Mohammad Elshinawy – Whoever Finds God Finds Everything

Mohammad Elshinawy
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In 111, Todd was coming over he was the owner of

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the unforeseen LLC at our Marina my entity level a little

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further ahead, yeah, that was shadow and

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then available wherever you are.

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Yeah, you will

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have to contact me while at the moon area and the moon. Yeah, you have NASA

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the FCC

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has agenda

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at around one.

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Law let me just, I don't wanna be here in LA LA Cooperativa

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de la ku kulu. Poland said either use

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guru baboon woman

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or praise and glory be to a lovely thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness

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and return to Allah imploring Him

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to protect us from the evil whispers within us and to forgive us

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for the consequences of the misdeeds that we certainly deserve.

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For remember our love guides, none can lead us astray in reference what leaves a stranger can guide.

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And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship of law alone, finding partners, the true supreme king of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Bhagwati, who it was in love,

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was in truth is profit and is served as messenger. Humala Center, the glad tidings and the warning and the greatest mercy before the coming of the hour.

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After welcoming my brothers and sisters to the House of Lords diligent,

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I wish for you to think with me

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if there were a person with an exceptional IQ

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smarts through the roof,

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and this person woke up and found himself on a bus, he has no idea how he got on the bus. Normally Any idea where this bus is headed.

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And instead of asking how I got here, instead of inquiring about the destination of this bus,

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he just tells himself, forget it. It's not too important. Let me just make some friends. And he turns to the people on his right and the people on his left. He begins to build acquaintances they start selling about his new invention, his new business, and why they should invest in it.

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And he's completely comfortable, completely calm, enjoying the experience.

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This person is certainly smart. But this intelligence

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could even be called seeing.

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Likewise, every single one of us should ask themselves

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if I do not live my life, recognizing where I came from, how I got here, which direction this train ride this bus ride this lifetime is headed and remain push myself to remain aware of that if I can just be comfortable ignoring that. And this is a huge problem. This is an accusation against the person's intelligence, that he not busy himself with his origin with his purpose with his destination. Regardless of what you've accomplished, what kind of degrees how successful all of that wanes. It dwindles in the sight of such recklessness, such negligence regarding your origin, your purpose and your destination.

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And if a person can be happy with such negligence comfortable with ignoring such realities, such aspects of his survival, is this happiness worthy happiness or not. Is it wholesome or not?

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Are they hallucinating? Are they deluding themselves and all of this introduction is building up to a call from above so

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that our profits are above where I need to send them relate to us. And what's been confirmed about him that he said in the love that

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I love the most ISIS, Yemen Adam, oh, son of Adam, every single one of you on an individual level. I'm calling you out. To follow up the lady bear that M lead follow up

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Calvin was the

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son of Adam, free yourself up, give your undivided attention to serving me to worshiping me to being devoted to me. I will fill your chest with riches, and I will take care of all your attorneys.

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One answer that and do not drift away from you. Do not move away from me, and that you're the older

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one. So I will fill your hands with buisiness. being distracted from God is not natural. It's a punishment. I will fill your head with preoccupations, and I will not fulfill your needs. You'll live unfulfilled, you'll live with instability, you'll live with unhappiness, you'll live with anxieties, oh, son of Adam, free yourself up for my worship, I will fill your chest with riches. And so he reminds us to kind of data the reality of riches what it's all about.

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And he reminds us that whatever needs drive you in life, your greatest need is to be fulfilled here fulfilled in that regard.

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And that's why the other report mentions your ultra luminita Jitney Oh son of Adam, seek me out you will find me for any magenta ghoulishly. If you find me that you have found everything

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working to combat a collusion and if you miss me, you miss out on me. You pass me by, you will have missed out on everything.

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What have been a chemical cliche, and I am dearer to you just just pursue me you'll find me you'll be fulfilled by me. And I am dearer to you than everything. And then all else. That's why one of the early Muslims he used to say, yeah, I'll be manufactured Heaven, whichever. One man that legenda.

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Mendenhall. Yeah, he says, Oh Allah, oh my lord, what is someone really found?

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What has someone really missed missed out on if they have found you? And what has someone really gained if they've watched you?

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one would say a similar statement you would say my son ynoa, Jr. everyone on the planet is impoverished is poor, who has accomplishments that are insignificant, that are pathetic, that are measly these people have the dounia karatu minha, whatever you call that V. That is Shiva. They live their lives and exited this world without tasting the sweetest thing in it. They said to me, what is that? Oh, ma'am. He said Maddie for tomorrow.

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Knowing unlock the Most High getting acquainted with him.

