't make it false. It doesn't make it false to the point is this is that when he was asked because

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Patrick asked him What's your biggest challenge with Islam? What's your biggest gripe? And he responded is sanctification of violence that is, so in other words, his strongest argument against Islam is a career Islamaphobe written 27 books. Yes, his strongest argument against Islam is that it endorses violence now, Jake is doing the right thing. Is that okay? What if this is your standard? Yes, well, then let's see what else crumbles. Exactly. And how is it that this is

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Just under anyway, he's going into a meta ethical question is this thing, which you're considering apostasy law, whatever it may be? Do you consider it to be objectively false? Is it a morality? Which is false? If it is, so then let's deal with the next part. And I think here watch it number 101 that an apple crumble on anything I tell you is the truth. Okay. And the fact is that yeah, I don't know, I tell you the truth. I don't know what I thought about what you're writing all these books on his laptop. Right? You don't even know if this is inherently immoral. That's quite unknown. Right? I would say that I don't think that it's moral to put the apostate to death. So it's the

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world when it comes to my books about Islam. I'm just reporting on what Islamic clerics and the Islamic tradition teaches about passages like when Muhammad says if somebody changes his religion kill him. So if you look, for example, in chapter four, verse 89, of the Quran in the critical Quran, where it says if they turn renegades and come and kill them, wherever you find them, then I give Islamic authorities who actually say that this should be done. And that is something people need to know. By the way, that verse has got nothing to do with apostasy zero. So 489 there's not this is a miss quotation. Yes. Okay. But let's continue anyway. Now. Now, whether you're talking

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about in the ideal society, you have apostates put to death? I don't think so. Because I believe in the freedom of conscience and the idea that the of the dignity of the human person which is a Christian concept, it's not in Islam, you have in Islam, you know, the unbelievers are the most vile of created beings, according to that's false again, I mean, he's saying as a Christian concept, Laqad, Corona, Bernie, Adam, we have dignified the human being. So what he's saying is actually antithetical to the text. And what he says here is that, you know, the most vile creatures are the disbelievers he's referring to sorts of Bayona Yes, there are shuddered, but he is not vile. In

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fact, here shove means the most evil. Yes, so let's have some good training you've mentioned translated the Quran doesn't even know the Arabic language. Imagine someone who doesn't know a language translating a book, he's got a book that is translated, and he's not even translating it correctly. And his friend who's meant to be an Arabic speaker, who's been refuted profusely, by the way, at the highest level by

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MUHAMMAD RASHID, who looked at his videos, and he was trying to imitate the Quran. And he saw so many grammatical mistakes and stuff the guy's a laughingstock in the Arab world.

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He was humiliated by one person called mocha Sarkar, adopting comparative religion, he's made it he's not even stepping in to help his friend here telling him you're translating incorrect, Russia Tamam.

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I understand the same issue. Whereas in Christianity, all people are equal and dignity has made him the image of God. And so in that sense, I would say, No, I don't think it is. So is it inherently immoral? Yes or no? Can I get it so when the Bible when Deuteronomy says you'd like to call it the Quran, when the Bible says this and Deuteronomy 13, six, if your brother, the son of your mother, your son of or your son of your daughter, the wife of your bosom, or your friend, who as as your own soul, secretly entices you saying, quote, let us go and serve other gods which you have not known, neither you nor your fathers of the gods of the people, which are all around you, near to you, or

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far from you from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth, you shall not consent to him or listen to him, nor shall your I pity him, nor shall you spare him or conceal him, but you shall surely kill him, your hand shall be first against him, to put him to death, and afterward the hand of all the people, and you shall stone him with stones until he dies, because he sought to entice you away from the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt from the house of bondage, so all Israel shall hear and fear and not again, do such wickedness as this among you. So let me let me finish. So when you're loving God, Jesus Christ, who you believe is God who revealed the Old

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Testament, and revealed this as a law for the people, and you said that it's inherently immoral for the punishment of apostasy to be death, then you are charging your own god and supposedly loving Jesus with immorality? Not at all, if you don't see that contradiction and hypocrisy, it's not an elite really do math for you? Well, it's not in the least contradictory or hypocritical because that is God actually ordering something wrong for that. Now, the question here is whether the Muslims when they put people to death for apostasy today are often likewise authorized by God in some direct manner. Now, obviously not. Yes. The question is, it's not inherently immoral just matters, what is

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the correct religion and whether or not is actually revealing it? If you study the Old Testament, you will actually find that there's a great deal of discussion about passages like that, and whether they are actually commanded by God, whether they were understood by the faithful interpretations by the faithful, the evolving understanding in the Old Testament and the New and in Jewish and Christian tradition is something that unfortunately, is absent in Islam, such that in Jewish and Christian tradition, you have the understanding of the dignity of the human person that ultimately made people realize that putting people to death for apostasy was not something that was acceptable,

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but the idea that it was localized command at some point are understood to be such that is not the same thing as people nowadays, thinking they are the executors of the Wrath of Allah because Muhammad says if anybody changes his religion kill him and the Quran says that you can soothe your your your heart by fighting, the unbeliever.

