Mohammad Elshinawy – The Knowledge Within Us

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the discovery of the Prophet sallali and the use of the Prophet's words to encourage people to leave their religion. The importance of hard evidence and guidance in public actions is emphasized, along with the need for guidance in public and the importance of being mindful of the idea of Islam. The segment also touches on the use of the Prophet's words to influence people to change their behavior and encourage them to leave their religion.
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In Alhamdulillah, Allah and Allah scurrying over he was the winner of the villa he talemetry rhodium fusina with a tiara Marina de la huhtala Farah mobila woman up Allah, Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika Pasha Donna Mohammed Abu whenever you who are sudo yeah you have Latina aminata por la how Coto De La La Tomatina 11 to Muslim moon.

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Yeah, you heard NASA hora Bakula de hola como se wahida hola caminhos de jaha Westerman. humare Jalan casier on one Isa de la la de Tessa Adobe he will or ham in Omaha Karina la cumbre peba yeah yo Latina mano de la kulu Poland's de de la Kumara Malecon well philippou Bakun woman new para la hora Sula, who for the first rose and alima all praise and glory be to Allah We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and its forgiveness.

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And we seek protection with Allah from the evil whispers within us and from the consequences of our evil deeds. for whomever Allah guides one can never lead us astray and whomever Allah leaves the strain on can ever guide and we testify that no one is worthy of worship of Allah and Allah alone apart any partners, the true supreme King, and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed His Prophet, and his servants and His Messenger homologs though just sent as a mercy to the world.

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After welcoming my brothers and sisters, in Instagram, to the house of Allah villages, and reminding myself and you with what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would begin reminding within every Juma which is the taqwa of Allah, consciousness dutifulness to Allah azza wa jal as best as we can manage.

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One of the great tampereen

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who was known to have collected many of these times of the hour of the n times from the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam firsthand. His name was debated. nuface Rahim Allah

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an Imam, Ahmed Al Hakim, they narrate that this man debated new faces

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in with an authentic chain. He said, I met one of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his name was alpha Malik from Dr. Mohan.

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Out of any Malik

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said to me, Jubail is saying, I have said to me, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam looked up at the sky one day and he said, he has our own yard.

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This is a time these are the time he was the last prophet. This is the time when knowledge meaning sacred knowledge will be uplifted will be removed from this earth.

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And so our man from those sitting there named Diaz in the lobby rhodiola Juan, he got up and he said, Dr. rasulillah, are your founder in Makkah, Elizabeth? What will kulu Wanaka robina and Amanita Anna Quran, Sierra sudama How can that happen? How can knowledge after it came down and the hearts have contained this

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be removed from the earth?

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How can knowledge be uplifted? When we are actively currently teaching our women our wives that our children could earn?

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We're spreading it as we speak. We're disseminating it as we speak. How can it just disappear? And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him to Xia dibny, lobbied in Khun Tula Cebu cam in Africa, in Medina, I used to think that you were all the most knowledgeable people of Medina. Meaning I know that you are a very wise man, a man of great understanding. I didn't think that you of all people would make a mistake like this.

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So Masako, ball Alitalia who da da da, da, da, da de human, Kitab Illa. Allah, then the prophets, Allah, Allah who went on to explain to the ads and anyone else who had this discrepancy, and he mentioned to them examples of how the Jews and the Christians before them went astray, despite having their original copy of the book of Allah present in their mid

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presence among them.

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So debate even no fade, they said, We heard alpha v Malik saying this incident throughout the province often and looking at the sky and mentioning how knowledge be uplifted, and the way it happened with the previous nations. And so he took this to another so Javi to confirm to double confirm, Chad that it knows about the Allah Juan. He says to him, I told him out of the Malik said this long instead it's about the Prophet, Prophet, Allah.

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Very strange. This shed that said to him for the cow outside the truth has been accurate out related to you as it happened. This is true. And then said that wish to add to the image and he said to him, Allah bureau cabbie. Oh, well as early Can you refer? Would you like me to inform you of the very first sacred knowledge the very first science to be uplifted? called to? Well, I said of course telling me, Carl who sure has that as a casual tarantella Akasha The first thing to go will be the all of Allah disappearing to the point where you will hardly be able to find someone that truly fears Allah

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that truly fears Allah subhanho wa Taala these are profound Hadees but I wish to stop at filmoteca, balletic and Yahoo doing the Fatah mafia ci D Makita. Villa, the province often mentioned to them examples of how the Jews and the Christians went astray, despite having the book of Allah with them.

