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October 30, 2022

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Abdullah Oduro

Channel: Abdullah Oduro

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh made peace and blessings be upon all of you beasts out there. We just completed another beast seminar here in Houston, Texas, and we're waiting for you at a masjid or a gym or a field near you, the beasts program is growing, are you going to become a part of it? Many of you that don't remember, B stands for Building essential aesthetics for strong or solid transformation. These young men out there, some of them are confused. Some of them want to have some type of role model to understand what it means to be a beast, but in particular, what it means to be a man in society. But we want to understand that from the Islamic framework, not from

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anyone else that has a certain type of pill to give us as though we're sick and we need some medication. We want to understand what it means to be a Muslim man from the Quranic and Sunni worldview. What does that mean? We're in a gym because that's a part of our reality, to understand our physicality, so join us for the next beasts program at a mosque or particularly a gym near you go to Abdullah That's Abdullah APDU Llah Oh, zero, o d u r And figure out when the next BS program will be. May Allah bless you all. Stay tuned. Santa Monica Rahmatullah.