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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a woman who led prayer in a church, and later led a group of women in a church. They also mention a Hadee where women can lead other women in prayer, and a woman who was able to lead a family in prayer. The speaker encourages viewers to share their own experiences and donate to the foundation of the foundation.
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Can a woman lead other women in congregational prayer?

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Yes, this is something that women can do. And this is established by the actions of the wives of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam in a marriage and that hasn't been reported by hacking, basically Ibn abee shaybah, we learned that I shadowed a lot more on her. She led the women in prayer and letting Nisa she led the women in prayer. And then she stood in their middle, meaning she did not stand in front of them, like a man does when leading people in prayer. Rather, she stood in the SFX meeting, she was standing in the middle of the roll. So there were women to her right side and also to her left side, in another narration, which has been reported by even a ba ba and also of the

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rezac. We learned that in Santa Marta de la Miranda used to lead women in prayer in the month of Ramadan. And she would also stand in the soft in the role in the middle. So from the actions of Selma and I shall deliver on her, we learned that a woman can lead other women in prayer. And this can be in Ramadan, for therapy, and also outside of Ramadan. for regular prayers. This can be done, but the method is slightly different. And that method is that the Imam will stand in the south with the women. There's also another Hadees that we learned in Abuja, where we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told a worker to lead her family in prayer, and she would also stand in

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the south in order to lead her family. Hey, thank you for watching and subscribe so you can continue to get the rest of the videos I don't know what somewhere over here, there, whatever whatnot is beautiful. This, this series of videos face IQ, and we need your support and that's by watching it by sharing it and then by donating towards so we continue to make more videos that deal with more of your issues. Does that Kamala Harris Philharmonic Mark Matala

Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair explains

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