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The One Who Purifies
O Allah, grant to my soul the sense of righteousness and purify it, for You are the Best of those who purify. You are its Protecting Friend, and Guardian

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Salam aleikum. Hello but a cat two thank you for joining us for another episode of prophetic zaidan an outcome rhodiola was once asked to make a drop. And so he said I will say only that which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say, and then he made this draw. He said along the atty. NFC, taqwa was that Kiha enter hi Roman zeca until you have one Allah, which means Allah grants my soul, a sense of righteousness and purify it for you are the best of those who purify you are it's protecting friend, and it's guardian. These are the long run mentioned this Do I have the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam which has tremendous meaning. And so let's take it bit by bit. He starts

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off by saying Allah it Allah give Allah grant. But in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah sometimes uses the word Atty. And sometimes he uses the word All right, and both of them have the same meaning to give or to grant. And the scholars they say that usually Allah Subhana Allah uses the word attea when he's talking about something of great significance, and I'll tell you when he's talking about something of lesser significance. So for instance, Allah says, what are the ads iNec has said that unmingled Bethany? Well for analog of him, that truly we have given you the seven great meanings meaning sort of telefax and the seven verses of Surah Al Fatiha And so, as he you know, refers to

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something of great significance and meaning. And here just the beginning of this to art by the Prophet saying Allah Allah to Allah give us but uses this phrase at t it tells us that what he's about to ask for is of significance and of importance. He says along the atty. NFC, Allah give my neffs grants by neffs. What is the next? You know, this is a very detailed question that scholars have written about written volumes about this question what the next is in the court analyst penalty, it speaks about three types of neffs he talks about unnecessary amount of the neffs that commands us to do evil. So the verse in the Nuff said that a metal from the suit that indeed the

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soul commands towards evil that the neffs commands towards evil, and he talks about enough similar to my inner he talks about the neffs that is content with Allah subhanaw taala and that a lot is pleased with it. Yeah, yeah. To my inner, inner Jerry Arabic here, all the attend Mongolia, also, that is content, returned back to your Lord, who was ever pleased with you. And he talks about the law, the neffs that blames itself and neffs Aloma and so he says Federico Simone enough Salama, that I swear an oath by the blaming soul, the soul that blames itself that says, Why did you do this? Why didn't you do that? And the scholars differ, what does it mean that there's these three types of

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souls? The reality that the opinion that makes the most sense is that the neffs, the soul has the capacity to go through any of these changes. If we indulge our neffs too much into what is haraam, then it becomes addicted to how long and it commands us to do how ramen overpowers us into doing how long, that's the neffs. That's amount of a suit, that's the soul, the neffs that commands evil. And if we discipline the neffs, then eventually it will become what my inner eventually will become content with a lost penalty Island pleased with the law, and with the decree of a law. And as we struggle between these two types of souls, we find ourselves in the middle often at times, we do

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things that are wrong, and we regret it. And so we blame ourselves, why did I do that sin and we're trying to get to the part of contentment in a way from the part of commanding towards evil. But this is the neffs It is our self It is our evil It is our conscience and our neffs the self this ego drives us to desires or it can drive us to what is good, it can fall into the pleasure of a loss penalty and contentment or into blaming ourselves over what we've done in the past. Along the attea NFC Allah grants mine F's taqwa its taqwa its sense of righteousness. And so what is this nefs in Nita, what is this nefs need? This neffs that has this capacity of great good and great evil. It

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needs taqwa. And the prophets lie Selim is wise to ask a lot parents Allah Allah grant us taqwa, give this neffs It's tough. What this neffs requires taqwa what is taqwa taqwa at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. When people would say taqwa, they would refer to the tongue, not worship. And so if someone was very quiet, very reserved, very rarely would they speak, they would call that person the tukey. That would totally he that person has taqwa. Why? Because that person is conscious. They're aware of everything that they say. They choose their words very carefully. they very rarely speak. And if somebody spoke all the time, and you know anything that came to their

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mind, they would just say it, that's the person that would be the opposite of them. Right? They have no filter, they just say whatever it is, that comes to their mind. When Islam came, taqwa became related to our relationship to a loss of habitat. And this word became related to our relationship to a law, meaning the person who is always aware of a law, always conscious of a law, just like the person who you know before he speaks, he thinks, should I say this? Should I not say this, then what's up

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Before he acts he thinks about a law and they have love for a law and reverence of a loss penalty. Should they do this will a lot become pleased with it will he become angry with it? Having that second thought is what taqwa is. You know not even every thought that he says his beautiful statement at tuck will hopefully mean and Julian will amylopectin zeal he says taqwa is fear of and reverence of the majestic and is acting according to the revelation. Well, what are we loving Colleen and being content with what is very little was dad daddy O'Meara Hill and preparing yourself for the day of departure meaning preparing yourself for the time that you will meet a loss of Hannah

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to Allah says this is what taqwa is. And most of our sins happen because we're impatient. Because the next that is amount of the next that is commanding evil. It orders us in a moment of weakness and a moment of lust and a moment of passion. And if our souls have Taqwa, you know, then we wait. We have that second thought we think about our consequences, and most importantly of the consequences of what it is that I'm going to do, and what it will mean when I depart from this world and stand in front of a law. And this is why one of the great scholars of the self, he said I will not softly I should do more hacer but enough's. The person of taqwa is the person who's most intense

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in taking themselves to account asking themselves why am I doing this? Why am I not doing that? Then the Prophet says was that Kiha until he Edelman's a cat and purified or LASIK he had give it purification. So after tequila, we are asking for purification. Right and test kiya you know the concept of the skin is purification, growth increase and Ischia is related to the concept of Zika linguistically related to the concept of Zika because when you give the cat you are purifying your money, and you are growing your money, because by giving you are growing it Allah as a gentle will give it to more or less of Allah will make it more and so by giving you're actually increasing and

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so, to Ischia is to purify and to grow, and our souls ourselves we grow, when we purify, when we leave out on and we purify ourselves from from worse our souls actually grow, we get more insight, more wisdom or understanding a less paradise, whereas a great ocean or an MC will do, how will comedy that said I have a lot of parents either swears an oath, one after the other, you know, by the sun as it arises by the moon, Allah, Allah mentions all of these different amazing creations of his and then he comes at the very ends, why is he swearing all of these oaths? What is the point of what Allah subhanaw taala saying, but after Herman zeca Walker taught them in the last where's all

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of these oath to say what to emphasize what the statement, but if they are successful, the ones who have purified their souls, work harder and DISA, and they have failed, the ones who have instilled it with corruption. So all of these oath law as well as swearing in the Quran to emphasize this statement, that the totality of our success is in purifying our neffs purifying our soul and a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, one that is clear to us, what is purification of the soul? He said, and yeah, and Allah azza wa jal Mahathir Can he says that the person would want to know that our last panel to add is with them wherever they may be? And knowing

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that Alice pedal to Allah is with you wherever you go, that knowledge removes evil from your heart and purifies our intentions and our desires. He says was that key entitlements a chi says all purify it, you are the best of those who purify and a lot, in fact, is the only one who can purify our souls will fly to La Jolla, alikum warahmatu Mazda coming coming in Abuja, Allah says in the Quran, or it's not for the bounty of Allah and for his mercy, not a single one of you would have achieved teskey and not a single one of you would have been purified whatsoever at all. Well, I can allow us a Kenya shot but Allah is the one who purifies those whom he will so we make this to hoping that a

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large agenda will purify us as well. And then he finishes by saying and totally you will know that you are it's protecting friend and you are its Guardian, it's wily, and it's moda. What is the difference between the Wali and between the Nola and so there's a lot of discussion about this from the scholars, but to make it you know, as concise as possible. When these names are placed together. The Wali refers to the one who's close to us, the one he is the closeness of a lot to us. And the meaning of his wilaya is his closeness to to his servants, his granting of them aid and victory is preservation, his protection of them his love of them, and the mela is the one who has authority who

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has power, who is also the one who who plans on behalf of them. And in this sense, Allah is the motive for everyone. But Allah Subhana Allah is the were the only of the truly righteous people. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us a powerful Hadith, Hadith could see that Allah subhanaw taala says men either Li enfocado Vento who will help that whoever shows inimitable or hostility to my family to my friend, so a lot being the Wali of his righteous servants, he says, Whoever shows hostility to my righteous servants whom I'm friends with whom I am the Wali of, then I will declare war against that person and then he says

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He's the one that's 100 dBc and have been even the photo to rally. He says My servant does not draw closer to me with anything more than what is fought. So your prayers, your fasting that which is obligatory, well may as well as a matter of the tolerable even though often people and my servant remains drawn closer to me with extra actions, extra charity, extra worship extra for an extra, all of this until I love him. And so Allah is telling you the way to become the end of a lust penalty added to become the friend of a law to be under this very strong protection of Allah subhanaw taala is through what is through you, worshiping Allah, doing what is obligatory and adding in your son

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adding in your account, adding sorry in your setup or adding in all of the things that you do to get closer to Allah. He says so when I love him, I become his hearing with which he hears and I become his seeing with which he sees and it becomes his his feet with which he walks and where he to ask me of anything, I will certainly give it to him and where he to seek refuge in me, I will certainly granted my protection and my refuge and this is the closeness that we achieve by getting closer to Allah subhanaw taala through our obeying of Allah subhanho wa Taala and through this one, we can learn all of these amazing lessons and to try to to get closer to a lot to purify ourselves and to

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attain consciousness of him. subhanho wa Taala cinematic wonderful