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The importance of finding one's path and protecting one's privacy is emphasized in the West. It is also important to be in love with oneself and others, not just the perfect person. The loss of Islam and the loss of family members are also discussed, along with the importance of protecting Muslims in the West. There is a mention of a new film about Islam, but it is unclear if it will be released.

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For the first time in your stuff you

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or may you live that I've heard here everybody should either make a bomb or interview last week. Why should you

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do wherever you are also?

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Yeah, you need

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to let them want to know and to see Moon Uranus which a forum documentary for a community I've seen one hidden

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here on money

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boss and Lenny Tessa and you wouldn't be here without harming America can Alec and Martina

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yeah you will

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love our move to Poland said Either you're struggling to Manga The Commonwealth elections and overcome my uterine or Solano manifest films and Halima All Praise and glory belongs to Allah Almighty God we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure, his forgiveness, and his protection from the lowest or anything else and evil consequences of our misdeeds.

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From a member of luck guides that can lead astray and remember our loved leaves love guidance and can offer them guidance. And we justify that no one is worthy of our worship, and our devotion and our dedication in our lives.

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And our love entire life and our obedience entirely but Allah and Allah alone the tiny partners, the true supreme King, at the Prophet Mohammed Salah Ali's last sentence is needed through his prophet and his servant as messenger

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will be sent as a mercy to the world before the coming of the hour.

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I thank Allah azza wa jal at the onset of this day for gathering me with you one more time in July.

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And this does bring me great joy and I and I claim

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and presume that if our prophets of Allah are alive today,

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nothing would make him happier about our times but the people that through it all are still in the Maasai.

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People that are longing to draw into your into a love longing to meet him working hard, impatiently trying to please him despite all the challenges and despite all the trouble struggles he would be happy to meet you on a Sato says

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his greatest concern as Alonso and Jenson Paja como su Minang fusi coma disease when are they in a

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hurry you sold on a big move meaning or move from Rahim there are certainly come to you a Messenger from among you.

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See him as from amongst you have human messenger like you are human

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is a key factor in appreciating a messenger from amongst you that it is very difficult for him to see you go through difficulty mode to see you go through hardship. It hurt him to think of you hurting it distressed him and kept him up at night.

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To see people in distress and anticipate that people after it's hard to be in distress or then worse people would lose their path to Allah azza wa jal How do you so that they can diverse continues he's so concerned with you believe me Nina Ramu from my team and with the believers in particular so confession so merciful.

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Gentleman in one minute says the prophets of Allah will send them send

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Metallica mythological carefully, virtually no but the now and fragile and generic, unfortunately a foreigner female

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why the ASCII will be who Jessie Qumran in daddy want to be debt free dude. I mean

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the example of medianews by the example of a man who started a fire

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and so the moths and the locusts are diving into it while he is trying to chase them away from it. And I am grabbing on to you by your waist that

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trying to keep you away from the fire and you're slipping from my hands as well. You're slipping past

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and it's like Mr. Shapiro.

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He says I asked I showed him love which I'm gonna help Kiana Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and some people who are calling in the prophets of Allah or he will seldom

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ever pray while seated.

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So she said, now I'm gonna have a medical nurse. She said yes, but only after he was worn out. You must reward down by the people meaning by serving the people with every last ounce of energy

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and inflatable fatty and elsewhere. So the Aloha

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says he heard from a lot of our

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time period that a young Jewish boy he was on his deathbed.

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And so he rushed to his house who lost our breath catching up with him.

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In less than three to four, Allah,

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Allah and he said, It's a lonely old man say that you definitely say not as worthy of worship of the one true God. And he turned to his father and his father sensorimotor been passing obey, obey us. And so the young man said, Daddy, I hate the law. And then he passed soon thereafter. So the prophets of Allah or Al Salam exited, exited the house into hell and went to win this race beaming from joy.

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And say, you have to be better than that be another human and now Praise be to Allah Who saved him in the last moments from slipping into the fire.

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And are prophets of Allah Allah Hallo says that on a fourth occasion

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he heard a man in his prayer see a man that he was extra considerate with. So the man found himself without thinking perhaps see Allah Mohammed Hemi what have Mohammedan while I was on HANA, oh Allah have mercy on me and have mercy on Hamlet and don't have mercy on anybody else. And so the prophets of Allah Allah ecosystem said to him, Look at her jump to ICR you have illuminated something that is very wide. Allah's Mercy can accommodate us all and we want everyone to receive that ultimate share in the hereafter of Allah's mercy.

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In fact in one hand or whether the sound of the other one says that the prophets of Allah Allah Allah your system says many still for remote meaning one more when it comes along Babu to the cooling mode, meaning one more minute in hustler. Whomever includes in their prayer for forgiveness, all the believing men and all of those unbelieving women. Oh ALLAH forgive all the believing men, Oh ALLAH forgive all believing women, when you make it that inclusive,

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when you want them to be forgiven, as bad as you want to be forgiven, he said Allah right is for you, for every single believing men and believing woman, a good deed.

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That number of course, is not the number it's Illumina.

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And so this was the end of your prophets of Allah, Allah your synthesis. And so here's a bit of a solver question, an honest question. Are you on his path, that particular path of his

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calling to Allah inviting to Allah concern people will deviate from the path of Allah concerned people will go through the stress away from God, the greatest distress and not having enough time to return course.

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The Prophet Allah azza wa jal says, wouldn't have the Sunday at zero eat Allah, Allah mercy and element interband say to their own Hamlet's Allahu alayhi wa sallam, this is my path to be the lead Allah my path is that I call to God, I invite to God and there will be no luck Allah will see it I call to God upon clear sight. I know who God is, I know what God wants. I know how to deliver the message. I know who I'm speaking to. Because I'm sensitive enough to care to find out how to have all of that upon inside. I

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know many Devaney upon inside me and those who follow me. So this is no room for ambiguity for lack of clarity. Are you on his path? His path is one when he calls to Allah, genuinely concerned about the creation.

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And the implication also should be very clear. There his pad and only his path winds up in the place that you want to get to the place that anything less than it is not survivable.

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There is not a paradise hellfire and a stoop in the middle where you just sit down and hang out. There's only two locations his path and so on. And if you're not on his path, you're in great jeopardy of orthodoxy. Okay, so are you on his path?

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That path of down the path of concern for the creation, the path that winds up with a reunion between you and Ian Maliki salatu salam

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inciting was or will be out of the cabinet semi of the Allahu Anhu said I used to bring the blue water for my prophets of Allah Allah send them to the prophet of God. So he gets up in the middle of the night he wants to wash up to break water is readily available.

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And so he wanted to read

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He felt indebted to me that he that I burden myself was waiting for him.

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So he said to me 70 hour on the hour we I asked me for something,

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asked me for something Make A Wish basically.

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And so he says to him, Give me time

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not every day and the prophets message are valid tells you that

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and so he came to him a few nights later he said, What is it that you want? Tell me maybe that you're offering maybe I can help you.

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He said I don't care more offer tickets in general.

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Those are those are our goals.

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Brothers, if you can do what will fill the gaps as best you can.

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Those are very lofty ambitions very fiery ambitions. He says I asked you for your company in paradise

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So Robbie Africa didn't have a house. He was from Manuel sofa. The people that live next door to the province are silent. They live in the masjid. They lived on the sand

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that everyone goes home at night after Isha they have no place to go to.

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Everyone goes out and gets dinner. And if so no one remembers that they're gonna go to sleep hungry that night. They have many needs. But his greatest need, he said I need to be with you forever. I need to be with you in Alaska.

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And if anyone is he didn't say I want to be in gender.

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Because he didn't even ask for a palette dice in paradise, a palace in Paradise. That's not what he asked for. He asked for what gives that paradise its greatest value.

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That you are also Allah and close to his prophets of Allah Allah He listened. You know, when you have a house go to certain cities in the United States, and you feel like the house is not worth small is tight. There's no parking. Why? Why does it cost 10 times as much as you live here as opposed to acquire somewhere miles away? They say no, but you don't know who lives in this neighborhood next door with this celebrity and the next door is this politician and next door is his personality. That's what gives it its word. And that's why when the wife of Robin she said Rob the beneath hearing that bait and fish gender based

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startup job couple and down.

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She said Oh Allah, when she was being tortured by federal, the Quran tells us that she said, Oh Allah grant me with you a house not the house for you. She chose the neighbor before she chose the house because that is the most valuable thing.

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The nicest house in the world amongst its neighbors doesn't just lose value. It loses every sort of taste.

