When People Will Rush Out of Their Graves

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The Day of Judgment is a powerful and overwhelming reality that is "winner as the day comes" and that "winner as the day comes". The "striking and overwhelming reality" of the "day of Judgment" is "winner as the day comes" and is "winner as the day comes". The "striking and overwhelming reality" of the "day of Judgment" is "winner as the day comes" and is "winner as the day comes". The " weight of people's actions on the Day of Judgment" is not measured in terms of skill, but rather in terms of actions on the Day of Judgment. The "has" in the " weight of people's actions on the Day of Judgment" is a key concept, and people need to be strong against evil deeds and be polite and understand people. The "has" in the " weight of people's actions on the Day of Judgment" is a

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In Alhamdulillah Ramadan who want to stay in or who want to stop Pharaoh, whenever we will be let him in Shruti and fusina women sejati Molina, Maria de la who Fela will be Lella oh my god who fell Ah Ha Ji Allah, wa shadow Allah Allah is Allah wa shadow no Mohammed Abdullah he was Zulu Who am I bad for all si como ei betta Paula hiya Zoa gel in Hosea Adolphe, dunya and Ohara.

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Allah Allah will is that he will July

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he starts off

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Surah two Acharya,

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the surah

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which starts off

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with the word striking, shocking, a calamity.

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That's how the solo starts off.

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Allah doesn't make any prefaces over here. There's no words before that. There are no words to tell you what Allah is talking about. He goes right into the climax and says Acharya, the very strikingly shocking one.

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The calamity that is extremely striking.

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Korea to melt Korea, but obviously when you hear that word and there is no other statement within the sentence, you're going to ask yourself a question. What is that partner? So Allah asks that question for you and he says malaria. What is this body? Hi, what is the strikingly shocking matter? What is it? Allah gives a number of names to the day of judgment in the Quran. Sometimes Allah subhanaw taala refers to the day of judgment as Allah Shia, the one that overwhelms everything. Sometimes Allah refers to this day of judgment as a walker, the one that is definitely going to occur. Sometimes Allah calls it an Hakka that one that's an inevitable reality. So the reality is

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that this area, or the strikingly shocking calamity, is going to be an overwhelming matter. Every single person will feel it when the day of judgment comes, it will be an overwhelming reality will be striking, shocking, a calamity, it will overwhelm the entirety of the world. And you know what, sometimes when things are too overwhelming and too shocking, what do you ask yourself? Did that really happen? So Allah says, it's a work as well, it is something that is definitely going to happen. Either walk ITIL Walker, and

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Allah subhanaw taala then tells us also about this Day of Judgment, that it's unhealthy, it's going to be an inevitable reality. So there is no escape from this striking, overwhelming, definite occurrence that will become an inevitable reality. These are the names of this day that Allah has given this date, this hour. So Acharya, the striking and shocking matter and moment mill Acharya, what is the striking shocking calamity and moment, and then Allah Subhana Allah Allah wants to redefine see the Quran has a practice in a number of places in the Quran, where whenever Allah wants to redefine something or Allah wants to give his own definition to something Allah Subhana Allah

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Allah says to the prophets SLM, he says that you don't know what this matter is, or how would you even know what this matter is? So Allah says the same thing over here. He says, Well, my rock I'm in Korea, and how would you know Oh, Mohamed, what is striking and shocking matter is, this is knowledge that will have to come to you from Allah, you will be able to figure out what that striking reality is, this is knowledge granted to you by Allah azza wa jal. So Allah gives us one glimpse of the Day of Judgment here.

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And Allah says, Yo will my Hakuna nurse will kill Faraj in Memphis, every one of us thinks a lot of ourselves and everything that we've created and developed within this world, and the money that we've gathered and the intelligence that we have and the children that we have, and the houses and the cars and all of the experiences that we've accumulated over the years, but Allah subhanaw taala says yo maya cool numbness on that day, people will become like alpha regime of truth, like scattered moths, they will become like scattered moths. A moth is an insect that has no value in the life of any of us. If you see a moth you care not for it. You're not even worried about it harming

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you. See, when a flies around you, you try to buzz it off, because you're like, maybe it's gonna bring me some filth. When you have a bee or Hornet you're worried it's going to bite you

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But when it comes to a moth that just sits around for days, sometimes you even wonder whether it's alive or dead. It has no value whatsoever. So Allah says people will become valueless, like moths, and they will be scattered, scattered all over the Allah subhanaw taala describes humanity you and I, in two different ways on the Day of Judgment. One of those ways is like grasshopper skeleton, like Gerrard one tissue, there will be like John augmentation who share an absorber when you're hungry, Jonah Meenal a geodesic unknown Gerardo Mateschitz that they will be looking downwards who shall absorb, their eyes will be focused downwards, because there'll be so afraid of the reality

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that they're about to face. They will be coming out of these graves, unknown jaw documentation, they'll come out of the graves like they're grasshoppers in every single direction. So there's a description that people will be like moths, scattered moths. And there's another description that people will become like grasshoppers. And the way to understand that is that when people first come out of the graves, they will have no direction. There is no direction you don't know where you're going. I don't know where I'm going. People are shocked. It's a cardio. It's a walker, it's an Hakka, it's a last year, it's overwhelming. We don't know what to do. So you have no direction, I

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have no direction. But then Allah subhanaw taala says, Yo, yo, daddy, Elijah in loco. But there will be a day in which one caller will call out to the meeting point on the Day of Judgment. This is when people start to gain direction. Now, all of those scattered moths that are flying in every single direction now they become groups because Allah says yo man at the cooler on asking the Imam him that on that day, we will call every person with their leader. So people will begin to follow their leaders. And then they'll become groups kind of like grasshoppers. Because grasshoppers have a direction, and they have a group and they know which direction they're going. You'd see sometimes

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they criss cross, but they don't end up mixing up with one another because they have direction. So you you're scattered, then you get direction and you go to meet your Lord.

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This is people but then Allah gives us another description. Allah gives us the description also of the mountains as well.

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See, this is just a window into the Day of Judgment because there's a lot to be said about the Day of Judgment. Allah says what the corner is you

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can read gentlemen fish, and the mountains will become like 1111. Fish, they'll become like fluffed wall.

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You see, mountains are a symbol of stability within land. They are the anchors that make the land stable and stop it from moving. But Allah says on that day, the most stable thing that you thought was stable, it ends up becoming no longer stable anymore. It gains instability. Not only is it not only does it have instability, but it's more than that. It becomes like wool that is fluffed up. What does that mean? Allah describes the mountains on the Day of Judgment in various different ways. Allah says, What are ology Bala? Sabha? Jeremy Deaton. We're here tomorrow Morris happ you will see the mountains you look at it, you think that it's completely solid? You think that it's standing you

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think it's firm, but it's set in motion by Allah azza wa jal.

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It's moving well here tomorrow Marva sahab it's moving just like the clouds move.

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And Allah says that the land and the earth what Allah will do is Allah will carry it together. So do that Dekton Wahida, they are struck one time, and they ended up breaking completely.

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This is the mountains, the very mountains that we thought were very heavy, the very mountains we thought were very powerful that those very mountains Allah subhanaw taala sets them into motion. And then not only does he set them into motion, Allah subhanaw taala takes all of the stability and the hardness of the mountain out of it and it becomes super soft. It becomes like wool, and not just any wool because if you take wool, and you bunch it together and you crunch it together, what happens? It gains a level of stability, right? It's some strength, there is some resistance in it. However Allah subhanaw taala says this is wool that's been fluffed up. So now when you have fluffed rule,

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you can poke right through it without any resistance because that's how we get is. This is how the mountains also become on the Day of Judgment.

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Because now the scales are completely different. The things that you thought had weight no longer have weight anymore. So this is a symbolism. It's a reality but it's also symbolic to another reason

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Literally, the very things that you thought weighed and mattered in this world, they don't matter anymore. The things that you that people never thought mattered, they're the ones who begin to matter. They're the ones that begin to matter. So now the skills are different. These are the skills of Allah. They're not like the skills of this world, the skills of the world have weighed as one of the most significant things but the scales of Allah azza wa jal have a statement that you make from your mouth. They are the ones those statements that word those words, they are the ones that really weigh something on the Day of Judgment. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make our reckoning easy for

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Subhanallah bigger bill essity And now your cell phone was salam ala l Mursaleen. Al Hamdulillah Al.

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hamdulillah Hamden UF in Yama, who you can film as either SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in wahala. Early he was socially engineering. But your brothers I enjoin upon you the Taqwa of Allah Allah is it well Jana for Allah says in the Quran. Yeah, you hola Xena. I'm an otaku. Allah Hapa Ducati Well, I terminate level two masoumeh Taqwa is going to be the heaviest thing on your skill on the day of judgment. And the greatest form of that law is your honest and sincere statement that there is no God worthy of worship except for Allah who is that you are July, no matter which trial you have to face to stand by this word, you stand by it, if you have to be burned to death, and you

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continue to stand by it do so because this word simply by saying it sincerely from your heart, it will be what will save you on the Day of Judgment, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us in a long Hadith the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us of a man who will be brought before Allah azza wa jal on the day of judgment, and he will have so many sins, he will be given a scroll after another squirrel after another. And the Hadith says 99 Different scrolls will be opened up before this man, all of them, all of them will be so long, that they will be as long as the site could see. And then this man

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will be asked by Allah. Do you deny any of these actions and wrongdoings that you had? And the man will shy for the say, and shamefully say to Allah azza wa jal, I don't deny Allah knows the reality. But then there will be one has and this man will have. There'll be one good deed that this man will have. And he knows he's lost his hope at this moment because he sees all these sins, and then there's just one good deed that's brought before him. It's a small little card that says on it, the fact that this man said La Ilaha illa Allah there is no God worthy of worship except for Allah. What is it? Well, July, the man would have lost his hope at that moment, Allah subhanaw taala will tell

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the angels to place the deeds on one scale, and that one deed on the other scale and the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said Fatah should be hinda La Ilaha illa Allah

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La ilaha illa Allah ends up overwhelming and outweighing all of those evil deeds. hadith is authentic and it's in Muslim dilemma moment. So stick to that La Ilaha illa Allah, no matter what happens, you're going to go through difficulty. Difficult times people will poke fun at you. People will say things to you, you might lose work because you have to act like a Muslim at times. All of those things could happen in your life. You might be physically harmed because you're a Muslim, and it's happened to so many of our brothers and sisters right? Err, I would like to say in Palestine I'd like to say in Kashmir, but right here in Edmonton, Alberta.

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How many of our sisters have been isolated in harm because they wear hijab? How many of our brothers have been harmed as well, sometimes, physically, sometimes verbally abused as well. So you will be sometimes harmed because of your faith. But don't ever let go of the faith?

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Because that's your savior on the Day of Judgment, that La Ilaha illa Allah will outweigh everything else. And there are specific deeds that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prescribed and he told us that they are very heavy on the scale on the Day of Judgment, one of those in both Bukhari and Muslim the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Kelim attorney or FIFA Tanya Hyla Lizanne is appeal attorney Phil MISA. There are two words that are very light on your tongue, but very heavy on the skill on the Day of Judgment heavy Bettany love man and they are very beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala as well Subhan Allah He Subhan Allah He all of you know it.

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All of you know this dua. So see it. These are words

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words that are very light on your tongue.

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But you're very heavy to Allah azza wa jal. Another thing that is very heavy on your skill

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is your righteous deeds is your good character. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam he told us in the hadith of sunnah be dealt with and others, the prophets are seldom said there is nothing that will be heavier on your scale, of course, after La ilaha illallah, then good character, be kind to people don't harm the people who harm you. Be polite to people, even if they're rude to you, you should get your rights and I'm always an advocate of that. And I say it many, many times. If you've been harmed work to get your rights until you have the better of the situation and then if you want to forgive and forget, do so. But be polite, be kind, you don't have to be rude. You don't have to

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be harsh to people. Be all of those things, my dear brothers and my dear sisters, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says for Imam and the CO let's miroir Zeno as for the person whose skills are he has good skills will become heavy what will happen to this person? What are we always looking for? We work hard to live a certain lifestyle, right? So Allah subhanho wa Taala uses such a beautiful word over here. He says Phil Wolfie Alicia Valdivia, he's going to have a lifestyle. Nisha literally means a lifestyle. As nomadic he says, we're literally Mr. Ratan kegels. And we're here literally, Hey, I didn't catch Ilsa.

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Every time a word comes on the there wasn't a Fairleigh or Isha, that's basically referring to a style and he is living. So lifestyle. Allah is saying that the lifestyle of this person on the Day of Judgment

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will be one that he's happy with. You're looking for that comfortable lifestyle that will make you happy. All you've got to do is you've got to stick to your guns in terms of your religion. And on the Day of Judgment, Allah will give you that lifestyle, that you've been longing for that lifestyle that you've been looking for. And then this person, he starts to become boastful as well, on the Day of Judgment, when you become boastful. There is no harm because it's not there's no ego at that time. So Allah subhanaw taala says, the person who's given the book with his right hand,

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what will he do? You'll say for your Okita via St. Louis, my book, this is the book, come and read it, this is what I got. This is my report card. You do it in this world. There could be some ego that is involved, but you do it on the Day of Judgment, you're forgiven, you've gotten that lifestyle, and you can boast about it as well. Now. You can say whatever you want, there is no fear because you've already passed the test. And he says why this is the most important thing. He will say in New London to a knee Moluccan Hey, Serbia, I knew that I'm going to meet my Lord and He is going to hold me to account.

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Don't ever doubt that there's a day of judgment. And that day of judgment will be there. And that you and I and everybody will be accounted for. In every little thing we do in every law, every big thing we do as well, every grand thing we do as well. So there is a day of judgment. But then there's another group of people who are not so fortunate. What a man Hafetz mela Zeno, as for those people whose scales are very, very light, there are going to be people who are physically very heavy as we have in certain traditions, they will come and they are huge people built rough, thick, tall, they have big bones, they have a lot of flesh, everything, they're very heavy. But then

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they will not be equivalent in the scale of Allah Bullhead City will Jalon to even the wing of a mosquito. Because the scales of Allah, they measure in a different way. They don't measure in the same way. And the fact that the mountains that are so heavy, they end up getting crushed, and they're flying around like clouds, that is also symbolic of the fact that the measurement on the Day of Judgment is completely different. And what will happen to this person whose skill of good deeds are not very heavy. For Omo, how are we? And there's a couple of ways of explaining this. Number one is that his own which means your head says one of the meanings of the word on

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your brain, it will be thrown into the fire into the how we are so people will be thrown into the fire face first. And another way of understanding this is whenever you go through a difficult time, where do you result to you end up going to your mother. There's one person in this world that no matter what happens she will not fail you. Your wife might fail you your husband is going to fail you your children will fail you. Your father will fail you your mother

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will not fail you she will always be there for you.

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But on the day of judgment even when you're looking for that mother in the love

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you find it in the fire

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so when you're looking for that support your support line is the fire How about in the times when you don't have the opportunity to get that support? So Allah says for Omaha we are his mother will be the fire so whenever he's looking to resolve back to something he will find nothing more than some more fire for woohoo. How are we? And what is this? How are we? Yeah, what is this pit? Allah subhanaw taala says Wilma Docomo here and how would you know what this pit is all about? Nah, don't hire me. It is a fire that is scorching. It is a fire that is boiling. It is a fire that is heated. It is a fire that Allah calls it's not Allah, it's the fire of Allah. The fire of this world can

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give you a certain type of bird, maybe a first a second, a third degree burn. But the fire of Allah subhanaw taala is different. It's not Allah.

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And Allah describes not Allah the fire of Allah and let Italia or al F EDA, the fire that can even reach the hearts because in this world, if you get burned, you might get a first second third, your flesh gets a little bit burned. But generally speaking, the inside of your body will still same, stay safe, but the fire of Allah is different. It will eat the flesh and it goes to the internal organs as well. This is the fire of Allah. It's now Hermia I ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from this fire. Allah Hama and Nana local Jana toma cara de la Hammond holding Warhammer whenever we will be giving a nerdy Omar Karlova la Hammond Polding Muhammad, Allah Houma Inanna will be coming

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to belie a woman interview schmuck woman Nevsky Loretta Shabbat women really Malayan Allah whom in Santa Rosa becoming ill Alba urban Athena for dunya Hassan of authority has an opinion as of now what signal Jana tema al Abrar? Yeah, Aziz we have a far we're up in salata in salata didn't manufacture you will mooncup Well, adequate Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah, Allah mama dinero