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Brother was completely went away from it and he went to the Muslim Well, do you blame him? No, no, this needs to be highlighted Exactly. But what he done is he completely threatened Zack he absolutely trapped him. Yes. Because the point is this is that when you think about it, yes. If this thing is inherently more subjectively wrong, okay, you think it's objectively wrong. So it's not it doesn't matter. It's irrespective whether this thing is being commanded. Whether Jesus is commanding us as part of the tribe

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Got to kill a three year old or a one year old or a six year old, whatever it may be 1000s of years ago versus whether it's doing it now, in other words, if a three year old is being commanded to be killed at any point in time, if it's inherently wrong, it should be wrong than wrong. Now, it should be wrong, that he's admitting that his God was wrong for doing that. Yeah. He needs he needs to understand. But what he does go goes on to say he says, These things are fables. And this is the amount of hermeneutical gymnastics. This shows you isn't hermetic those. Absolutely. But the thing is, he doesn't care. These people don't care about defending their religion. Yes, they care about

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attacking Islam. Because the thing is, once again, the question at hand is, what creedal disproving implications does this have? Let's say, it's true that we there is a apostasy law, let's say the blasphemy law. And all these laws are in the in the law jurisprudence, the fact of Islam. So the question is, so how does this disprove Islam? exactly the question, and worse yet, is that when you apply it to your own books, if you think it this proves it, then it will disprove your own books. And it doesn't disprove it, because there's no philosophical reason for it to disprove it. It's because the question is this. Is it logically possible for a god effectively to to allow an apostasy

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law to happen to command and apostasy? Is it logically possible? If it's logically impossible, now you have to bring theological justification for them. And these guys are we're completely out of their depth with this question. He's completely knocked out here, knocked down in the first round. So I have to re honestly Jake done a very, very, very good job here. And obviously Daniel does a fantastic job as well. They both do a good job together. I think they they presented the the standard covenant quite well, I would have liked to see a little bit more Tawheed being emphasized. Because you could see when it was the Trinity was being attacked. These guys went away. These guys

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run away. What you have to say, because we want to do another video, maybe yeah, no, I think yes, we'll do another video where we'll touch upon different points as well. But here, it's for him. And you can see we knew this one upon this, face them, but they are very, very scared on the old scripture. That's right. They're terrified. That's what you see the moment he mentioned that the moment you mentioned that you can see him crumbling, you can see his absolute covenant and Rashid Hammam is absolutely quiet in the matter. The fact that he said inherently, it is immoral you have now is can you imagine me saying that Allah inherently done something that is immoral. That's why

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I'm a believer. I'm done. But the Christians today, they don't care about the Bible. Their hostility towards Islam and Muslims are to such a level. They have forgotten the Bible. They forgot about preaching it. They forgot about the Trinity. They do not talk about anything and we see the Speaker's Corner. We see it everywhere. They are speaking about nothing but Islam. And this is shocking. I mean, we are so sure of our faith that we talk about Islam, we talk about the Quran, we talk about the Prophet slide, and 1000s if not millions of people come to Islam around the world. It's as if these people are just fixated. And their animosity and hatred has overwritten the logical

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thought process. But they're not realizing that these two individuals if somebody was from an outsider, they'll think the two liberals. Exactly this is this is what won the argument because they're looking at thinking that we're getting attacked by the left liberal worldview, and have a ban. That's why because these guys keep compromising Sunday. Exactly. That's why Patrick was even agreeing with the Muslims in this aspect. And it showed very clearly who the general public who's had their own and that's the most because we stand firm to our feet. And we are proud of all the legislation of the Sharia. We are not cowards, and to face individuals like these, these these

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Robertson's and Rashid Hammam Yeah, for that matter, that they have found their religion under the bus. So Helen Alhamdulillah what was seen that even for some that are watching, right, oh, Islam citizenship that yes, arguments in most of us was a lie. But when it shows us as Muslim Pro, the distortions and misrepresentations to our faith, absolutely. hamdulillah Hamdulillah. I think that's a good video, we'll do another couple of videos reaction, there will be a follow up in sha Allah and obviously visas are being processed. So what we go into the PVD show ourselves. But having said that, this was a good showing, and I'm very, very proud of both brothers. And the humbler was

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something which we can be all proud about Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh