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The speakers discuss the importance of showing one's success in publicity and proving one's morality. They also talk about the need for people to prove their beliefs and the link between society's work towards the truth and their desire to worship God. The speakers explain that posting videos on social media is a way to create a brief and that the "has been a form of political appeal." They also discuss the belief in God and the "order" that connects with one's desire to worship God.

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Your brothers and sisters in Islam net from Norway are establishing a masjid a Dawa Center. This center this masjid, this educational institution will act like a beacon of light, calling the Muslims in Norway back to the essence of the slum. So give generously and Allah azza wa jal give you even more, I want to ask you now because this is the hot topic, especially in the Muslim community, about your conversion. Yeah. So tell us the story. Like what happened exactly? Well, I think a lot of people who've been following me for a while understand that I've been very respectful of Islam for a long time. I was born in a Christian country, I was raised as a Christian. And I've always

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been very respectful of Islam. And it's become more and more obvious to me and more and more pertinent that Islam is the last religion on the planet. When I talk about Islam, because I'm new to it, yeah, I, I'm a little bit careful, right? Because I'm new to it. I'm certainly not a scholar, there's so much I need to learn. I know I'm on a learning journey. I'm not here to sit there and talk scripture. I don't know those things yet. I'm here to learn. But we're here at your assistance. Thank you, brother. Thank you, thank you, but it's just for me, it feels like the last religion on earth. I feel like there's no other religion. People say to me, why did you convert? I said, I

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didn't really think of it as a conversion. I, it's almost like I knew God was real. And now I've become religious. And they said, Well, you were religious before I was like religious before how Christian? What is Christian mean? Like, who's not a Christian, you go to Christian nations, and everyone says, they're a Christian, look, how they live their lives go into the average church is anyone actually fearful of God? Anybody know, the girls are out on Saturday night drinking, and they turn up to church because our parents made them. But there's, there's no substance to the religion. And also, it's very closely reflects my personal beliefs. I through my personal life, I've learned

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that if you don't have standards, and you're not a strong person who's prepared to defend his ideas, you will be crushed. And we look at most religions in the world today, which are not prepared to defend their ideas, what's happened to them, they're just getting crushed. And now we have Christianity as an idea, which is basically said, well, we can't set any firm rules, because everyone will just quit. So instead, let's make it so easy to be a Christian that nobody has to put any effort in. And then accept everybody no matter what. And hopefully we can keep the church doors open. That's not That's not called to me. You know, gold to me is strong. Gold to me something to be

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feared gold to me something someone that people are afraid to mock. Yeah, gold to me is someone that you have to go out of your way to prove something to God to me has read lines, like God to me represents the Islamic faith, the Christian God to me, I don't see God, I can't see I don't see anything there. So to me, it was it was the only logical choice in the end. 100 Allameh. I mean, many as you're saying this, I'm sure many people are like ecstatic and extremely happy. It's a great, it's a great thing for everyone, honestly, because, you know, just anyone coming into Islam is, you know, the Prophet Muhammad. Hassan told us better than the world and everything in it. But

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imagine now somebody of major influence, you're the most Googled person on the planet. Yeah, I think Putin might have beat me as of last week, but I think it's between me and Putin at the moment. But I don't want to lose the Putin. But Putin is too big. Gee, I don't want more enemies. Like it's fine. Vladimir, you can have it. I never thought I'd hear you saying that statement. Yeah. Wouldn't be me last year. Yeah. I think we're this something that most people, but no, no, it's definitely something beautiful. And a lot of people have, you know, you'd be surprised at how many women as well, like, because obviously, the the accusations of misogyny is, you know, but but a lot of women

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Hamdulillah, especially in the Muslim world, they're absolutely happy. In fact, let me tell you a story. Just before I came here today, one, one particular woman, I can't reveal her identity, but she's working as a school teacher in London. And actually, my friend told me that she was kicked out of school, because they had this campaign against you in the schools. I'm not sure if you're aware of it. Yeah, this was part of the cancellation. I didn't know about this. Yeah. So in British schools, they said, you know, if you say anything good about if you if you say anything good about this person, or you have to be reported or prevented. And if you say anything, you know, you have to

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kind of combat his extremism or whatever, maybe, right. So she because when you became Muslim, she abstained from doing that. She said, I can't really do that. Because, you know, Islamic laws, and it's backbiting and he's got honor in Islam and so on. And unfortunately, they fired her from that from the position now. So you can see that this is the level of encroachment we're talking about here. So and this shows you that the level of fraternity that exists, and not only the fact that you know, when you're looking at Twitter, whatever, Twitter or whatever, social media, it's not a representation of what's really happening, of course, of course, and I mean, that's crazy to hear.

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And what's most crazy is yeah, the the fervor behind this idea that I'm somehow extremist is truly, it's truly clown world. Like I've sat as a professional and and analyzed my content and understood which things can be taken out of context and which things were said in a way that perhaps they wouldn't shouldn't have been said before. I was massively famous, but we have to sit here and understand that if you take anybody on the planet and give them seven years of YouTube, and then they decide and they blow up big, you're gonna be able to find 30 to 45 seconds of fame.

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up across all those years that can be taken out of context, right? And, and, and it's truly crazy because they sit and say, oh, yeah, but you know, the young boys are watching your stuff, and they don't truly understand all of it. And there's nuance that's missing. And my argument is very simple. My argument is, well, one, you're taking small clips out of context. And two, there's not a single piece of content on the internet that 14 year old boy can't misunderstand name somebody named someone who's producing content, the internet that you would be 100% Happy for a 14 year old drill artists. And so they said, I live in an area that I'm not gonna mention the names of the artists but

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they're talking about going and going to this person's house and killing and killing him in the middle of a knife crime epidemic. We have little NAS twerking on having sex with the devil and his music videos. Like we're gonna sit here and talk about how children can be impressionable young children. And I'm sitting there saying there's no way I'm the worst person and then deleted made a difference for them is, as you've mentioned, on those on those fronts, it doesn't matter to them because it's like, okay, they're consuming our hedonistic products, or whatever it is, that doesn't change their worldview. Whereas what you're saying is ideological, now you're, you're challenging

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the status quo. Of the LW of the liberal world order. You're challenging. Second way feministic notions, you're challenging some liberal notions, you're challenging ideas, commonplace ideas are of tolerance. And George Orwell said very well, he said that the more a society moves away from the truth, the more hates people who speak it. Absolutely. And you're and you're right. And I think even the basic things I teach, because some people have said to me, Andrew, all you teach about is personal responsibility, motivation, working hard, getting up and doing the right thing I said, That's the absolute, those are the things they're most afraid of. If you teach people to have

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standards for themselves, and to be morally strong people and to know right from wrong, then they can't brainwash you. So that's what they're most afraid of. They're most afraid of young men waking up and going, No, I don't believe that. You have to believe it. No, I don't believe it. I don't want to I want to go do this. I want to go to the gym and be strong, or I want to believe X, or I want to be a moral person. They genuinely have a problem with baseline morality. Yes. Understand what some people recognize when I convert to Islam, that there was a time I was an atheist, there was a time when I was atheistic. And the reason I am now so absolutely certain that God is real is because I've

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seen evil. I've seen che Tom, I've seen it, when you see enough evil, you realize that there must be an equal and opposite force. And there are people out there in the world today doing the work of the devil, genuine demons who are trying to destroy the baseline morality that's inside of all of us. We're all born with some kind of morality and the trying to destroy it. And that's exactly the Islamic understanding that we believe that you're born with something called FITARA, which is the initial goodness, you're you're born with an innate belief receptivity to believe in one God. And then that is corrupted. In fact, there's a prophet, Hadith of the Prophet where he says, Kulu, the

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new ledger and fitrah, every born child is born upon this initial goodness for Abba, who you help with any, oh, you know, serrania, you might just say that, and then his father and mother or his parents, they socialized him into, you know, Christianity, Judaism, Judaism. So the idea is that everyone is born with this initial goodness, and this initial will want to believe in God, one God. And then as you mentioned, I mean, it's what you're mentioning here is really is profound, because you're mentioning a central doctrine in Islam. But but it's and this is why perhaps I found God the way I did, because I understood all these things. Verse And then I saw the Quran and it confirmed so

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many things for me, you know, like, even the conversations I've been having. So far. So many things have been confirmed. And it's amazing the knowledge that's inside of it, which is so applicable today. Yeah, for for old book, right. You know, it's supposed to be old, but it seems so, so timeless. But it's truly amazing. But you're totally right. And, and the baseline morality, I don't think most people understand that when they're doing this under the guise of tolerance, when they're saying be so tolerant, that you no longer believe in right from wrong. They're not doing that to make society a better place. They're doing that to empty your brain so that you have no resistance

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to the slave mind programming. They want to get you to a point where if they tell you the sky is green, you look at with your own eyes. Yeah, and you see blue, but no, the sky is green. That's what they want. So that you have to have nothing in your brain that can prevent that if you have God. If you have no I believe this is right and wrong. If you have personal responsibility, if you have self accountability, if you're a person who sticks up for what he believes all that's bad to them, they want all of that gone. So they could tell you the sky is green. And and I don't want to say too much because I don't want the stream to end but they're going to tell you something much worse than the

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sky is green. They're gonna tell you something else. And it's they're trying to program us all into slaves. And I remember when I was in my undergraduate days, and I was reading a particular book by this guy called Jeremy Bentham, who became like, you know, the spiritual forefather of Jay SMIL, who is the father of like social liberalism of today. And I remember reading this because it was so powerful because it linked to something I read in the Quran. He said that, you know, you have two gods. He said, you have the God of pain and you have the God of pleasure. And I thought, This is so interesting. The Quran states you know, for 18 minutes Tada ILAHA Have you seen the one who takes

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his Oh

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own desires as a god, and because now there is no transcendental force that we can look up and as you say, venerate. Now we're forced to be slaves to the system were to our own desires. Or, I mean the Quran has another verse, which I think is so powerful and connects very well with what you're saying. It says, God don't have Allahu muslin. Raju learn that God has struck a parable of a man fish or a cat motor, Sharky sunnah, that he's got many different slave owners, what? Solomon, Lyra Julian and another kind of man who's only got one slave owner. He's got he's basically telling us in the Quran, that you've got one example of one individual who's got multiple slave owners, and

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another one with just one he says hell yesterday and the masala are they the same. So here the idea is, as Rousseau said that he's liberal philosophy said that man is born free, but everywhere in chains. This is the order because if you don't have that, God to worship, then you're going to end up having to worship to everything else. And the whole part of the shahada, which she took, which is a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, the true meaning of that La Ilaha illa Allah is that there is no God worthy of worship, except for one God, which means that your, your desires, or the system or these people that want to control us, they are the problem is they're not worthy of

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worship, the only one worthy of our sub subordination and submission is the Creator of the heavens and earth. There's no one else I agree. And it's, it's, it's, I completely agree. And I've agreed with this for the longest time, you know, I've never been to like a music concert. And people asked me why. And I said, I just look at it and I feel embarrassed. I look at someone up on a stage dancing round, and I look at hundreds of 1000s of peasants in the crowd. Just yeah, I'm like, it's a bear. I'm I feel cringe. It's like secondhand embarrassment. When I see these festivals, and everyone's losing their mind or these music concerts. I genuinely feel embarrassed for the people

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who go because to me, that is a form of worship, like you can listen to the music at home for free. You don't have to wait in that line and stand out in the cold. And I don't know, perhaps it was a bit extreme. But I've always known that they're trying to give us false idols to some degree. And when I speak to atheists, Atheists say, Oh, I don't believe in God, but they've signed up so hard to the liberal woke agenda there is religious as anybody, but they're just believing in the wrong things. They're believing in degeneracy. They're believing in the work of the devil. So humans always need something to believe in. And it's a great thing you said about your own desires. It's

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like one guy I was talking to since my conversion says it's interesting that somebody with everything all the Western world, and everything somebody could want is that has now converted and I said yeah, because even before my conversion, I understood that Hedden ism is a black hole, and you can never fill it. You're never going to be able to have enough girls to be happy with girls. You're never going to have enough money to be happy with money to be able to, you know, drink enough to be happy with drinking, like it's a black hole, and you can pour endless things down it but you'll never fill it up and you need to have some degree of self restraint. And I've always been a very

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disciplined person. I've never made mistakes, but certainly Yeah, the higher power is going to give you more satisfaction in your heart and endless endless insanity.