When Even Prayer Can Wait

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In Glory be to Allah.

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We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness and His protection from evil whispers within ourselves and from the consequences of our evil deeds, for whomever Allah azza wa jal guides, no one can ever lead them astray and whomever Allah leads us astray, none can ever guide and we testify that no one is worthy of worship but Allah and Allah, Allah and without any partners, the true supreme King at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was at levels in truth without doubt, His Prophet and his servant and His messenger. Oh, you have believed keep the Taqwa of Allah present and alive and healthy in your life, at all places in

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all times, that consciousness of Allah and reverence for Allah and do the fullness to Allah subhanahu wata Allah and loving and consistent surrender to Him Jalla Jalla Azzawajal

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and do not die Allah says, Do not leave this world, except while persevering in that state of complete and total willing and loving surrender to Allah, a state of Islam. May Allah azza wa jal make us and you people who are content with Allah as his Lord, as our Lord, may Allah azza wa jal make us of those content forever with Allah as our Lord and with submission to Him as our deen our way of life. And with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a role model an example and His messenger and ours, Allah Houma Amin,

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my brothers and sisters, we said in the previous hold was together sermons together, that after the mention of Jesus Christ Risa Ali salam, peace and blessings be upon him in the Quran. There is a grand total of three others, that Allah azza wa jal miraculously permitted to speak up in the cradle speak up in a very young age in infancy.

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We spoke about

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the boy who kept his mother firm, when she was being persecuted for her faith among the people of the trenches have a look dude.

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And we spoke about the young child who asked Allah to not accept the short sighted blurred prayers of His mother for him. And rather to make him someone that is not a tyrant, but instead someone that relegates all of their affairs to Allah.

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Today with the third of the three after the mention of a Salah he Salam that every Muslim is familiar with through the Quran, is the mention of Jurij elaborate the devout worshipper in that same authentic hadith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said among the people before you was a man whose name was Jura age, who was exemplary he was standout in his devotion to Allah. He was bent on keeping his heart pure, and keeping his devotion at its peak until the day he met Allah azza wa jal, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said so that drove him eventually to break away from society. Society became so corrupt, so he disbanded. He went off for the hermit lifestyle. He built

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for himself a temple or a monastery or Sona, away from the city away from the people out of sincerity and Allah who will reward this sincerity. But the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, by the way, did not like this for the mic, not like this for our ummah. He wanted us to be the most superior servants of God. And a part of that is being agents of goodness in society. Because one of the greatest helps we can offer shaytaan is to separate the righteous from the wicked, those committed to God and those rebellious against God, because when you separate them who will ever remain in society, to teach people good and promote it, urge them onto it, who will be the one to

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prevent people from evil, or at least reduce it when he can't?

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Who is going to be the one to create families and societies if we all go off into isolation, he did not love that for us. Allahi salatu salam, and he said to us,

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I love the U haul. It would nurse the believer who mixes with the people while the US Bureau Allah as their home and puts up with their harm. Cairo Minella de la jolla Harlequin NASA while is below Allah, their home and is superior to the one who does not mix with the people and does not put up with their harm. This is not to ruin yourself. But there is a considerable degree of harm that he's asking you to be patient with and encouraging you incentivizing for you to be an asset to others as well. That is in your interest in theirs.

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That is the complete believer, May Allah help us complete our faith. And this man did not do that This man said, I need to cut my losses I need to worship Allah in peace. And so when he did so,

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the people of the city, were very jealous of him, and did not like to know that he still existed and this is normal.

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And so they were constantly looking for ways to ruin him ruin his reputation, because as we said, the presence of good and evil poses a conflict for evil, the stability of evil.