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A person must reach a level of positivity, certitude

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that there is no one on the face of the earth that is happier than me. Except someone that is more observant of a loving someone near to a love than me. Someone better acquainted with a lot than me.

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knowing a lot that is the very core of freeing yourself up for his worship, he filled this universe with secrets so that you may be able to know him. And he sent his book down above all else so that you may come to know him. And then when you respond to the invitation, and you free yourself up for his worship, you see this now you see yourself different there's an electricity in the atmosphere. When you restrict your days to his institution of fasting and you take away or with only an hour or an hour and a half each night to pray for Alia. You find this you find this acquainted feeling with a love developing inside of you.

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It is not just facts, it is nurture.

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All righty. No one says

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in an extraordinary narration says Me and erbakan are made up we traveled the journey to Medina to find it shall be alone Thailand. And we walked in on her and we said you have met our mother. She is the mother of the believers is a lot closer.

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Oh our mother had the Athena unnaturally shaped into it. He will

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tell us about the most amazing thing you saw from the prophets of Allah. from God's Messenger

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for beckons we'll call at Cana mo who could lose a job. And so she broke down and she said everything about him was at ease. But I will tell you one thing

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Caught up call a call that's called a two minute lady. He got a phone right from next to me. And he said, Yeah, I show that he attacked me. He said, Oh, it should allow me to use up this night in worship to my load.

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For Hulu in either way you before but what we

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saw I said to him, I love being close to you. But I love also what pleases you. Meaning if it makes you happy, then it makes me happy. Fun.

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She says fun karma for fun love for vancare had that had the idea to she says he got up and continued praying and he wept in the night until his beard became so good. So NACA, our center that had the 10 lead thought army tactic, and then he bowed and frustrated until he soaked the ground beneath him, and he saw those setups. So now God is a jealous and then he sat up and he remained in this position, until 1111 came to tell him it was time. He spent the whole night like this on a photo setup, sitting.

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After he prayed those accounts, he spent a long time just sitting.

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And then the last one once more deadly. So why are you like this? He sees the scene. The floor is damp all around him and he's sitting there exhausted.

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He said, nevertheless, Allah Yeah.

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We don't live in Cora.

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meth here, we get to Bob Murphy. He says, I received new verses on this night wall to the one that reads them and does not consider what they contain. And then he recited the end of sort of adding them on, beginning with the I adds, in a few healthy semi robots, you will see that the lady went ahead. And actually only in Alberta, indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth. And in the alternation of mountains, they are signs, signs for you to know above, are Signs for the people of intelligence. Now, people that take the herd effect in life, not just wake up on the bus, enough care what's happening for people of intelligence, and levena and Karuna ma pm and what collude and

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voila, to become those that remember of love while standing while sitting even while on their side, they push themselves to get past their human forgetfulness to get to the distractions inside of them. And by the children outside of them. They remember Allah standing sitting around their sides have been a mess, to head about even super Hannukah for cleaning rather than not. And they say, oh, our master, oh, our maker, oh, our Lord, You didn't create all of this. without purpose, every ounce of the universe around you has a purpose, that purpose is for you to know Allah. And to make it easy for you to identify a VA and make it light on you to serve a loss.

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That is the purpose

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of the coalition. That's a part of it. It was I created everything so that you may know who he is overall things capable, has encompassed all things in his knowledge to practical data. So they say we have not created this in purpose, super Han glorified to our 1411 now, so protect us from the tournament of the fire.

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And so reflecting on the observable universe brings you also to that reality, what you were created for, to recognize of love and to increase that recognition through devotion through a bed.

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But if you continue reading the book of a lot, it even becomes easier. Because the book of Allah tells you to reflect on the universe that you can see that you can observe. But then it even opens your eyes to aspects of this universe that you cannot observe.

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It opens a different set of eyes for you the inside of the eyesight, the vasila, wasa

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and so for example, a lot of that tells you that this whole entire universe without exception is doing what you're supposed to be doing already. You're the oddball out if you don't conform. They all see it's worthy befitting rightful to recognize a loss of knowledge in the field up

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to the degree of the province, a lover of ego send them says to us out of the center or hope Allah and the skies above you have grown and they have every right to groom Femina fee how old they are by a swab here because there is no space of forefingers in lower medical while their own jugheads every lens agita except that there's another angel

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lowering his head, in frustration to Allah, throughout disguise throughout everything.

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And on the other hand, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the law.

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happened? Nevertheless? What happened to the femap? lame saloon and Mr. luminesce claims?

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Indeed our bond is angels and the residents of the heavens and the residents of the earth, even the end in its hole. And even the whales in the oceans. They are praying for those who teach people good. They're busy in order to ship for the fellow believers.