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This is mentioned throughout the Quran we all know a lot though just because of all bento is thrown in in one place. And Lavina Tina who will kitabi Ari funa who can

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come in who likes to model hakomi Allah moon,

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those we gave the book to the Torah.

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They recognize him they recognize the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as they would recognize their own sons.

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But a group of them can seal the truth while they know it. While they're sure of it.

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And this happened in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this recognition because the descriptions in their book the original descriptions, were still there some much was still there.

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As a matter of fact, Abu Salah Sharia law and he says this is soon to be dealt with and elsewhere that when the prophet SAW fella migrated to Medina where numerous Jewish tribes existed, they used to Yes, I also sooner in the Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wasallam they used to go and make believe, pretend to sneeze in front of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam because they saw from Muslim culture norms that when someone sneezes you tell them your hammock Allah may Allah have mercy on you. So they wanted the prophets all fell under your hammock, Allah, may Allah have mercy on you. And since they believe he's a prophet, and God has to accept the prayer of the Prophet, they're

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gonna sneak their way into paradise.

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Gonna have verse this is what they thought they thought there was a backdoor without believing in him. But still, they unwittingly were admitting that he is the Prophet by doing things like this.

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And they certainly were not going to deceive Allah in order to deceive the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to simply say back to them, yeah de como la jolla. Allah, may Allah guide you and rectify your affairs. And there are so many verses like this.

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Well either feet Allahumma taby, Romans Allah karlova Nita brahma alfian Allah He abana when it is said to them why don't you follow what you know God sent down they say no, we will follow what we found our ancestors follow him. Many times you find this even nowadays you tell them what religion Do you follow? I say I follow this. Do you believe this? No, I don't believe this. I'm socially Christian. I'm socially this I'm so I'm not going to ruin the holiday season. This is the they know that this is inconsistent, incorrect indefensible. But still, despite that, they went the straight. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not want this oma to fall into that, that huge

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ditch, where the knowledge within them is held against them and it's not for them.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam constantly instilled in the Sahaba that this sacred knowledge must be taken with the utmost seriousness.

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And he began with himself like I should have the low honor She didn't tell us the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would just recite for an around the clock day and night which he would when she said what can a hotel hold the Quran? He embodied the Quran his character was the Quran there was no difference whatsoever.

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And after a tsunami says that the way the so habit of the Allahu anhu would memorize the Quran was very careful. They would only memorize 10 is at a time understand all there was to understand about this and put it into practice. It wasn't a luxury wasn't a joke. It was very dangerous. Before they moved on to the next set of verses, the next 10 verses

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and one of those we'll have our dog out of the love line who he used to see in action and Rob Bo Mel piano, and he had ruined er Oh Allah. Oh Allah.

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up for Hulu, yahoo email for kulula Baker A B

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for Hulu Mazda, I mean, female alum.

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He says the greatest thing I fear that I imagine Allah calling me forward on the day of judgment in front of all of his creation and calling out to me by name and I'm saying at my At your service, my Lord, and He says to me, what have you done with each of the things that I've taught you with what you've known?

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And that's why I would do that himself used to also say, lent Hakuna Villa ailing me alima, Hatteras akuna Benares Mia Mila, you don't really know something unless you're acting upon it.

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And similarly, the earlier of the Allahu Allah Allah even that'd be appalling. He used to say Allah Allah Mati for Bellarmine, saying this, they must be inseparable knowledge calls for actions right away. He says, For in a Java who were in love to have, either actions will either respond to the invitation will either accompany knowledge or else it disappears, or else you have no credit, no rank, no virtue of that fact of that knowledge, that bit of information unless it causes some sort of change inside you for the better a transformation inside you.

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And so this is something that I wish for us to reflect on this afternoon. Think about how many Joomla portables we have heard in our life.

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How many

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1000s they've been 1000s for most of us.

