Who Condemns Israel on Business Matters

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right, we are back with us marriage really important. So Muhammad you mentioned I do thank you, you could have easily said, no interest. We don't we don't want to. We don't want to show up here. And as someone, My middle child say middle child seven, I'm always looking for love where we can find it. And I certainly have a ton of friends in the in the Jewish community. And certainly friends in in, in the Middle East community if you want to use that in and

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I guess

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where do we go? I mean, how do we get a new topic to say how does it stop? And and do you get that right now? The temperature is high in terms of what was seen as the attack, not saying that the attack on the Israeli community. Right. And I mean, this is the second time you keep saying the attack on the Israeli community respectfully, right. Okay. You know, there have been 3500 people, at least to this day yesterday. And Anglican Church in Gaza, not even Muslim was bombed 500 to 1000 casualties. The Human Rights Watch has confirmed the use of internationally outlawed chemical weapons white phosphorus. You know, that boils at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, right, you can hear the

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passion in my voice. People have pulled out over 1000 babies in pieces so far from under the rubble and Gaza. And all we're hearing about is suppose it attacks by Hamas that so much of which have yet to be confirmed. We have our own US president say I saw images of babies being decapitated. And the White House themselves had to come out and say actually, he didn't see that. Right. And now our president is saying if you want even bring it locally, the President is saying there's an uptick in domestic threats. And so we're sort of mobilizing federal and local law enforcement 911 all over again. And so the Muslim community right now, without mincing words, feels under attack by this

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vilifying language. And this is not hypotheticals or theoretical or potentially being under attack by being dehumanized. For standing up against the atrocities in Gaza. We have little idea a six year old boy in Chicago has been stabbed to death 26 times by his 71 year old landlord, that's been binging on mainstream media, right? The bias in the narrative, the one sidedness right, and the bullying of the Muslim community. Do you condemn Hamas is a question that you're probably to consider it to ask what everywhere Muslims go, Do you condemn Hamas? Well, we don't represent Hamas. Number one. Hamas is the elected government. Number two, the people in Gaza right now didn't even

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elect that government. Many people don't know, Gaza, as former US president said is the largest open air prison in the world, a densely populated strip of shore 60 miles long, where the majority of people there are D possessed or displaced from other parts of Palestine. So they're refugees into Gaza. Right? And yet you have the Israeli defense ministers and otherwise saying they voted them in saying we're dealing with human animals. And so the Muslim community right now will consistently you will find them reluctant to condemn Hamas because they diversion it's a distraction from the genocide. You know, according to UN law, people hear me out for a second I like people that are

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deprived the food, water electricity, people that are carpet bombed and civilians being targeted sniping down journalists. So the other side of the narrative doesn't get out. Medical Centers fire bombings with a missile strike I hospital yesterday, these are war crimes. There's this is not a media narrative. These are established confirmed war crimes that we can't hold the us accountable for. Right. We don't expect them it's not surprising to hear alignment, because this is their colonial outpost, we get it. It's their nuclear ally, we get it. But the Muslims will continue to do that. Despite the fact that I'm getting calls right now. There was a gun pulled on a Muslim in

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Harrisburg. I got to figure out what's hate related or not. Can I just heard of another in Montclair University got to figure out whether I want to give you all the time I can. But I appreciate. I'll end here. What I'm saying is the question on do we condemn? It's actually we believe it is a diversion? If I say yes, they say that's why Israel's attacking with wild disproportionality, which is a war crime. If we say no, we don't condemn, then we are terrorists like them. I say that's where the festering do you say, though, because I appreciate you bringing that up. Because I really do and to put that Hamas out on the table. What do you say? Why? Why do they have to? Why? Why do they have

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to make this sandwich when this happened? Are you saying, oh my gosh, why did Hamas have to do that? I guess there's like, no, because I don't even know what's happened. Okay, should I not be everyone is distrusting of the media. Let's be honest. It's just the media that doesn't align with your preconceived notions you're untrusting of so we all agree that in principle, the media lies right. The beheaded babies officially debunked never happened and people are still peddling this law.

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I, okay, sort of attacking the people at the festival we don't even know has that even happened yet or not? Okay, if any of that happened, Muslims are blue in the face pre and post 911 pre and post ISIS. Innocent civilians are never to be killed, innocent life are saying is sanctified across the board of the fraternity of humanity essentially Islamic. But all of that is a red herring to get us from holding the world accountable for not holding Israel accountable for its work. Just like you're doing ecologist, you don't want to see this continuing. atrocity. Gotcha. We are not speaking up except in the name of innocent lives being lost, and that only a portion of them that potentially

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have been attacked by hummus are the only ones seen as human everyone else's be humanized and get sideswiped out of the conversation. I wish we had five more hours because this matters. Be right back for a final session.