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So in the Muslim Muhammad Rahim Allah,

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Abu Huraira, or the Allah Juan who narrates that a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said Dr. Rasool Allah on Messenger of Allah,

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in full lernen, usefully Elaine, had the either else elsewhere has

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that so and so.

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And the from the piety of the companions and just many times when there's a hadith like this,

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the name is omitted at some point, perhaps even from the get go from the top of the chain by the narrator's because

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the sacredness of the Muslim is a very real thing. And also many times, these flaws that are being complained about

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are temporary also, they were human, but they were also the best at their reform after their stumbles better than any other generation.

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So he said so and so he would pray the night prayers, he wouldn't even just praise five he would even pray for him would lay in and pray additional prayers.

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The best of prayers after the prescribers of the night prayers, this person, he even prays the night prayers, and then in the morning time he steals.

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Like, probably isn't talking about like armed robbery probably means like, you know, cheating and dishonest in his trade or whatever it is, but he scams people he steals.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Well, first of all, let me say, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam did not say what we would probably say. Like, what's the point of even praying? If you're, if you're a lousy human being, we say stuff like this, right? Like, why are you fasting if you don't wear hijab? Or why are you praying if you're just you know, such a monster in your interpersonal ethics, right? This is wrong, you're supposed to mashallah you're fasting, do you know that also allow obligated hijab mashallah you pray? Do you know that Allah expects this of you as well, and it is also a serious matter. You know, positive reinforcement is usually more effective for a believer, especially

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than negative reinforcement, though, of course, you don't want to be imbalanced and solely hinged on one one or the other.

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But the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, of course, did not say he might as well stop praying. Right? What he did say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him narrow who medical. He will be prevented by what you said about him. Meaning the fact that he prays the night prayers will prevent him

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one day they will prevent him once he starts accessing the reality of the salah they will prevent him. We know the salah has the potential has the potential to be our greatest deterrent against transgression, our greatest deterrent against wrongdoing in salida 10 100 fascia you will Wonka right Salah prevents evil and indecency. We know this, but it will not be so for every human being the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was being optimistic or perhaps this was a prophecy or al Muhammad Allah disclose to him that it will be effective for this person. But we should be aware also that it is not so effective for every person, you see, because when does the salah

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when does the salah become, you know, a transformative experience for the human being? When the human being does it

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with the utmost devotion with the utmost brokenness, because I don't want to take the the example and apply it you know, exactly on the Muslim community. But there is a man who wrote a book called when God became a drug.

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You know, some people of various faiths even

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who worship God, right, they perform religious ritual to sedate to their conscience, right? To make themselves feel like I have proof to tell myself I'm not that bad, right? Because nobody wants to wake up in the morning and look themselves in the mirror and say,

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you know, I am a demon, right? So everyone wants to like say, Yeah, I know I sell this haram stuff but I got armor right? I know I you know, I cheat and steal and assume the worst of others but I pray nights prayers like this happens across the board. It becomes your I call it a religious sedative. You know, and that is when it doesn't work. Because then it is not for Allah. It's not true devotion, it's for you. Right? It's to please you not to please Allah. But once you invest in your Salah, and you refine your devotion to Allah and the sincerity of that devotion, that it's really to please him. It's like you're you're presenting to him something hoping

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It will be deemed worthy that its flaws will be overlooked so that it can have some benefits for you and save you you know always Adnan mill Academy, Rahim Allah say the tambourine he used to tell the people either Quinta Philippi teen for couldn't care quality leave me at enough, okay? Catelli NASCI Jamia, when you are obeying Allah, I want you to act like you have killed all of humanity. Like imagine someone who feels the guilt of like you know, genocide show allah how much you want this you need this

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is Eid. Is it a Boise that was Tommy Rahim Allah, he used to say something very beautiful about you know, refining and focusing on the refinement of arriba. He used to say, in Al Hassan ality mineral, fatty my Yogananda say at that our good deeds because we're human right, our good deeds are so flawed, that this by itself should be enough of a deterrent enough to stop us from committing bad deeds, like our good deeds need so much work on the devotional level, that if we just focus on this a little bit, we will not realize there is no room for bad deeds. Right. And many of the seller they used to say this, this is the X Factor earlier, I don't want to take too long, but this is the X

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Factor. The seller used to say that the brokenness of the sinner

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is more beloved to Allah than the arrogance of the obedience person. Right? Your brokenness, now imagine the brokenness, not of the sinner. Imagine the brokenness of the obedience person that is the most beloved to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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But that doesn't mean every person that praise their five or does extra outwardly means they're having true devotion inwardly. And that is why you may seem to be confused about yourself or about others and why how can we seem so religious on this front? But there's really like a, like, there's like a while, you know, fierce animal on that front, when we get into business dealings, or we get into this better the third, this is the issue. This is a an absence of devotion, true devotion.

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You know, and you we want to be on the Day of Judgment, people that even if we just did our bare minimums, our five, we're not doing more sins on the end to cause them to be worthless, right? Some people may do the outwardly the obligations and the voluntary, but it's not really offering that much. And so their debts on the Day of Judgment will be greater than their gains, right? But if you have minimal gains, even if you pray, you're five, but you have no debts than you want. Right. And that's all in a hadith and Sunnah and cyber SUTA narrated from Abu Hurayrah where they said to him, yeah, rasool Allah, so and so you know, she prays solidly with assume and fast whatever Allah would

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have said that she does so much and she's charitable. Were to the Gianna hillbillies. Ania and she's like, you know, always laughing at her neighbors with her tongue. He said, lovely raffia here for now, there is no good in this woman she will be in the fire. Think about like, what do we know good with all of that is good. Yes, but it was devoured by the other stuff. And they said yeah, Rasul Allah, this other woman. We know another woman who does the bare minimums like praise her five and fasts her month. And donates like

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basically dry milk cheese, right? cuddled cheese, like tiny cubes of cheese. They said well, I took the I hadn't but she doesn't harm anybody Fila here Phil Jenna she will be in general. So may Allah azza wa jal make whatever little we do sincerely devoted to him and carry us to his gender safely and allow us to meet him while he is pleased with us. Allahumma Amin is chronic lung how much of the Allah Allah Allah and Minister Farrakhan