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And so Subhan Allah as they were wondering, how could they get rid of this nuisance, this person whose existence guilts us just like the people of Luton, the Quran, by the way, they said every Jew Allah Lutheran middle Karateka, they said, kick the family of Luth Prophet La La Salam out of your city in now homeowners Sunita, Haroon, they are people always trying to purify themselves. It's no good. They need to get out what's their crime, they purify themselves. So by contrast, by opposite by comparison, it makes us look bad for him to remain. So they were thinking about this a great deal talking about this a great deal. While he is off to the side worshiping Allah, his mother visited

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him one day, and she kept calling out to him looking for him in this wilderness. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as he was saying, this hadith, this incident to us, He gestured with his hand over his eyebrow, as if to demonstrate how she was looking left and right. Where is my son? Where can I find my son? I need to see my son. And so she landed upon the place where he had built his monastery to worship Allah azza wa jal, and he at the time was praying what he's always doing. And so she kept saying, Yeah, July Ah, yeah, July each, oh, God come out to me, I'm your mother, oh, July each come out to me. And every time she would come, he would be too busy to respond to her,

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busy with what busy with prayer. And he kept saying the Prophet SAW Selim said that he would say a rugby Oh, my Lord, oh, mi l Salah t my mother or my prayer, what do I do?

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And so in a very simplistic way. And this shows you the importance of knowledge, right? The importance of knowing how to prioritize things the way Allah Who wants Subhana Allah to Allah, not the way you like. He thought he was doing the most superior thing ever devoting himself in prayer to Allah without interruption.

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But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us something different. He said, you devote yourself to Allah Who without interruption, that does not mean to pray the day and the night. There are times when even your prayer can wait. Because there is a superior act of worship, a superior act of devotion, in this instance, responding to your mother and looking at her face. So he kept saying salah, my mother, Salah, my mother Salas for Allah creator, my mother creation, so he said salah, and he kept over and over again, peeking his prayer over his mother until she got so fed up with him. That she said he does not want to see my face, he does not want to come looking into my face.

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Oh Allah do not allow him to die until he has to look into the faces of the shameless women of town. Do not let him die until he has to face

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the indecent women, the immoral women who have relations left and right outside of the union of marriage.

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And so these people that were trying to find a way to destroy him, his mother now made a rightful supplication against him. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, rightful meaning justified, not permissible. He said to Allah, he's Salatu was Salam Letta drew Allah Allah decom do not make dua supplication against your children. Because at times, it is not oppression, it is justified. It's because they abused you or violated you or neglected you, in that case, Allah Who will accept your DUA because they deserve it. But then you're going to regret it. Allah will not oppress anyone, but if the child is the oppressor, and the parent says something to Allah, that that

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child will very likely receive it in this world before the next.

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And so Allah allowed, essentially reading into the story, aloud her prayer to be accepted. And shaytaan basically to suggest to some of the women of town to say, I'll be the one How much will you give me to mislead your age to get him to fall into haram to tempt him in

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seduce him and drag him into haram. And they made her an offer. And so she would go and circle and use her creativity and use her strength to try to get him to come down and speak with her. And he would ignore her night and day. And they're off in the wilderness used to be a shepherd of sheep, a shepherd of animals that was outside of town that would frequent that area, she would begin to speak to him. Ultimately, haram happened between her and him, she ultimately eventually becomes pregnant. When she has the child, they said, Whose child is this? She said, this is the child of God, you owe me some money, I succeeded. That's his child when it was the child of the shepherd.

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And so they did not. second guess, her claims. And this will Allah has a huge lesson as well. No matter who you are, you will never be free of the criticism of other people. You will never be free of people speaking about you, people in an instance turning in an instant turning on you. So they said you lie you're you phony, you fake they tore down his monastery and beat him nearly to death and they drag him back into town, and they were going to kill him.

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And so he asked them to allow him to pray, or stain over somebody or salah, seek strength and patience. And in prayer. Allah says, always, when stress is getting to you, when the doors are closed, resigned to the prayer, don't make a decision, don't get frantic, resigned to your Salah. And so he made a prayer and he asked Allah to clear his name. And after the prayer, he went to that infant child, and he poked him in the stomach and said to him, say who your true father is. And Allah had this child not only speak but point at the shepherd in the middle of the crowd and say, had that Abbey. That's the one who is actually my biological father. That's my father.

