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Is it true that the prophet SAW Selim said that if a woman is a leader of the country is going to go to ruin?

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Well, that is a paraphrase of something found in Bahati, the prophets of the law who Allah He was seldom said that no nation will prosper, who puts his leader as a woman. Now, this hadith our scholars have different over it. Some have said that this is a specific reference to Persia at the time. And in fact, it's been hijacked. The famous commentator mentions is that this is not a filthy ruling that can be applied to every scenario and circumstance. Rather, this is something that the process of is saying that this nation, the Persian Empire, because they had appointed a particular princess to be their, their queen, and she was not qualified, and it was things were going on. So it

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is as if the process of saying this nation, and he's not saying no nation, this nation that has now appointed this lady, as its ruler will not succeed. And in fact, that's exactly what happened. She turned out to be the last princess of Iran, the last Queen of Iran, of a Persian Empire, the sassanid Empire should say, and the assassin Empire collapsed after that, and eventually the Muslims conquered it. So some scholars say this was a prediction and that seems to be the case. As for our times, and issues of this nature, really, these are photos that should be sought directly from LMR of a particular country and time, we are not living in a more anymore in the systems of the previous

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times, there is no califa there is no unilateral leader that used to exist, what we now have our prime ministers presidencies shared power and these are required different fatwas in scenarios and perhaps we can fine tune depending on the circumstance and situation of the countries that we happen to live in.

What is the ruling on the hadith that says if a women were to head a nation then that nation is doomed? A hadith is put into place to discuss this further and what context was this hadith used in. Also, the opinions of various scholars is cited that shows the actual meaning of this by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi.

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