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So she asked for the highest company that's what's gonna be able to count was asking the province offset now I want to review

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and then when I did this, it wasn't just wishful thinking either. Right? Like this is a person who left his house left his own left his comfort level his family to be the neighborhood Rubble, soft element duniya to live next to him in the masjid. If that's what it takes, I'll do it. And so he did that, so that his requests can be legitimate.

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Finally, what did the Prophet SAW Selim, tell him beyond he made this request? He said,

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Because can not distribute?

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Help me help you is basically what he's saying.

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Help me help you by making many prostrations every sujood you make to Allah azza wa jal is another level you climb so long as you hold on to those such that you protect them. You don't invalidate them, you protect them over every search that you make, that is the greatest thing you can do for yourself, not just a normal life, to safeguard the prayers and the quality of those prayers and the timeliness of those prayers five times a day without negotiation.

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No one is better than you except one person.

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Someone who does want the prophets of Allah, Allah to send them

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to promote other people to make some juice. And that takes many forms of that is building massaging and we will not talk about that in today's world.

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We tell everyone This message is far from resource to get built and every session that is made is in your scale of the needs until the day of judgment as if you made those such that absolute.

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But there is something one thing that is better than even that. Even better than building a masjid and getting people to make sure

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Judo inside. And that is a saggi. Copland massage if they say, get the person himself to make some juice, the medicine is a place of suju. The saggi the person who makes the Jude should be your greatest priority, what is the point of filling out a massage and if they are, if they are agreeing with you once a week,

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you would be in that case if your intention is in the right place, that on the path of the prophet, a person of data, calling people to lower their heads to God, to find purpose in life through lowering their heads, values, and you would, you would be the best person on earth.

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That's why Allah azza wa jal says women accent in Poland, men die in Allah He Wamena Saudi Calacatta in me who is better than someone who calls to Allah, meaning there's nobody better than someone who calls to Allah, and works righteousness and says, I am one of the Muslims I am of those who submits.

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So he responded to Allah's call, and then he called other sewage he responded to the call of God, God, so it has to have a handle on buses for Heather Habibollah. What had that Allah He wouldn't you love. He says about this is first in Bible Allah, I swear, this is the dearest person to God. This is the closest person to God, the one that gets other people to connect with Allah. So I'm going to ask you a question. Why don't we do this? Even our most immediate circles? Why don't we have this? Why don't we have this drive in us to go convince people teach people to respond to Allah says is called

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Teach people convinced them to love Allah? Because now what's that all about? That it was all about love, your love for Allah, and you're loving for people, what you love for yourself to be connected to him. Subhana Allah to Allah. You're not on submission just to get people to agree with you because it's you. But because this is none of yours, the most valuable thing you have, and you're in love with it. And if you're in love with it, you're supposed to be talking about it, or ask questions that allow you to go back and rediscover it.

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Go back and I discovered really, any young person here, even you perhaps when you were young, when you fell in love with a girl, and you said she's the perfect girl, and I need to marry her. And you just you go home and he talked to your mom or your dad or someone who's going to talk to your mom and your dad and you just start selling right? You say she's absolutely perfect, great time. Well, Amanda was beautiful, until when your mom and your dad got mad, maybe she is

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because you loved her. And so you couldn't tell but talk and endorse and advocate and invited to her draw people's attention to her.

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That is the path of your prophets of Allah Arlindo center, loving Allah above loving all else, and loving for people. What do you love for yourself? To get in on this love of Allah azza wa jal regardless of what it costs, the Sahaba like, how did they even transform the world anyway? They would read in the Quran or the people before them did it. What Yeah, I'm an apostle Medina Tian Chu in surah. Cassie in Swahili? Yes. When I met him running from the farthest end of the city on foot. I don't have a candle, I don't have a car. No problem. I'm not easy to get in my way. He says all my people follow the messengers. He didn't leave this to the messengers. He didn't say that was one of

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my job. I'd love to share if I'm not a preacher. This is everyone's job, who desires unless flushing with desires unless company who desires neighboring Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that surah is a perfect depiction of it. And then at the end of that story is on the second thing of sewage he has seen go back to

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Allah says about this man exerted his every effort to call them to guidance field and the holding gentleman. It was sent to him at the end of his story, meaning by Allah and in turn paradise.

