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Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the topic of sourcing and proper use of verse in the Koran, including the importance of understanding the language and creating a culture of women to be "our." The speakers also discuss the use of the word "the rainbow" and its connection to religion, particularly in the discussion of the highest wives in the Arabic language. The conversation ends with the speaker repeating their statement about the importance of learning Arabic.
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Someone was saying about sourcing. Is that correct? Yeah. Yes. Yeah. So I just want to answer because just to kind of recap what you've already said, Yes. You said that, you know, into tuba Illallah cassava

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went to la hora la de la Mola. Who would you

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with Malacca to buy the vatika? Yes, via this verse. I think it's verse five or something you recorded in chapter 66 of the Koran.

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Because I want to

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I want to get this kind of right with you. Yeah, please do. And I just want to I don't want to misrepresent your argument, because on a sandiaga Yeah. Okay. You're saying that the front, if you read it very carefully, or even just literally, on the face of it, you'll see that and sort of the terrain is very clear. Yeah. To you. There. It's basically condemning Arusha and hafsa.

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Okay, well, it's showing that they're not on the right path. I just say, Yeah, please go ahead. Yeah. Yeah. I said to you. Yes, please. I said to the barber, and then he brought you Yes.

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Not as a whole except the whole grant. Okay. Okay. As the example, yes, yes. I decided I would give him an example. He said the great. That's right. That's right. The greatest okay, but compared to Cindy's, I am obviously great. Okay. Back to my point, intellectually, I'm saying, of course you Yeah. Intellectually. So back to my point. Yeah. I said, Yes. Do not accept the Quran. Okay, then. And the example I gave was this sort of reverse for Yeah. Just Just to kind of hold you up on what you said there about intellectually Great. So did you accept Do you believe that in this conversation, you have the knowledge edge when it comes to speaking to me in regards to this verse?

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Yeah, no, generally speaking on these matters are not in this verse. Yes. Yeah, I mean, if you bring them somewhere else I haven't studied no problem. Okay, fine. So you can so because I want to know that before I take you as an authority and a teacher

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because obviously that's what you've made a claim about being more intellectually superior so obviously knowledge is higher in this verse. So I want to start by saying helped us to chanted had this below our world was hot, hotter the column the mood that

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was in foreign countries so we had the Aloha the calorosa Hamid Sri Sri but the point is lalalala

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hot off this was typing Oh, in the case of Satya and to Jean has he lower your lambda Stata and to GTA

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it was against you. Because against you because you know it so you're gonna get refuted I

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just said you don't know how to speak Arabic. But yeah, you want me to accept you as a knowledge authority of omega debating or not? Okay. Okay. I've told you I studied diverse Okay, now you've got your your study review easy to Great.

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Well, I don't think your your your status as the great has been established. This moment when you don't have to speak the language of the book you're trying impossible for someone who doesn't speak the whole language fluent. Yes. Yes. It is important to study one verse and

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to study the grammar. Yes. Possibly with somebody who does speak it fluently. Yeah, I believe this is you would have a weak understanding because of your because of your tools. Yes, I'm saying the person who I spoke to

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how do you know you don't

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just listen to you.

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How do you know is garbage and

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bootleg religion? And you know,

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I could just terminate this conversation right now.

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But I'm gonna give you one question on this verse. And if you can answer this, we can

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play games. Let's get back to where we started. I'm gonna give you one question.

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Go ahead. Go very simple. Yes, yes. My claim was

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the answer. Well, Gemma, Gemma,

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whatever you want to call yourself, Lou, Lou, Lou. Lawson.

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And Tao good, emotional, keen, you know, whatever you want to call yourself, okay.

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This is gonna be an educational experience. Okay, so if you want to learn Arabic, I'm going to give you those Arabic lessons. Why because it's much harder. Now you have the Dhamma at the end of Andrew because there's no reason

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there's no reason for it

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is turkey Hello, Arizona to

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help you in the future.

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Okay, so as I was saying, well Gemma you group that you belong to. Okay, as of this

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already follow a group I'm with a Java you know as soon as the Navy would

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stop making false claims like you follow them but let's get down with it properly Yeah, let's let's get down okay what my statement was and I want you please when we're discussing to deal with this okay fine

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You're saying I don't want to hit my simple plain is

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now you know

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he's learning well my brain is gonna go down

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you see everything that is Morteza in Arabic language remember this yeah

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hello hello because you starting the sentence my friend okay

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because now

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you're gonna teach me Arabic Now it's gonna be done yes you

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say the name right yeah

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why are you trying to delay you? Because the great you interview the great the great

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the great so if you don't know the great five minute let's get to this anyway you grew okay you belong to what you claim to follow as I said you know as a whole time you claim to follow the whole Quran This is enjoyable It was fun I said you claim to have an aha but you don't know Brava asked me Yes Give me an example. He said give him to give him give it to me.

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So I said one time One example is that you give a state I say

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that the grades come higher than

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Oh, okay, okay. Okay.

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Go ahead.

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Yeah, okay. Cut to the chase higher than what Allah gives you in a crime. That's my only claim. Okay, in this compensation, okay. So do you agree that you're done okay.

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Maybe, maybe some people do not.

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In your your point you personally okay. You say I Isha is the best wife after Khadija or the best? Well, I say that was the best because I do acknowledge the hadith of there's a hadith we have a tradition that says that there are four that women like the completed dirty man, but there's some discussion on the authenticity of Hadith accept the authenticity of the

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show was not mentioned in the heading. So in that had this we had thought we had Khadija, but I will have Marian and then the Ferrari says about Maryam.

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No, no, I've just told you my viewpoint on that. So Khadija is the highest of the wives. Yeah. So apart from Khadija Yeah, you think Aisha is the highest of those wives of the ones that remained from the let's say 11 or 12? That he he married?

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Yes. Yes. No. Yeah. So she will say that he loves her the most? Yes. And she was I didn't ask him how she was the highest? Yeah, no, no. Please pay attention to the question. Okay. Do you personally say she has the highest impiety? etc? Is that the case of the other ones? The remaining one? Yes. Yeah. Okay. So going back to the bus, which you claimed you earn authority of and so on and so forth. Okay, fine. You said here, you're the authority in Arabic. And I said, You're not gonna teach me Arabic? Because you don't

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forget that because you're telling me to translate it in my head. Okay. I gave you a translation. You said it's rough. Okay, so you heard my translation? Yeah. Let's see what you got to say. What do I have to say? Okay, I have

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not okay. geometer speak. All right. So it says in the Quran do not, do not basically marry the disbelieving of the pagan or the polytheistic women until they become Muslim. In chapter five verse, I think five. Yeah.

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It says it qualifies as

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an auto mechanic, isn't it to move on to hoonah except for the ones that are using krisztian. So obviously, from that, using Christians now, the Shiite position as far as I know, well, I haven't finished I haven't finished yet. This let me finish the Shiite position as far as I'm concerned. And why I've read from the books of Shanna, obviously, you confirm this. Yeah. As clearly that is shown. And Hassan is not we're not believers. My question to you is,

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my question to you is directly. No, no, no, no, no. My question because the verse in

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chapter 66 verse six, I think, so the Isola bukem in tala kakuna. If he divorces you, which means obviously they were married. Yeah. But my question to you is what the Muslims, because if you're saying they're not Muslims, I mean, yes, yes. If they're not Muslims, how could he be married to them? And if he said they left Islam, okay, so are they Muslims? This is the premise again, you

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Listen carefully. Now I'm asking you to

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change the blaming premise very clearly. Are they Muslims?

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Are they?

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Are they?

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Are they Muslims? Yes or no? Yes or no listening? So you don't want to answer the question. It seems to me that the debate has been done. Okay. If you don't want to answer this question you've been you've been calling it

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a premise already. No, I'm just asking you as a

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premise again, I don't care. I'm just asking him why you are a Muslim? Or a Muslim? Why would you?

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Why don't we get on to the premise she was in halfway through the shoe?

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shifting gin.

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I was

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struggling with Arabic just don't ever tell me about Arabic. He was struggling.

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Any premise

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does not accept the

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With the premise.

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My claim was very simple. I'm just asking

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as I

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get to this subject,

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because the question is, if she's not Muslim, then she's got it then the Prophet has gone against the Quran. But that wasn't the claim. Exactly.

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I made the claim issue Muslim if you want to divert yes or no tell you to calm down.

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So it seems like

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she wasn't.

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She wasn't missing. Oh,

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she was in a three to a premise.

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I don't know this guy. So it's finished. It's finished. It's finished for you. Okay, ridiculous. Okay. Tell me.

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Let's do that as a second. Oh, no, no, no, just say he must have yes or no, it's for me. I want to know your viewpoint on it. You want to know, yeah, that's fine.

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With me, you stick to the premise.

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I'm asking you a question then.

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What happened to you guys? We can't even talk about

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that. We can't even talk about the Adela of the Sahaba of the Massimo million, which is basically the Muslim subject, which is basically the Germany whether they're just or not, whether we don't even we don't even know if they're Muslim or not. So here, I just asked him if they're Muslim. He knows.

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He believes that.

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The point is this. He believes that they're not Muslim. How could they be? How could they be married to the

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simple question?

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Let's do

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To have much more Amina una de

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la kita.

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1 billion followers, this so called Sunni Islam is the ideological source of terrorism in this world today. The free falletta twin candle yackety buena Allah, Allah Rasool Allah, Allah rasulillah that free of these biggest liars. Well, of course Abu hurayrah and has been Malik and it says a woman and as we know the woman is our show.

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This is individualism.

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This is the kind of problem with the essence of socialism is that the very essence of the claim backfires on yourself. I mean, Alice she isn't and one of the videos said yeah, if you don't embark the ship of new means you're

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on eBay. basic idea. You can't put on their own their own groups name then you will be destroyed and whatnot.

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Today we have narrations from our even our Parliament our books. We have one m&r conservation when they say follow an unpaid come to us follow our homemade love of paid versus unpaid What they need is magic Medici. The XMP poulain is in the process it is in theory. Now I'm going to lodge is that they want you to follow the Sonata as for us, we have all

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We have our, we have the erasable

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and this is what the prophet SAW.

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So he literally told the pilgrim

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that yes, if you hold on to the book of Allah,

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what does that mean?

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So he has no issue with this.

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In fact, if you say that the book of Allah is not sufficient for guidance, then you are sinful. So in this case, the sheep are sinful of their life.

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If the seller, if a so called righteous predecessors were so incapable of interpreting scripture adequately, when what makes them worthy of being followed, what gives them any legitimacy? If you weren't shy polemics proper, a proper Sunday case, you will not get any better than the Sunni defense and tobashi doctor

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