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wa Salatu was alamanda Mallanna Viva La Mulana Mira

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Loma de la kita Baba kitakami

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Maria Tabata, Shariati a mama

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a Tony rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Well surgery while Charlie Nash said the following

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my dear respected elders and brothers,

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we are the time of the year.

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We are approaching the Mubarak and blessed month of July

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and we know that the first 10 days of Sol headjam are very blessed days in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran has taken an oath on these 10 days, well forgery in action, Allah tala takes and also on fudger when forgery while I am in a shower and the 10 days and 10 nights, the Olimar right that this 10 days refers to the 10 days of zoology and the llama further say that in these days when we do good deeds, our good deeds are multiplied and the sin is also regarded to be more severe.

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Allah further tell us that comparatively to Ramadan, the nights of Ramadan amo Mubarak and blessing then the Knights of the ledger, because in there is little cotton. However, in terms of the days, Allah say that the days of Zul hijjah, are more rewarding and more virtuous than the days of Hutch because in days the day of alpha. So these are very, very important days. In ahaadeeth nebia cream sauce limited mermin a yaman Amano salia houfy hiner appui Rama him in Javi hill

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there is no days in the calendar in the Islamic calendar, in which good days are so rewarded and loved by Allah. Then the good deeds done in the first 10 days of no other days Sahaba sathyaraj Salah even jihad, Nabi saw some said yes, she had only one exception, where a person sacrifice his wealth any his life in the path of Allah. Otherwise besides this exception, no other days his good deeds more rewarded by law

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to Annie Williams, Jackie mubaraka yummy or Husky on behalf and Atlantic Quran Mei Zulu Hey Jackie does didn't kick us some cayenne, kissy beaten camel or kawaman Allah tala Queen does Dino ki ki MLC, Sierra maboob nee mugger wash ox drop nanomol Coco banchory en la cara. So it's important for us to value this It comes in a statement with our lamb I have made mentioned for conocida jubair either de la shala. Each terhadap Ht harden kathira say dibny Jumeirah was one of the great tabbies he said when this 10 days came, he used to exert himself in remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala exert himself in Nevada. So it's a very important 10 days that we are coming and most likely Sunday

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evening in South Africa will see the start of the month of will hijack. Then another aspect is that this is the beginning of the days of Hajj is very important. The days of Hajj, the first 10 days are known as the days of Hajj. Now although many of us cannot go for Hajj not know is it possible that everyone can go for Hajj in the same year. But it is important that our yearning, our love, our desire should be that we are on the edge. And we should have that ambition. We should have that yearning. We should have that desire that we can also perform hajj, even if we are not there. To have the desire to have that yearning you will get the reward in a heartbeat is a very beautiful

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Hadith nivia Karim salsola one day was in a journey of tabuk Now listen to this beautiful Hadith, Neville saw Salaam was been a year journey for a book and maybe a cream salesman said that what ever mountain you pass whatever step you take in this particular journey. There are people in Medina they will get the same

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You are getting half

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the day could not come because because of some reason and excuse, they could not make this journey but they wanted to come because they wanted to come whatever steps you are taking, they're getting rewarded. So even if you cannot make it for heart if your desire is there,

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if only I could have been there who knows Allah will give you the reward of Hajj.

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This is a hadith of every source alum. Except for maybe a creme de la

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camisa pooch nog he seemed much Buri keeping up Irwin Medina Maha mother on call Samurai to come get the Monday at camera sad boy. So this particular aspect and one reason in a mood douchery there's a hadith that do not cut your nails and pay your nails and cut your hair in the first 10 days of Egypt. Now why why do you do that? Why do you do that? It is to emulate the Haji

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ha jokin knuckle who

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does a jacket this gentleman asked for balikatan Can you imagine just the aspect of emulating the Archie? We don't cut our nails and we do not cut our our hair to emulate the algae. So this is something that we have to keep in mind although we might not be there. And today of course we know this quote as you might not be able to go someone gives you a PSA. How did you get into the queue? Did you get into the line? Did you get how much all of that you know it's difficult but at least our our minds and already from now's when our thoughts must be going with a hug. Sometimes you can do deeds which Allah tala can give you the reward of Hajj. But I will make mention of some of those

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deeds. This is very interesting incident of Halloween movie. I made mention of it previous years also. Abdullah

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says he saw a dream in the days of Hajj when he was in hajj. Allah subhanho wa Taala there were two foresters where he saw in a dream to flourish as we're conversing. And what he's saying that did Allah tala accept everyone's heard. So he said, Allah knows whether Allah will accept everyone's hearts or delight. In the dream I felt he Allah so many people came, Allah will accept or maybe not accept the Hajj. Then one angel said that there is a person I think it was in Damascus, his name is Ali bin Morpheus, because of him and natella is accepted the head of everyone. So

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he started his dream alipay mafia is in Damascus. And because of him, Allah has accepted everyone's hatch after Haji when I think it was Damascus most likely. You see, I went I went in search of a Libyan muh*a and I met him. I said, Tell me your story. Did you go for Hajj? He said no. He said Why did you get such a reward that Allah gave you the reward of a hygiene because of you? And I accepted everyone's Hajj. What is the reason? He said century have asked me Let me tell you, he said I collected money for Hajj for 30 years. For 30 years I collected money for Hajj. And one day I went to my neighbor and I you know normally it was a time they were eating. And instead normally when you

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come in go to a neighbor's house, he tells you eating time Come and eat. He says they were reluctant to call me for meals and I found out why are they reluctant to call me for meals. So I asked him so they can told me the neighbor told me he said we have not eaten for so many days. And because if

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the situation of a force situation will come upon us, I found a dead animal. I took the meat of the dead animal and I'm feeding my family because they are dying of hunger. And I couldn't tell you to eat because you are not in that situation. And if we move it said I took all my money that I collected for Hajj I gave it to that family. Abdullah Mubarak Ramadan malaria so in a dream that Allah tala accepted his Hajj and because of him and Natalie accepted the Hajj of everyone in a hadith mentioned is made, there are certain deeds that if you do Allah gives you the reward of Hajj and Umrah

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our really three there are many of them I have made eight to 10 but three which are very, very relevant. It comes in a hadith it comes in addition a Buddha Buddha Maharaja min Beatty him mutata Aaron Miller Surat Al mokuba for Andrew Kadri Gil Mohammed Kamikaze whoever leaves his house making Wazoo from the house and then he comes in performs a lot what Jamaat in the masjid, Allah will give him the reward for complete Hajj.

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So make your Wazoo from home. And then you come to the mercy to perform Salah Jamaat, in Abu Dhabi Sharif, the Hadith, Allah will give you the reward of a complete Hajj mix Allah Makoto from home whatever it is also will get happy.

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Also will get happy kids as a gift

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pay less for the water. And of course it is more closer to the sauna. And you get this off of a hedge. So this is one, the secondary hula and this is in a hadith. The limit said whoever performs Serato Rama and he remains in the very same place remembering Allah. Then he performs his shots a lot. He makes this

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and then he makes dua, Allah tala gives him the reward of a complete Hutch and that gives him the reward of a complete Hajj and in karate raises most beautiful Hadith Masada lol Majid La Ilaha tala halen oh you Oliver who can Allahu Kadri ha Jin we ever goes to the masjid and his intention is to learn something of Allah kilometer Allah has knowledge or to teach it and that Allah will give him the reward of Hajj. So, these are some of the hobbies which I make mentioned three I made mention of it. I made mentioned that in depth, Allah tala gives you the reward of Hajj Subhan Allah. So these are some of the aspects that we got to keep in mind, so that our heart is turned towards those who

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are going for Hajj. And Allah tala will reward us with regard to that. Then Furthermore, sha Allah subhanaw taala

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a very amazing thing, one of our great scholars, he writes and he says that in these 10 days,

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we strengthen our relationship with Ibrahim alayhi salaatu wa Salaam Shah, will you learn more?