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Some narration to mention though, it's not in the verses, but it is possible that they killed him for his call. He was persecuted and killed and then told as a martyr in the heavens enter paradise. But the point is the first safe he was so enter paradise gotta yeah later homie. How do you soon Alright, so after that, he said, Well, I wish my people knew

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I wish my people knew what this is like. I wish like people knew the Promise of Allah was true. I wish my people knew that paradise was a reality and not wishful thinking. I wish my people knew

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what was in store for them have Allah azza wa jal

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despite him dying, he's still looking back because that focus on preying on the creation is a quality that Allah wants you to have.

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So if you know Allah, you will have that insight into why. And that's why some of the setup some of the early Muslims they used to say like fessing up when she first leave them an awful lot,

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nobody smiles in the face of a sinner, except those who know God.

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It's not You're not smiling because you're pleased with what they're doing. You're smiling because you wish well for them. And you want them to see you as someone who is not chasing them away. And you want them to know that you have their medicine.

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And so the person that knows God will go out and look for these people and smiling their faces and make them feel welcome. welcome in God's House, welcome in God's religion, fully eligible for God's mercy, some kind of mortality, you will not be able to sit still Can you imagine? These have also either changed the planet they could not sit still. Imagine we forget not sitting still. Imagine the Muslims in this Masjid were to after this football. And I don't want to say challenge. But tell him on a Sunday. Pick one Muslim right now.

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And say this Muslim will be my project after Ramadan actually killed them in the masjid after Ramadan.

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The early Muslims they could not sit still. And and even the Muslims in our age and left the mark would not sit still. I was told about I read about a young man in Germany, who is friends felt bad for him because of how tireless the work for the cause of Islam. And so they actually worked for him and his wife and vacation. isolated, they put them on like a cottage somewhere. And they promised to come back a few days later. And they when they came back a few days later, they found that he started like a mini organization and Islamic organization. He found a few of the workers that work in these resorts, a few Moroccan brothers.

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And he told them you guys don't have a mission around here. Let's start the mission in a little nice little apartment. And he started to work wherever he was.

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You know, she added on top of Allah the great Syrian scholar will pass dream he says he says I answered a small question once in Aleppo.

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And I saw a young man that I could not believe was praying next to this guy. And so after salah I said mashallah, like what brings you to Allah's house? I'm so happy to see you. He said, This person used to drink and use the partners, parents go out of the house and used to never pray everything you can think of a rebel without a cause. And they said, he said, what's your story? How did you get in here?

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He sent to us. He said mines over my reform is in a nightclub.

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There was an elderly shed in MSG here in town. That one time he turned around and said to the people, the older folk were on the young guys. They essentially have they're in the nightclub and it's in what's a nightclub, you know, a place where people partying, girls are dancing, and it shows and he says everybody's there. Is it? Yeah, that's what happens with nightshift. What are we doing here?

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What do you mean? So we have to go get them to chip and I'm serious. You're gonna get beat out. He said, I don't care. I'm not better than normal.

00:23:42--> 00:24:02

And so he went and the bouncer brought up the manager and the manager says to him, No, you're absolutely not getting it. He said, we just want to speak to the people inside. He said, You're crazy. There's no way we want to let you inside. He said How much do you make and I and he negotiated with the manager to give him these earnings to let him in. He said fine, but not today. Tomorrow.

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The next day, he comes, they let him in this young man is telling the stories and I was in the nightclub that night.

00:24:12--> 00:24:16

And a girl was dancing on stage. And the curtain came down

00:24:18--> 00:24:27

and then it came back up for the next skill. But there's an old man with a big beard sitting on a chair on the stage.

00:24:29--> 00:24:59

This is the people who had no idea what's going on. He began by praising Allah and praying for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and mentioning I added I had eaten words people never heard before. After a while you will realize it's not a joke. And so the guilt trip told them to shout the chef down Hey, that is good. He's not here. We want to come to the message will come until a few people that have some honest shame, quite invisible. God just let the man speak. And so he began to speak to them. And he said to them, look into your lives. You've lived forever.

00:25:00--> 00:25:30

With all the time and so much of your lives has been filled with sin, is filled with rebellion to Allah and you're so much to. He said in this life of yours. Despite from yours, all the things you've committed, where's the pleasure that you gained from that sin? It's all gone. And the only thing that the remains are those dark pages that you will be asked about on the Day of Judgment, your scrolls, your registers and deeds and the sensors. They will come with every single fan advantage of Allah.

00:25:31--> 00:25:44

And they will only be two destinations, and you cannot bear the fire of this world and it's only 170 of the fire Hellfires. How do you handle that? The young man says.

00:25:46--> 00:26:01

So we cry, and everybody in there crying. And we all walk out with the chef walked out of the club with the chef, including the owner of the club, he eventually shut it down and turn the new leaf with a new life

00:26:04--> 00:26:05

do not sit still

00:26:06--> 00:26:07

applaud the body handle stuff?

00:26:14--> 00:26:17

hamdulillah salatu salam ala villa, Viva

00:26:18--> 00:26:19

La Jolla

00:26:22--> 00:26:35

wherever you are also, many people say like, I can't do that. Because I'm not a good person. Would you not be doing down if you weren't up to the person if we're going to just accept that you are not doing that our

00:26:36--> 00:27:12

is another indictment against you. That makes you a worse person. And it makes the whole world around you bad. Because then people are not getting up and teaching each other. You know, some of the biggest movements where people have you come back to appreciate Islam have started with some of the biggest scholars who are still alive today. Getting in buses, like micro was in the small buses that transport like buses in the Muslim world and talking to people one by one. I will have an older brother used to go out I will say the people in the massage and don't know how to break. So what about someone who's outside the massage and outside of the cities in the Bedouin areas in the

00:27:12--> 00:27:37

farmlands in the deserts. This is all our responsibility. And so wherever my voice will reach I'll have to reach. And these people will love you when they did that they were impactful. And they were able to leave a mark on what might happen and you know, they became that who no one knows the troops of Allah. But to him, you can be one of them, you may not realize that you can be one of them.

00:27:38--> 00:28:05

Some people say I can't do that, or I don't know much. I'm not telling you to stand up here necessarily in Vienna. Be someone who specialize, learn something, teach it to your children every night. There is one brother in this community he told me he doesn't find one person in Ramadan. If you keep him in the masjid number one, you will stay in the masjid. You will stay in the masjid. And the stories are really beyond mentioning and and this topic. This topic

00:28:06--> 00:28:14

has a fulfillment but we have an appointment today. And we haven't done as a prayer after the Salah. So I will put the football to three minutes short.

00:28:15--> 00:28:17

I hoped it would have been even shorter.

00:28:18--> 00:28:26

But I do need to conclude by saying that I wish everyone will leave the shop after saw to make dua for our sister,

00:28:28--> 00:28:32

our sister for her money may Allah showered his mercy down upon her above them.

00:28:33--> 00:29:07

As much as I am hurt as much as I have heard. I'm not exactly sure what to be jealous about with him. May Allah intelligent at the mercy of them. So is it that she was a young sister in her teenage years? And so not many things were written against her? Or is it that Allah to her in the month of Ramadan? The skies are open? Or is it that you took her on Friday, the best day of the week? Or is it the fact that our last cell Jen puts her through a purifying phase fighting with that disease? Or is it the fact that her heart was attached to a lot zoned

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in till the very last days of her life when I was there a few days ago.

00:29:13--> 00:29:33

I cannot help but assume the very best of all, that he only gives life and takes life when he knows that it's better for the believer. The believer trying to get close the believer that we are trying to be with our our with our faith. May Allah azza wa jal make our sister for that and beyond and beautify the assumption in the heavens Allah.

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Allah for Muslim covenant, Allah, Allah no KAMNA are in LA the cadet to keep it up at them no one was on element Alaina

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became in a lovely medicine.

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When I see Mikado Bush when I said official scenario I

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said Elon when he said and saw what I said oh from claiming my time, when our older we can shut him down

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I want to still feel cutting my time in again and again to our level Will you allow me in and we can check him out later whichever whichever device that we thought he

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one cool and I will at some color Elena

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What did Alice in Wonderland I'm also not the law Allah Allah

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yada yada and help yada yada and nobody know what half again. We asked Allah azza wa jal to purify also new in this month of Ramadan and except from us and you will make it on Milan to remember and bring us out of this month hadn't been pleased with us and having cleansed our slates and purified our hearts and protected the Muslims in the west and in Boardman every place where Muslims are targeted. A lot of them I mean, also Allah will send them abroad Academy and he goes on to say