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And the prophets of Allah also says, Carlos has

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maybe a million MBA

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at one time and and pinched one of the profits for O'Meara Bukhari it never really got in and so he commanded that the hill of Ents be burned down the colony

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fell How lovely the Fnm that's in power sofka

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7272 law because one ad pinched you, you burn down a colony of bands that glorify a love, every last ad has its own worship that it does the entire universe without exception.

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And of the most profound that have eaten disregard that opened your eyes to what's happening around you.

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And says and his hygiene is authentic.

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He says, I then boom, I know

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that a wolf once pounce and attack the sheep of a shepherd of flock the wolf grabbed one from the devil, right? And so this Shepherd chased after the woman began to be taken by get away from my animals

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chasing away this wild beasts. And so he heard what he never thought he would hear.

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He heard the wolf see evidence of tequila 10 00 am the risk on circa level Ed. Why don't you fear Allah, you're pulling away from me minus my provisions that are brought to me this is mine. This is my this is a sheep. That's what I do.

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So the man said, Yeah, lady, the pony to tell them we can have in

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mind my right mind, a mind losing it. A wolf is speaking in the human tongue. And so the wolf says to him as beautiful can be agile,

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shall I not inform you of something more marvelous than that? Mohammed, don't be sad. You used to be with NASA v. And that event has several. There's a man in Medina called Mohammed. He's telling people accurate news about the perished nations about the nations of old.

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So the man wanted, he wanted a sanity check. And so he wrote into Medina or walked into Medina and found the province of the love audio center, and told him the story. And so the messenger of muscle of love lies have gathered the Sahaba. And he made the shepherd tell them the story again. And then when he finished, he said, Whatever Allah that He can be the share the deed, what I would recommend Marla

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and I testify that this actually happens. And so

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because he knows they'll believe whatever he believes.

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I testify that this is true, that even the animals and the rocks and the ads and the whales, they all know a lot and all those messengers have a lot of audio, send them all believe in them all devote their lives to the worship of their creators.

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The only exception to this rule is who the human being

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the supposedly the most intelligent of the creatures, but he can debate the mode himself when he forgets a love to being beneath everything. Though to start with he has the potential of being above everything.

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Above being he is number one, she is number one when she recognizes a law and does not fall short of that speech of why they were creating a law. So Genesis, and then another law is you do that who manifests somehow it will manifest Don't you see? That a lot received sujood falling into frustration for our love is everyone in the heavens and the earth

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was Shenzhou and farmer even the sun and the moon. When new jhoom and the stars when the bed and the mountains was shattered, and the trees with the lab and all the animals only execute to a buck. He says what Kafeel mean unless and many people, not people, many of them. What can I do to help God

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Rather, and many meaning many more, many others much more than the many that prostrate to Allah and many more. The punishment has become deserved by them. When you have any level from Allah who Muslim and whomever above you millions there's nothing else if you really think after that a lot makes it easy to say everyone else is doing it, the whole universe is doing it get with the program, you need to be doing this more than them you are liable if they aren't you are honored because of this data will not be qualifying for agenda that way you are. And so he gives you this insight to the universe to remind you you need to free yourself up for this and not allow anything to get in the way between

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you and this affordable we have our stuff

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Henry salatu salam

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ala Muhammad Abu whenever you go solo.

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And so dedicating our lives to Allah is a tall order

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for our own good,

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and yet a lot, so agenda out of his mercy for you, tells you why you do it, why it is easy for you to do. And he continues to remind you that I created all of this all of these scenes for you. There's a big difference between the one that was created for and these things that were created for you. It was all at your disposal to fulfill your worldly temporary needs here that are very temporary, very transient will pass very fast. And to remind you that you are number one in my eyes,

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you know, a lot of xeljanz says no.

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He says in our amanatullah smls he will also be with gbit. For Aveda.

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This is the summary of the existence of our creation as we know it. He says I presented the trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains and they all refuse to carry it. You know what that trust is the trust of managing your own affairs, the trust of you having a say in your destiny, if you will, the trust is you accepting the responsibility to take the steering wheel of your life and say I'm gonna do it right. They all refused. They said the stakes are too high, washed up on me. And they were afraid to embrace it was insane. But the human being took it on. And by that he became the best of the creation of a law surgeon. And so a person is to remember that it is a tall order. That

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will be over very soon.

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And once it is over, it will all be worth it.

