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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the issue of addiction and the potential consequences of alcohol use disorder. It highlights the struggles of addiction and the potential consequences of drinking alcohol, as well as the devastating consequences of drug and substance abuse. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to avoid drinking alcohol and avoid drug use disorder, as it is responsible for over 3 million deaths every year. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of alcoholism and the potential for deadly alcohol use disorder.
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Smilla hamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam Welcome to another episode of

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prophetic Chronicles inshallah another short story that we find in the tradition of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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It was reported in the collection of Imam in necessity,

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Rahim Allah, or

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oh man, all the Allahu Anhu

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he will hammer off her inner hair on Mulholland Drive.

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I said avoid hammer, a hammer is a is a is, is anything that impairs the individual's judgment specifically in the old days Hammer was the name given to wine or different types of alcoholic beverages that were known at that time

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that had the

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the influence that modern day alcoholic beverages we'll have? Right? So So again, it says avoided is tenable. Right, stay away from it. He's not saying do not drink it. He's saying stay away from it don't come anywhere near for in her life.

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For it is the mother of all evil

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is the mother of all evils. And then he related the story.

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A story

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that we're told about that basically illustrates and shows the evil consequences of drinking.

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So the story goes as follows. In the hotel era, you know me man holla Kubla Khan.

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There was a man among those who came before you.

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this man

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was a devoted worshiper. Again, another story that involves someone who isolated himself or he basically devoted himself to worship.

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So Alia, cut him rotten.

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And immoral woman or, you know, fell in love with him.

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You know, whether she saw him she interacted with him or she heard about him, someone fell in love with him. In another version of this particular story, it says that

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the ruler or a powerful person of that time or a king, right,

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wanted to

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basic basically had a plan to,

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you know, basically lead him astray or to bring him out of this. Right. So, they said that he was behind this plan. So this woman basically

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came up with a plot or a plan. It says in the Hadith, thought I'm Salat la yatta yatta Ha, the pilot in Allah drew Christianity from Pollock in Anna DeLuca, the shahada so she sent him her servant, her maid. And she said that we want you for to witness something, to bear witness for some testimony. You know, we need a witness, and we've heard about your righteousness and all of that, and that you are a trustworthy person. So come with us. So that man was very innocent, he didn't know that there was any you know, vicious plan behind any of this. So he went with her.

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And he entered obviously this

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place or this very fancy palace or place of residence for toffee coolabah kala bourbon Ellicott who do now and he kept going through different rooms or chambers. And every time he goes through a door, she likes it.

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And he didn't make any that did not

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raise any suspicion on his part. But every time he crosses the door, he she basically locks it behind him.

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What if blah Ilan Marathi. Meanwhile the well the he said until until he ended up he found himself in a room or in a chamber with a very attractive lady or woman

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in the house

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and there was a young boy present there.

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We're about to hammer in.

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Right? And she had a vessel

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right or a container full of wine

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for college in New Allahumma Zhao to carry shahada she she said to him by Allah

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Baba symbolized

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Quran Mala had Simona Villa Weatherhead. You know, it's very interesting how people invoke the name of Allah. She said to Allah, He by Allah, we did not invite you to bear witness for anything.

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And I said, it's interestingly she's, she's using the name of Allah, she's saying Wallahi. And this is, unfortunately, very common. Right?

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And I said, one of the weirdest thing that I've heard recently is atheist, right, swearing by Allah saying well lie.

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So, so anyways, she said, we this is not the plan, what we called you for is actually, I want to give you, she basically told him, how she felt about him. She said,

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So you either become mine, and you sleep with me.

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She said to him, or you drink from this wine,

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or you kill this child.

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So obviously, he thought to himself that the lesser of these are all evil things. But which one would be the lesser of all of the two, but the three evils? Which one?

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Obviously, you thought drinking, I drink I get, you know, what's the worst that could happen? I drink Hollis. And that's it. If it's going to hurt anyone who's going to hurt me. But I'm not going to hurt an innocent child. I'm not going to take an innocent life. And I'm not going to, to engage in illicit like, you know, I'm not going to have any relationship with her. So he thought to himself, this is from the deception of Chevron and from the lack of knowledge. Right? Because, you know, so, so he said, You know what, I rather drink so, so I'll take I'll take a cup

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ILF has been even had an MRI CAT scan for SOHCAHTOA cancer. She knew what she was doing.

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So, he, she gave him she said he said you know what? I rather drink so she gave him a cup. After he drank a cup. He waited a little bit and he said Z Dooney

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he said, You know what? Give me more.

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So she gives him more.

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He said Fill him yummy.

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Fella Miriam.

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Yanni let me as a

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HUD waka Allah, wa Katella knifes

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hataoka They are bottlenose they're called Fujitani will hammer off her into her Wallah. He'll tell me on Eman what you demand on hammary. Allah Allah you Sheikha yo creo I had to Hamas.

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If you're Albion's

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so she said, he said, so she, he took a cup.

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And then he said, Give me more. So they kept he kept asking for more, they kept giving him more, until he ended up sleeping with her. And he eventually killed this innocent person.

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Right now her plan may have not been for him to kill anyone. Right? But she wanted basically to put them in this predicament her plan was all along was if he drinks he's going to loosen up and then I'm going to get whatever I want. But he didn't stop there. When he got drunk, and he did what he did, he actually went as far as actually killing the child. So if Natalie Allah I know said so therefore you should avoid drinking for it is the mother of all evils. And if someone becomes addicted to it, if someone who if a believer becomes addicted to it, one or the other is going to push the other one away. One of the two elements, the two are not going to remain there.

