Abu Bakr Zoud – O Allah guide me and make guidance easy for me

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulty of asking for ease in worship during difficult situations, such as court proceedings. They also criticize the way Islam is portrayed in the media and encourage listeners to ask for ease in worship.
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From the drop of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to say Allahu madonie Allah guide me he didn't used to stop there. He used to say why a city, Luda Lee and made guidance easy for me to you know for us. A lot of the times it's very easy that we ask allows origin to make our worldly life matters easy. You're going through a difficulty. You see a brother Brother, make a lot of a lot makes it easy for me. Someone is struggling to get married. brother asked a lot that he makes it easy for me. Someone is going to court tomorrow. But please don't forget me in your

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make. Rama makes it easy for me. Someone's going through financial difficulty or law. Make my affairs easy for me. That's good that's required. But what about your worship? How come the 100 selected for God you missed? You didn't even care to ask after all law helped me to get up for selected physio.

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And know that you're reading and you keep stuttering and you just gave up? Why didn't you ask a lot to make it easy for you to read? Why didn't you ask a lot of soldier ease in Islamic religious matters? Why is it always asking a lot of ease in this worldly life? You know why? The heart has been corrupted, close. The heart only looks at worldly matters. That's all it's caring about. And the honest the bottom line honesty is we don't care about the worship. We don't care. If we cared we would have would have simply DDoS Cyril Huda Lee made guidance easy for me. Make it easy upon me that I get up and attempt salata, Jana, and pray with the congregation of the Muslims make it easy

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for me that I continue my fasting after I'm about how come that's not included in the

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event we need to learn that this is supposed to be an integral part of our life that we continuously and consistently ask Allah subhanahu wa tada that he helped us in aid us in our worship.

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