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It will be worth it here because who doesn't want to be successful, who doesn't want guidance from Allah Who doesn't want fulfillment from Allah Who doesn't want to succeed in their marriage in their daily lives, in their social lives in their spirit? Who doesn't want this? It's going to demand something from you, no doubt. But what Allah asks of you is a little bit of rigor for so much in return. devoting your life to anything else will demand from you so much and the return will be so tiny. So hold on, set an ear for the day after a bond and the month after Ramadan. I will not allow myself to become veiled from this reality the reality around me, I'll continue holding on to a

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Bizarro continue looking into his book, continue looking at his universe and realizing that above all this for me, a law surgeon is waiting for me. And he will have his angel stand at the doors in Paradise, as he says in sort of a rock.

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Imagine an angel is seeking permission to enter your house with Metallica to follow him equally bad. These angels are sinless. So how can they be impressed with me? Because you had a choice between right and wrong and you did what you notice. Right? They did not have that choice so they would not be as praiseworthy as you're sitting is not an option for them. And so they will answer from every door Allah says and they say to you what, Salaam Alaikum be

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glorified your peace be upon you for being so patient. Those few moments along with appreciate them of you and have his angels admire you look up to you and praise you because of them. You've been so patient for their miracle, the Dow

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How excellent a police This is for you how excellent and outcome you're about to find out. You're about to find out that our love truly wanted to honor you. And he was with you the whole way. And he gave you everything you needed to get to here. You're about to discover. You've arrived at the party, that also kind of advanced says about it. Identity very badly of Salim manda even abroad as well. Don't send me out.

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This happy to hear it many times we just stuck with it for a second. Allah says I have prepared it's waiting already. I have prepared for my righteous leaves with no idea has ever seen what no ear has ever heard. And it never has dawned on the imagination of anybody. You know, sometimes we're jealous of people, because of the things they've seen. So and so has been to 15 countries. They're on vacations every summer, sometimes twice a year, right?

00:25:59 --> 00:26:01

And the things you hear about

00:26:03 --> 00:26:10

are more than the things you see. So this person that visited 15 countries, did he hear about 15 countries or more?

00:26:11 --> 00:26:13

He certainly heard about more.

00:26:14 --> 00:26:53

And the things you hear about the places you are told stories about are these more or the things that crossed your mind that could not even be realities in this world, your imagination. So a blessing I've prepared for you what no one has ever seen firsthand, nor has ever even heard about from a second party, nor has humanity combined even dreamed about in their wildest fantasies. And then he says you forever You will have this forever in the levina M and wiremu slightly happy candidates definitely genuine attitude for those he knows who that

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in the those who believe. Keep your eyes on the prize this month. In the those who believe and work righteous deeds for them are the guardians of a third dose as a hospitality from Allah newzoo then means Allah is your host so Canada who created this paradise with his head and he will tend to use to kind of adapt to your every desire in a few dose. The prophets of Allah wa alayhi wa sallam said he decided to move to LA for those whenever you asked of Allah asked him for the dose that highest station in Jenin he said for in an agenda what else sort of gender women have to venture one how gender what's up

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he says you asked him for those because for ELS is the heights of Paradise and the best of Paradise and out of into the streams of Paradise gear up they begin there and its ceiling. Its ceiling is the throne of the Most Merciful so Panama's on Holly Dena fee her diversity a gift continue, they abide they're in forever. It's not a vacation.

00:28:08 --> 00:28:54

Callie Dena Fie abiding, they're in eternal de la jolla bivona. I'm happy whether they will not ever wish to be transferred from it, no matter what you get here. As soon as you have it, you get tired of it, you want something else, but there the joy of it will increase with every experience. So boredom is does not exist, cannot be fathom may or may not carry us through the tests of life safely until we arrive there. Love them. I mean, we all love our destination, that of our children, for those that that that is for those of us with his book, a time that would never allow us to go astray Africa. May Allah make us of those that observe his beauty, observe his greatness, observe his power

00:28:54 --> 00:29:33

and his knowledge and his kindness to Canada with Allah. May Allah enable us to see a bit of his delicate dealings with us and keep us in his house always and protect our children from anything that he can send them a straight man I'd love you to cure to all of the Muslims that are sick and give victory to all of the Muslims that are on press and fill the hearts of every Muslim with a conviction that does not waver and a fear of the fire like the fear of the one who saw it adding salt was set up and placed in us and eagerness a drive for agenda for dose equal to the drive of the one who saw it guiding Salatu was Salam. ala fill in our feminine lady cadenza kitten along with

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zucchini, Athena and De

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Nina genetic

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00:29:50 --> 00:29:53

We're having a lead Raja

00:29:55 --> 00:29:57

Ravi aku Bina dorina

00:30:00 --> 00:30:00


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for the kidnapping human sinner or supernatural avatar who Anna and Lady we're gonna have

00:30:11 --> 00:30:11

to do them

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Khutbah 6.2.2017

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