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Either email is going to overcome this person and help this person get rid of this addiction or eventually the person is going to lose their email. And in the Hadith says that would mean no humble person who basically is addicted to alcohol will not make it to Jana will be deprived from the hammer of Jana.

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Why am I mentioning this someone someone might say well is

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This is a really a Muslim problem. Well, first of all, we don't talk about this. When was the last time you heard someone warn one? Our community from drinking? Right?

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But we don't realize that actually, there is a growing number of people that belong to our community. I'm talking about the Muslim community large, especially with the, you know, secular, you know,

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with people becoming more and more secular or less,

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you know, conservative, there's growing number of people who occasionally drink and then eventually they become hooked to this. Right. One of the recent statistics that I saw was 40 46% of Muslim

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students on various campuses. Right? You get peer pressure you get you get pushed to your your, you know, and you think, Okay, what's the big deal? One sip one cup, what's the big deal?

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But that's not where it stops. Right? Also, another very common problem that has been a serious problem for for a long time, is

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Muslim business owners that deal with this and provide this we know that this is so evil, you're not supposed to only not drink it, but in an authentic hadith, right? If in our model, the Allahu Anhu says, learn that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Learn Allah Al Hamra. Allah Subhana Allah the Almighty has cursed, humble,

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right again, humbled it's not only wine, sometimes translated as wine, but it's anything that has the effect of wine, anything that intoxicates and impairs the judgment of a person, anything that actually takes away from you.

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Right, this amazing gift of reason and Judgment that Allah azza wa jal has distinguished human beings from there were people in the times of Jamelia before Islam, when they saw what drinking and getting drunk would do to them and how it will actually completely make them undignified. They vow not to ever drink. This is before Islam. Earth man himself by the way, Earth model the Allahu Anhu reported the story of man himself.

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He forbade himself from drinking alcohol, he was one of the people who did not drink even before Islam.

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And he was one of the people due to his high sense of of modesty. He was one of the people who also did not engage in any unlawful relationship. He did not have, you know, relationship with a woman outside marriage. Probably Alon follow a man magazine at vija Helia tinola Islam model the line, what can I mean Alladhina haram on

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the line.

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So, so even I want to say that the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam says, Allah has cursed or May Allah curse, wine or anything of that nature. Right? Well Shall Riba and the drinker

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was off to the server.

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Well, that the seller

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will move to Aha, the buyer

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will what I say to her and the person that processes it, and presses it, or produces it. Right? One more time, Sarah, and the one for whom is pressed, basically the person who places the order

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for a shipment of alcoholic beverages, right? Well, hi, Mila, ha, and the carrier, the person that carries or transfers, right?

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Alcohol, one more letter, and the person so the person that delivers it, and the person to whom is delivered.

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Even being at the receiving end, even if you're not drinking, just just to take the shipments and sign for it, even if you don't touch it, even if you don't carry

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all of this curse because of its evil consequences.

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Right. You know, Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

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Right. And alcohol use disorder

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is responsible for over 3 million people each year, the death of three more than 3 million people each year.

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You know that that accounts for 6% of the global deaths. And one of the things that a lot of people may not be aware of is actually that there was an increase of almost 60% of alcohol consumption

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since COVID.

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Since COVID, right.

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95,000 people

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90,000 95,000 Americans

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die from effects of alcohol use every year

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here in the state of Tennessee, alright.

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20 More than 2100 people 2100 people, right, died because of

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excessive alcohol use.

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This is other than it affects males at a higher rate. This is other than people who die because of drunk drivers. This is happening. It's not only the person who's drinking actually innocent people, innocent commuters on the street.

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So it has devastating consequences. It has devastating consequences, and it's a serious thing. And we're not supposed to engage in anything that has to do with it. We're not supposed to consume it. It says it's Teddy boo, stay away from it. We're not supposed to sell it. We're not supposed to promote it. We're supposed to stay away from it altogether.

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Because it's the mother of all evils.

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So may Allah subhanaw taala.

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anyone that has this addiction, anyone who is affected by it? May Allah subhanaw taala readers, and you know from it, may Allah subhanaw taala purify our souls help us overcome our weaknesses in our shortcomings. A Kulu master we have to ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins. And may Allah Subhana Allah make this a blessed night for all of our community members. Or Sam Alikum Rahmatullah here.

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Does anyone have any question?

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Say that again?

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Oh, yes, exactly. 100 That's a very good, you know, question. Someone might say, well, drugs are a bigger problem. You're right. It's the same nature, you know.

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Subhanallah and that, by the way, affects affects many, many people within our community, as well. So we said anything of that nature, anything that impairs your judgment? Right.

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And so how long any

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it's just there are very, you know, sad stories that involve drug abuse and substance abuse.

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And, you know, with with basically tragic, so it's Haram is haram and that, basically, you know, obviously, there's consensus on the prohibition of it, as a matter of fact, some say some drugs are even worse than then alcoholic beverages

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and their effect. So, they will they will be even, maybe even more worthy to be hunted. So, the scholars looked at it they said yes, drugs are not mentioned. Right.

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But Allah subhanaw taala, prohibited Hummer due to its effect.

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Right. And the effect there is almost agreement amongst the scholars, its effect for which is prohibited or Illa. Is

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intoxication. Right. It's intoxicating. So they said anything that has the same effect or a similar effect, right, by extension takes the same rule, the same rule. So it will be as haram right.

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So mad loss of habitat that protects us from that as well? Shall

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