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Think of how many Islamic facts have been discussed at a dinner table or in a car and we complete each other's sentences or nod to each other like I know what you're going to say I know what you're talking about.

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That is that is could be very dangerous for us. So if you're on Rahim Allah He used to say lol Minami, in fact dogwalk this knowledge, if it's not bettering you, it will hurt you. There's no there's no way. This is not to mean that a person shouldn't learn, shouldn't attend to hold buddy more shouldn't have fruitful discussions in their gatherings anymore. But as the poet he puts it very eloquently when he said,

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thing, quintella surgery for killcare masiva. If you have no knowledge if you're ignorant, that's a catastrophe.

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When confetti fell mostly but to Obama, but if you are someone with knowledge, then the catastrophe is greater meaning the stakes are even higher. You know, interestingly ensuited Juma, which is about Friday and the other reminder that happens on Friday. What does the What does the sudo begin with?

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In the levina, familia terrazza mala Mia, Emmylou hurricane Maria Maria Camila spell, the example of the people that were given the Torah to carry it, but they didn't live up to it, they didn't carry it properly is like the example of the hemara the donkey, right? who carry the library of books on his back. That is where that's suited Joomla to tell you take this seriously, when you come to Joomla Be alert. When you hear a heartbeat you've already heard or an idea you've heard 100 times don't say I've heard this, oh, I know this. Say how many times have I heard this? I even know what page it's on. I know where it exists. But I don't know where it is in my life. I can't locate it.

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Where is it?

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A donkey is not benefited by the library, they are weighed down by it, they are harmed by it. And they said of the examples

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are of the reasons the similarities between those who dismiss who don't take seriously sacred knowledge. And this theme of the donkey that carry the library is that the donkey is the most submissive animal, the easiest animal to bully, the easiest animal to minute, like you can have a little child directly donkey around any direction as opposed maybe to a camel as opposed to a horse anybody can take them wherever they want.

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So easily victimized. So they are harmed by this. And they have no direction in their lives. Anyone can take them into the darkest, most dangerous corners and they're defenseless. This is the vulnerability that comes with taking sacred knowledge lightly.

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And so how do we respond to it is what we want to reflect on? When Allah azzawajal speaks about the stakes of sacred knowledge? He says what?

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Yeah, you have Lavina Manu Oh You are faithful is that God law he will ever soon respond continue to respond to Allah and His Messenger the Quran and the Sunnah to Allah and His Messenger either the icon Lima Yoshi come when they invite you to that which gives you life. by acting on this knowledge. You are being called to life you are coming to life.

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What does that mean? Number one, your hereafter depends on it, which is our true life. Yes. A lot though just Edwina Darla Haleakala Hail Hail on the life of the hereafter that is the true ongoing life

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a lot though that says that we will say on the Day of Judgment yeah lightening for them to the highest yeah I wish I prepared for my life. This is my real life.

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And also invite you to that which gives you life money, a good life here because our lives though just told us any believing man or woman that works righteousness that acts upon that knowledge. Philadelphian, the highest unbeliever Eva, we promise to give them a goodly life here.

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And ultimately invite you to that which gives you life means the life of your heart, because this world and the next are dependent on

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this here, the life of your heart.

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And the early Muslim said and don't overlook this, they said invites you to that which gives you life also mean keeps you alive in this dunya gives you victory against your oppressors.

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May Allah give this oma victory against this oppressors.

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The condition of the oma the weakness of the oma the manipulation of the oma, its greatest cause its greatest root cause is our ignorance to begin with, of what Allah revealed to us a proper understanding of Islam and the gaping hole between what we know and the practice of Islam. So understanding Islam, right, but that's not today's comfortable. And taking Islam seriously, acting upon Islam with dedication, that is what will give us life. That is what will allow us to survive in the face of those that don't want us to. It all hinges on what that is the Java that responsiveness to Alan, its messenger when they invite us to that which gives us life. And that's the biggest

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difference that we all know between us and the earlier generations of Islam.

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How many times have we heard that would that have their loved one he hears that just said one verse one.