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This is my real father.

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And so the people humiliated and wanting to redeem themselves in an instant once again, they flip and they're happy with him. They're pleased once again, and they said we will rebuild for your monastery. What how can we ever make it up to you we'll make it out of gold and silver, your little temporal, he said just to restore it as it was a whole Holy hell that was that for Allah Altima. Lee welcome.

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wa salatu salam ala Milena be about that shadow Allah, Allah illallah, WA Hola, Shadi Keller, who eyeshadow, Anna, Mohammed and Abu who want to be you who are sort of

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the last and final lesson that I wish to swap out quickly as we walk through this incident, after speaking about the importance of being a productive agent and Agent of Allah to spread hate in this world, despite the harm that will come your way and after speaking about the importance of knowledge, so you can prioritize obligations correctly.

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You know, a person can hear me by the way and think that I said that, even prayer can wait no, I said sometimes even prayer can wait. He was praying voluntary prayers, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when asked what are the greatest of deeds? He said a Salah to do Octi have praying on time, the prescribed times meaning the obligatory prayers, he said and then what he said Bill will validate being good to your parents, being kind and obedient and devoted and in the service of good to your parents. They said and then what he said jihad on FISA Videla to sacrifice meaning voluntarily in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala after speaking about the importance of sacred

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knowledge, after speaking about the importance of not supplicating against our children, after speaking about the importance of not depending too much on these unpredictable opinions of people regarding you. The last and final lesson is that Allah redeemed Jura age in this dunya all that happened to him can be seen as a punishment. And many times we ask ourselves, Is Allah punishing me? Or is he raising my rank? Is Allah punishing me or raising my rank? Who is to say that these are two separate things? Does Allah not punish us here in this passing punishment of this world that times because He loves us wishes for us to have our ranks raise. Every time I love puts you through

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something he is purifying you out of his love for you. And so you respond correctly and he rewards you further and raises your right

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and that is why also look when you are afflicted with something that's

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as to how you reacted to it, because as our scholars said, Allah knew before he put you through this difficulty, how you would react to it, whether you would fail the test, right? It's a purification, but also a test, you're automatically forgiven for some things through difficulty. But here's the opportunity to climb. He knows whether you're going to climb or sink in this trial before he gave it to you. And so if you find yourself able, and in fact, responding correctly to the trial Jurij did not say Oh, Allah, why'd you do this to me? I've been such a good worshiper. Jurij said, what? This is the daughter of my mother, he recognize, he repented, he rushed to prayer and patience, the way

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you respond to it. What Allah already knew, is a way for you to know whether Allah wished to simply purify you, which is still good, it's all good from Allah azza wa jal for the believer, whether he wished to purify you or he wished to even further that raise your ranks in ways that may be had you been left alone. Without these trials, ranks you would never have reached, may Allah subhanahu wa taala raise our ranks and yours and purify our scrolls of deeds in yours. May Allah azza wa jal give us the strength to mix with the people and endure their harm, in an effort to be better resembling of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he teach us that which will benefit us and benefit

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us with that which He has taught us subhanho wa Taala make us dutiful to our parents as part of our dutifulness to him Subhana Allah, Allah to Allah, may Allah allow us to have reasonable expectations of His creation, enable us to forgive them when forgive them when they wronged Us and enable them to forgive us when we wrong them. And may Allah send his finest Peace and blessings upon the Prophet of mercy and guidance and forgiveness Mohammed or other early he was ivh Marian Allah Who muffling our Hamner Allahumma Filon. Our Hamner he now had the Bina Idina Sula, salam, and the genomen of automatic Allah nor Allah Who Matthew fusina Taqwa the key Hans hieromonk Zika. And so will you have

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on Allah wa sallahu wa salam ala Cana Vienna Muhammad wa ala early he was here Jemaine