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Number six one hace re will hace Rena Ohashi, add, those who have V.

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It's a whole show is to have great all and reverence for Allah to Allah.

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And he sure

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is a deep respect and fee in the heart for Allah to Allah and those who have for sure fear of Allah to Allah, you will not see them arrogant

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nor would they be people of pride or boastfulness they're the most humble people on earth. Those, you in the you witnessed this, those who have who should be fear Allah to Allah in their hearts. While law he you will not see them in a state of boastfulness, arrogance, pride or anything else, you will see them very, very humble, they could own millions of dollars, that grand maze of assets that can be the highest of ranks, but if they have for sure in their hearts, you will find them like eating a piece of chocolate cake. It's so easy to talk to them, they actually be the two themselves in front of you. Because why because they feed your mind you hold

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an aeration that was mentioned to us by Mohammed Salah lohani you will sell them an incident in the past and future. When Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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there are men among the nations before you who are like granted property and offspring, a lot of property and a lot of offspring. He said they showed him before he died.

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I want you to do exactly as I tell you, otherwise, I will make others my inheritors. If you do not do what I mentioned to him, he said to them, when I die, I want you to burn my corpse.

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Throw half of the ashes over the land and the other half of the ashes in the sea in the ocean for a follower to catch me.

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He will punish me a punishment like he'll punish you but he will not punish anyone else. For have no merits pleasing Allah.

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So when this person died, his children did exactly as they were commanded.

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Then the almighty Lord, when he commanded the ocean, when he commanded this, the land to gather the ashes, he asked

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this person to why he committed such a crime. He said, Oh Lord,

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I committed committed it out of fear of you, and you are well aware of this. What was the reason?

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What was the reason fear f e ir, he was scared of a lot. And fear is a

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act of worship, a strong act of worship, a great act of worship. And what did the almighty Lord say?

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For this, I have pardoned you and made him among the people of paradise. The seven who are saved in a day of resurrection want to say to the almighty Lord,

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that we seven people shaved on that day. One of those people is a person

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who man extremely beautiful, gorgeous pretty lady, seduces

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when she seduces him, for now, other than illicit relationship, illicit relations.

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What did you say to her?

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She came to him and said, Look on for you.

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And now forget the type of girl she was. She was on the higher rank of beauty. She was very pretty, extremely gorgeous. She was a rose. In essence. I read rows that smell like musk. But what did he say?

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He said the fatherly know, he said all

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guests Indeed, I feel a lot.

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What do you say your Ashraf indeed I feel a lot.

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And it's a panel law.

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with anyone today of us. Let us just imagine it. Can't imagine the full story.

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There is imagine it with any one of us today. If he was in reality, confronted with this lady of higher rank or such beauty. would he say this?

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That's one day resurrection. He will be shaded by the throne of the Almighty Lord.

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The sun will be close to the people's heads. When people were sweating so much, that they'll be drowning in this sweat. But this type of person, this type of person who rejected who rejected he's lost his desire. He's the whim in order to please US law at a fear of his Lord. He said, Go away a filthy thin

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no matter how cute you are, I'm not allowed to touch you, because I am a servant of the Almighty Lord. Thus, I serve and is a Muslim incarnate. sodic Samir Harsha Harsha, a person who feeds him

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likewise, who can tell me what is the best to drop

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the one that drops the tea, out of fear of Allah.

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That is one of the most beloved drops for the Almighty,

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the one that cries and drops a tea while contemplating the great creator, the great maker, the magnificent, the Almighty, the Sovereign, the leader, the king,

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the King of kings, the judges, judges, when he thinks of Allah to Allah, the power in Allah to Allah, the Almighty Allah, Allah

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he's in solitude is isolated. A drop comes down from his

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What a beautiful person

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in sight of the Almighty Lord.

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Have you ever woken up at the last third night

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and thought of this?

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Any destroy one day brothers and sisters wake up the last third of the night and say I'm gonna Charla drop a tea tonight for Allah sake, try push yourself. If you can't push harder if you got this try anyway. Try and you might see how much you really are scared of Allah to Allah.

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Believe me, you will not regret it. The next day your day will be beautiful.

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You feel comfortable? You feel a tranquility an umbrella over you have tranquility raining down. You know how umbrellas and umbrella is to prevent rain correct water, but this umbrella is just dripping on you. It's a chipper dripper you know the drips in the hospitals and drips on you. tranquillity while law history.

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That's a person who drops a tea and a fear of the Almighty law