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In this destino, man, Ebrahim le Salatu was Salam kizad hum, Abner rich taco or apne rustico almost good banality. Our our taluk in our relationship with the primary salat wa salam is well known in the Holy Quran. And Allah says, millet, Abby O'Meara him who has a multiple muslimin follow the millet and the way of Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. He is the one who called you Muslim. We can never forget that debt of gratitude that we owe to Ibrahim alayhi salaatu wa Salaam on many occasions and many situations and reasons. One of them is a primary Salam. He is the one who told us and he gave us the name Muslim who are some Komal muslimeen he gave us a title of Muslim, he is the

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one when Allah subhanho wa Taala after he had completed the construction of the Baitullah, then he made to earth and his dwis made mentioned in the Holy Quran.

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In the contest, similarly to Ballina in Atlanta tawakkol Rahim Allah accept from me, you are all hearing and you are all knowing, and you forgive my shortcomings. And then he may do our Ba ba ba see him Rasulullah Minh whom he actually himayat he will use a key when you Alamo Makita will hikma reppin our coffee masala mean home yaku Allah him I A Tico Alamo. Makita will hit Mata we use a key. He made dua, to enlarge to grant US Navy aquariums a lot while he was a wellness center amongst them. The people of Makkah, someone that maybe after a Navy, the last Navy, he will have these type of qualities. So Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam is very close to us. And therefore not Allah says in

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the Holy Quran, Madonna Ibrahim yahudi Yolanda serrania manakin karna hanifa Muslim. They said, you know, the Jews in the Christian says that he primally salat wa salam is days. So Allah Allah says in the hole and mercy Rahim Allah Allah

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will Latina ma the people who are closest to where Imani Salam is now via cream sauce lamb and his followers, Makana Ibrahim Yehuda Rania. He is not a nasrani on yahudi He is not a Jew in a Christian even if you like to lay claim upon him. He has a honey for Muslims. He is the one who is a Muslim. And what is a Muslim? A Muslim is He who submits his world to the will of Allah.

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Allah tala

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or Yeah, Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam subset beracha subsea Bara Johanna one kitchen a hustler. His greatest quality is that he is the one who submitted his world to the world of Allah subhanho wa Taala and therefore he became Helene. Manasa no Dena min min Aslam. La wahoo amasian whatever amelita Ibrahima hanifa. What de la Ibrahima Halina, whose deal is better than the one who submits his world to Allah. He forgets his own world his own desire, and he puts his desire and he submits his desire to the will of Allah whose Deen is better than one who does that. And I have made Ibrahim my family my friend will Mr. saying that the reason why Allah tala put that one

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Allah, Allah Allah after this is because there is no one who gave a better example of submission submission to the will of Allah. Then Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam is an Arabic saying whether it is something that came directly from Ibrahim or it is something that is derived from his life. So it is said that Allah tala someone asked Ibrahim

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How did you become the friend of Allah

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Subhana Allah What a beautiful reply zabadani halsell Anika he said it. It was the manifestation of his life, but also enough seal in Iran. Mali with a fun Albania Rahman, Juana de Lille Urban hanabi ha ha salido Rahman. What happened? How did you become a Sultan of seal in Iran? I sacrificed my life in front of the fire.

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I've sacrificed my life in front of the fire. You would recall the theatres in the Holy Quran that when Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam broke the idols of the people that he was staying with. And they said, We have to do something with regard to it.

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called the early Athena follow seminar. room you probably know who Ibrahim Ibrahim is the one who broke our idols and he broke it to make the people realize you cannot worship idols worship Allah, Who is the one who gives you benefit and who can harm and no one else besides Allah tala can do such a thing. So that they realize and said that we have come to one pseudo Ali Khan to finally do something to help you idols so they put up a big fire. And when they put up a big fire, they were about to throw Ibrahim alayhi salaatu wa Salaam into the fire. And when they were about to throw into the fire, the angels came and said, Oh Allah, you have heel is about to be burned. Are you good

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to allow this? Come, we're going to assist him. So a letter has told us angels go in a system but only assist him if he asked you for assistance. If we don't ask you for assistance, don't necessarily. So Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. When he was about to be thrown into the fire the angels came and I said oh Ibrahim Allah, Allah has told us and now he has commanded us if you say so can you give us a permission? We will take this fire and throw it into the enemies. Those who have put up this fire We will throw it back at them. And he bramalea salat wa salam Salam aleikum. wa.

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Felice just from you. I don't need any assistance. Amma illega fella for you. I don't need any assistance if Allah wants to burn me Our burn. And another Allah tala dancer Puna Yana Cooney Berto, Salama Ibrahim, oh fire become cold with peace upon Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, Buddle turnipseed in Iran, I presented my life in front of the fire and then Mali they find one of the great qualities of a primary Salam. Remember what Shama Lula said in these 10 days we are strengthening our relationship with the primary salatu salam. One of the great qualities of Ibrahim alayhi salaatu wa Salaam was entertaining guests. Whenever Raja Arturo Suna Ibrahim annville, Bushra corlew, Salama

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Kala salam, from Allah Mita, Anja, habitually nanny. And remember that time when visitors came to Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, they made him Salam he made Salaam and in a very short time he brought in front of them or rose that calf. That was Ibrahim alayhi salaatu wa Salaam always entertaining guests. Today we get a guest who says we're going to buy your fish and chips.

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That's what our situation is. Are we going to the restaurant? I'm not saying is wrong, but I'm just saying that there has to be Montana up law he will fill up. He who believes in Allah in the last day, he will entertain his guests. He will he will he will appreciate his guests one day but I managed salatu salam could not find he did not find anyone to eat. So he looked went out in search of someone he found an old person he brought him I said come and meet with me. I don't want to eat alone. I want to have some guests in front of me. So he brought the guest and then just as he was about to eat, he said, Let us start off with the name of Allah and he took the name of Allah. This

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person said to him, why did you bring me here? I don't believe in Allah Allah. Allah, Allah Allah. And he Bramley salatu salam was so close to Allah, that he couldn't even bear this that someone can say I don't believe in Allah. So he said rather you don't eat with me. So he went away. Allah subhanho wa Taala send down. Ye upon Ibrahim alayhi salatu wa salam o Ibrahim, you couldn't feed him one meal. Despite the fact that he doesn't believe in me. I have been feeding him for the past 70 years. Or Ibrahim you couldn't feed him one meal. I have been feeding him for 70 years. Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam went in search for him. He brought him in and he told him to eat

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irrespective of who believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. After that he ated he became a Muslim

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Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. When we save in sha Allah, Allah say we strengthen our relationship. This is one of the qualities of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam and that Allah has made mention in the Holy Quran, then the man mentioned me,

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man, if there was anyone you know, it was amazing that he was the one who was prepared to sacrifice and his heart was only towards Almighty Allah. In Ebrahim karna

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hanifa when

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people are heavily insulin, all the time was turning towards Almighty Allah. And if I made mentioned previously mangusta used to say that Allah tala says Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was honey if you know what the meaning of honeybees honey was, he can bear the loss of everyone else besides the love of Allah He can support your natal akiho Jana, yeah honey, to leave everything and to turn towards Almighty Allah. This is haniff when we strengthen our relationship with the Prime Minister, this is one of the qualities of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam. And then he said that what is this? What are the little Quran in Allah subhanho wa Taala told him and told him that sacrifice yours child for the

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sake of Allah, that also he did so and he did so willingly. And what did Allah Allah say in the Holy Quran with regard to a philam Aslam Allah makes mention of the entire incident time doesn't allow me and what Allah Allah says, Allah Allah told him all the aspects of slaughtering yourself sacrificing yourself. And after when he and his son were prepared and mattresses Paloma hustla that one quality I said, Melissa to sum up Napa natalka Super Karna submitting your world to the world of Allah. So Allah says when they were about to do it, what will allow us in the Quran when they submitted to the Oval Office?

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And that is why when they submit it to the wall of Allah, we do Qurbani every year to commemorate that supreme submission. Nevis. Awesome, said Mahajan. What is the meaning of oath here? Maybe Sam said soon to be me, Brahim, the sunat of forefather Abraham manisa. So brothers in short, who will conclude with us in this coming 10 years I've met him in 10 days sorry, we made mention with regard to how most most the D The days in which could be the most appreciated by law. Then we made mentioned that let us build a resume resonance with regard to those people who are going for Hajj. And we made mention of those armelle through which Allah Allah will give you the reward of Hajj. And

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then we made mention that these are the 10 days, we strengthen our relationship with the Prime Minister to Islam, and I gave you some of his qualities and he suffered. May Allah bring it in amongst us.

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