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Mandela ucwa de la carbon Hassan whomever who is willing to respond to Allah, who is willing to loan to Allah good loan. And he's dearest garden, he gives it up for the sake of a large diligence. And he goes home and he finds his wife and his children there. And he asks them to step out. And she responds beautifully, as well as you know.

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And when the leader of the house is upright, the rest of the house will be upright, we need to always understand that

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things don't go wrong under when the umbrella on top when the leader that he himself is not where they should be acting the way they should be.

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And so she said to him, Robbie, he'll be over there, what an excellent transaction you've made, that she didn't say you ruined it, you left something behind, and she walked out. And the narration says as you know that when they were walking out their son put one of the dates in their mouth. And she put her hand and pulled out this is no longer ours the transaction has been has been executed. It's not ours. This belongs to Allah and His messenger.

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You know, this reminds me of knob disease, who when the oma took a very ugly dip, Allah to revive this oma in, though in a very short span, the two years of the rulership of Omar Abdullah, these are him Allah, it was said that when

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fruits were delivered as part of the saga, and he was distributing them to the people, his son grabbed one of the fruits, one of the apple, and was taking a bite out of it. And so he pulled the apple from his son's mouth.

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And the son ran off to home crying. And so when I when I saw him on law came to, to his house, his wife said to him, why did you do that to your son?

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Why didn't you allow him to take like the rest of the Muslims take? He said, I feared that Allah who would ask me, why did you feed your son before the rest of the Muslims?

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A very different response to the command to live justly, to live with equity to not take advantage of your momentary privilege, responsiveness. So I will die that gives up his garden, his wife

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aligns herself with her husband's guidance and the children as well are taught to commit to this even early on in their life. That's what made all the difference. You know, interestingly, and this is relevant, this is not attention. this very same idea. this very same idea. When the Jews of Medina heard it. Their response was very different. They said, If Dakar, Abu Mohammed Allah

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As a builder, they said the Lord of Mohammed went broke, Mohammed's God asking for a loan.

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But that's not what this verse says. The verse does not say he's asking out of need. It said who is willing to loan to Allah good loan, so Allah May what may multiply it for them. Where did the misunderstanding come from?

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Where did the selective hearing come from? The fact that they did not respond to Allen is messenger causes the person to become very confused regarding the dean.

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The same way they knew he was a prophet, but they told themselves It's okay, he's a profit fine, but not for us. Where we get profits from bento, isn't he and he's a profit for the Arabs, nothing to do with us. Likewise, yes, God is saying alone, but sing alone because he needs money. They would explain away every obligation they had every instruction that came their way due to the deviation the perversion that happens in a person's heart. And that's actually what this very idea is saying respond to a law on its messenger when they invite you to that which gives you life a lot then says what? We must pay very close attention to this. While I'm in La Jolla, shadowbane, El Morro Bay, and

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you need to know that our law intervenes between a person and his heart.

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When you don't act upon the things that you know, you start being confused about the things that you know, you know, he's a prophet You know, this word is from Allah still you read it selectively you hear it selectively.

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People wonder sometimes How does Allah misguide me and then it's my fault. We say in the beginning of the football the time whoever alum is guides no one can guide how can that be fair then? This is also in the Quran. It's very clear, very knowledge though agency

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with Allah musala pomi Jaco minima to do nanny. Remember when Moses said to his people, oh my people why do you annoying me? Why are you so resistant, hesitant stubborn?

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Why are you so much a nuisance to meet what but Allah moon when you have knowledge, sacred knowledge, when you have knowledge of me being the Messenger of Allah to you, you know that I'm the messenger, then why why the foot dragging? Why are you giving me a hard time? What was the result of this? Allah said, For lm Mazda Oh as a Holla Holla. So when they deviated from the knowledge they knew Allah deviated their hearts,

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while Allahu la cama Bali mean Allah does not guide the transgressive people.

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When you violate the bounds over and over again of sacred knowledge, or laws, though, that allows you

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to live in the blindness that you caused yourself to enter whereas Avila

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akula Holly has our stuff for lalibela

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu Asha Donna Mohammedan. Abu whenever you who are also.

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So how can this be extended to our life?

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review the knowledge that is within you.

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Before you find yourself in a state where you're no longer able to meet that knowledge to commit to that knowledge to embrace it.

