A Serious Message From Africa

Mohammed Hijab


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The speaker discusses a video he took with them in Ghana, where they met with thousands of people in remote villages. They discuss the importance of bringing hope and dreams to people in a difficult area, and how it is a responsibility that everyone can take on. They also talk about the impact of the pandemic on people, such as the lack of water and schools being shutting down.

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Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh We're here in the Northern Region of Ghana, we've come out with the team, like we have been doing all week to visit different villages, each and every one remote in its own way, some not having school, some having no water, every village has a new difficulty. We find, you know, yesterday, I was speaking to an entire village of people, and I asked the elders,

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what do you want for the children? Like, what is the dream? What is the hope for these children? And the reply was, we want them to be like you. And by that they don't mean you know, they want them to look like me, or they want them to sound like me, or they want them to dress like me or anything like that. What they mean is we want them to have the opportunities that you have, we want them to have the life that you have. As simple as that. And that was really, really, it really, really touched my heart. We went on to see the water that people were using our promise it was, it was what it was water that when they gave it to me, I found it hard to do will do with that water, let alone

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drink that water we carried on. And we found 1000s of people living in villages. And there wasn't a single one that had ever received an education. There wasn't a single one that had ever been to school. None of these children around me have ever been to school. None of them have received any form of education. Yet people like me and you have all of these blessings on our doorstep.

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We just take them for granted. What me and you take for granted is literally a dream. For these children. It's something that they dream about. It's something that their parents pray for. And yet, we take it for granted. And this isn't a fundraising video. This isn't me asking anybody for any money, or anything. This is just me, sharing my thoughts and my feelings with you showing you that it is real. I was watching a film the other day. And it was something that was set 1000 years ago. And my friend that was watching it with me said Savonarola Look how people used to live 1000 years ago. And then I came here to Ghana, and I realize it's no different. Because what we were watching,

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they didn't have water, there's no water. They didn't have education, there's no education, they didn't have no big buildings, they didn't have all the luxuries that we wake up with every single day. And surely these luxuries, we're going to be questioned about surely we know what their test is. But why is our test, waking up every single day with these luxuries.

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And not being grateful for them, not thanking Allah for them.

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It's crazy. It's like coming to a whole different world. It makes you feel ashamed of yourself. You disgusted with yourself that you did not take your education seriously. But somebody else is dreaming about the amount of water that we waste when I told them that we have water in every household hot, cold, unlimited supply.

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The sense of honor you're living in heaven

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and you don't even know it. They could not even fathom the fourth of having that water supply in the whole hot water cold water as much as you want. It's absolutely crazy for these guys to imagine that.

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So inshallah we're going to carry on our work here. We're ready to serve.

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And we've dedicated our lives to inshallah

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the betterment of not just these children, but children all around the world. So I'll take this opportunity to thank everybody that supported us. And thank everybody that will continue to support us.

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And may that be the means that you enter Jannah through helping people just like this. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh