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Should Muslims Judge People

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Mohammad Elshinawy

Channel: Mohammad Elshinawy

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Bismillah so are Muslims allowed to judge people? Well, if I say no Will you stop leaving reviews on Amazon and Yelp? Will you stop criticizing politicians on social media? No, but you mean value judgments on like religious views and the like? Well listen, Allah subhanho wa Taala said in Athens, Elena, la Calcutta will have we sent down the book upon you with the truth, the Takoma VENA Naseby maraca law, so that you may judge between the people using what Allah has shown you. So our law revealed certain facts and a Muslim by definition, accepts those facts as true. It doesn't mean they are speaking about people's fate ultimately, on an individual basis who will be forgiven or not.

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It's not talking about us being contemptible, not wishing well for people, praying for them hoping for their guidance, urging them to guidance as part of being a Muslim as well. But it doesn't mean that Allah who revealed this code and set certain truths in it created people equally, but does not see human conduct all as equal.