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Many times

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we hear people say things like

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I used to read so much code at one point in time in my life. I just can't find the interest anymore. I can't find myself to do it anymore.

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I used to be really religious when I was young.

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I want to make 12 I want to repent and reform but I just I don't know I can can't see myself doing it.

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No matter what I do. I can't get up to pray at night anymore. The way I used to do.

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This is all the result of what it is possibly the result of us not being quick enough in our responsiveness. And so there's an intervention between us and our hearts, even if it happens on a lesser level.

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That's why the early Muslims would always emphasize to each other to their students and to each other. I'm gonna have no place in Milan, you say that America will hate his family. He will motto when you hear of a good thing. Make sure you act on it even if it's one time in your life just so it doesn't fall to catch it quickly. well hear me john Ross, a commercial fairy. He used to say yeah, I handle Hades at doozer Castle howdy Allah Cooley me I say Hadith in hums Oh, you was always studying a hadith for sure. You're not going to be able to act as fast as you learn because learning is easier. You just taking things in right? He says I

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Please pay this account of your Howdy. Two and a half percent pays his account of your buddies every time you memorize 200 ahaadeeth, pick out five and act on them. Just don't let it go. It is not a light matter. This is the point. That's what he's trying to tell him.

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The issue of it's okay I can pray later with us a lot of time is the Hadith the ayah. What do you do with that? is Allah speaking? Does it not mean enough to us? For us to pray in public? Does it not mean enough to us to interrupt the conversation that shouldn't be happening and ask someone to change the subject? That's part of the acting upon knowledge we must do.

00:25:42 --> 00:25:50

All of this really is what it is us trying to recognize the difference between knowledge in terms of facts, information

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and between guidance Hooda May Allah grant us a new guidance. How did our laws though, just define guidance, this whole quote, but I want one thing out of it.

00:26:03 --> 00:26:15

For you when you ask Allah for guidance, in fact, he has you mean it, and you're concerned about it. And you recognize how far behind me and you can might be from it?

00:26:16 --> 00:26:50

A lot, though, isn't defined guidance in the following way. And Lavina Yes, Tammy ronelle Cola, CSW owner, Santa la la cadena de Houma, la, la Komodo del bell. Those that when they hear a statement, they follow it to the best of their ability, or they follow the best of it. They can't do it all. Or the varying levels, they follow it to the best of their ability, the best of it, they follow, they follow it in the best form. These are those who Allah has given guided

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knowledge action equals guidance. And these are the people of intellect.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say this Allahumma in Nero who became an admin lion for all law protect me from knowledge that is void of actions, but that's not what he said. He said knowledge doesn't benefit what is knowledge doesn't benefit knowledge void of action. We're called Vinayak Shanna Hart that has no of your law. When I've seen Latisha and and an appetite that is never satisfied.

00:27:22 --> 00:27:26

What do I use to jab hula? And do I that is never responded to

00:27:27 --> 00:27:32

that is not heard by a lot though agenda, meaning responded to those are all interrelated.

00:27:33 --> 00:27:46

And so when you stand in follow, now, let that be one of your inflection points. When you say Oh, Allah guide me to the straight path, you mean someone that hears and responds, hears and complies,

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hears and takes it seriously in a weighty way. And you're saying the straight path, the path of those that have your favor the people that had knowledge and actions before me, who understood the stakes.

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Why real Mcdo, biale him not those that have your wrath. The people that knew and didn't act will have been lean, and nor those that are lost those don't know in the first place.

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That is what is intended there. And I pray that a lot though gentle grants us knowledge and piety in a manner that is pleasing to Him and protects us from knowledge that doesn't benefit and a heart that doesn't fear him and an appetite that is never satisfied. And I do is application that is not heard a lot of Manero to become an item in lianza. Well called Linda when I've seen Natasha withdraw in La Jolla Allahumma. In nanosilica houda What suka will offer photokina Loma Linda will see me not a lot of mushroom are gone. I mean, what I feel with Elena muslimeen or Hamilton I mean, Elena Valley Valley, Deena Bob Durham who came out of Bell Nevada, or sallallahu Sallam Avada kind of

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Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jain

Jumuah 01.24.2020

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